Strom Clods

Hot and humid and stormy. Everything is wet. Terrible storms in the afternoon. Not a “derecho” but pretty windy.

Spent most of the day down at Fort Belvoir at the Total Army Analysis, Signal Corps panel. I felt so out of place and uninformed and stupid. But it wasn’t so bad. I got a lot of surfing done. And left kinda early. (Shame!) Back tomorrow for the Military Intelligence panel.

Driving down I hadn’t heard from C so I panicked a bit. I really can’t begin to imagine being separated from him. 😦

Too much to eat at an AYCE Indian. 😦 I’d been doing so well up to then last week and up to today.

Just so sick of being sweaty and hot. And I just feel grubby. 😦 And I’m trying to decide if I should watch pr0n anymore. It seems unethical.

Huh. Chris Evans said to stop listening to your brain noise; it’s not who you are, it’s just the noise your brain makes and chances are it doesn’t have anything helpful to tell you. Huh.

This is a fantastic interview – yes it’s the part two from his interview in the “Becoming” series, but I found it the more valuable. You can watch part 1 if you’d like.

He’s so gorgeous. And he’s been depressed, just like me. “The thing you’re most scared of is exactly what you should do.” Like Romney visiting us 47% victims. 🙂


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