Back to Reality

Today – gorgeous weather…woke up a bit late and went to Lemongrass Too (sat outside) and Starbucks (sat outside). Then went to My Organic Market to find some low carb bread. And had a bit of a blow up.

Let me explain that. First off, I always tense up in there. The people seem to be very judgmental and sanctimonious and so I’m on edge. Then they have gobs of stuff for people who can’t have gluten – acres of it – but nothing with low carb counts. Because, I guess us fatties aren’t quite what they want in there. At least I never see any. Now this bread I’m trying to find has zero or four grams of carbs per slice (depending on the particular bread) and the manufacturer’s web site said it was available in MoM’s. But they didn’t seem to have any and as usual I feel not good enough or not who they want when that happens.

So yes, I was a bit snippy and walked out leaving C to finish buying the rest of the groceries. I called the store afterwards and they said I can order a case of 12 loaves (at $7.99 each). Or we can go down into DC to a different organic store. Or I can go back to making the soy protein bread. I should do that. Seven ninety-nine is too damned much for a loaf of bread.

Yesterday was okay. Saw Chris Gabaree at Pershing Hall. That was emotional – I know why he won’t have much to do with me, but I don’t know how to make that reason disappear. Basically I kinda sorta sexually harassed him (over the phone, in a very mild way) and then resorted to umpteen tantrum behaviors to get him to be my friend and communicative. So…

Then Greg (boss) gave me a project that looks (a) very complicated and (b) important for my performance rating. Le sigh.

Meeting our friends was nice though – at least that was a good end to the weekend.

Thursday was a blah day – gorgeous weather but all that running around after work. I bollixed up the order to Chipotle and transmitted it to Laurel, not Greenbelt, so I hope the credit card at Laurel isn’t charged. :/

Wednesday same thing – lots of stops on the way home. At least C was able to get out a bit early so that was good and we could eat at home. Still trying to get the Lean Six Sigma training but Frankie Washington is not helping. Grrr the class fills up.

Now, for the rest of the weekend – must work on my class work. :/

Busy busy busy. Also to Costco and maybe Trader Joe’s. The fun never ends.


Here’s today’s cutie – Ben Cohen, English Rugby Player and anti-homophobia activist. Straight, hot, and hairy. What’s not to love/lick?

You can support his foundation, help fight homophobic bullying, and get something nice for yourself at his website.

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