Weekends are Made for Marvellousness

Friday: RDO so waited around for the guy to inspect the heating system. All well. Then got my hair buzzed at the 198 Barber Shop, then to Trader Joe’s for stuff to make ‘my bread’ and some more tortillas. Then off to Yes! Organic Market. I was all pissy at first but suddenly seeing Christopher made it all lovely and nice. We found the bread we’d been looking for (zero-carb and low carb) and came home. Friday night with our chums was pretty good – Nando’s at Annapolis is always enjoyable.

Saturday after dropping off Christopher’s visa paperwork (!!!) we took a ride through the back roads to Hanover, PA, which was quite nice, although I made things much worse. See, I have these visions of people judging me for not finding the very best _____ to do and the restaurant we agreed on was a culinary wrinkle room; everyone was over 90. However, the food kept body and soul together, so that was good. But I made a fuss and then got in a blue funk about some stuff. And like you do when you have a sore tooth, I kept poking at the idea and poking at it quite to the detriment of the evening, which concluded with hisses and squabbles at the Glen Burnie location of Bonefish Grill. Home got a bit better as I realized that maybe he does love me. 🙂 Even in ‘that way.’

Today was lovely – lazy, but lovely – and I feel really close to Christopher. 🙂 I would list what we did but it consisted of French toast for breakfast, cheese for lunch and having something delivered for dinner. And sitting in the cooling evening reading, which was nice.

And naps and reading and stuffs, and catching up on Hollyoaks, my soap on You Tube (it’s also on TV in England but that’s different. Hollyoaks Later (shown after the watershed) is quite different. I’m just watching Brendan Brady, clad only in a plastic sheet, sawing through the legs of somebody. The sawing sound is particularly revolting. But he has to dispose of the body somehow. (He and the son of a man he killed, just killed the son’s step-father; of course, you know how these things happen.) The things they can show on British TV these days.

I so do not want to go back to work tomorrow.

Today’s hot stud is Michael Horta (from the top of the blog). No false modesty, eh?


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