Triumphs and Things

Well, this past week was pretty good – mostly – some things. Work was fine – especially since the holiday Monday made for a short week.

Last weekend we went off to Bethlehem for a quick visit. C found a great deal on a hotel, and we had a mostly good time. Saturday was lovely weather, but Sunday was a bit chilly. Went to the usual places – Re-Wired for coffee, a new place (Molto Pazzo), and the Bethlehem Hotel for brunch. Got some a really impressive piece of artwork made of stainless steel, and a few things for the Christmas tree. Somehow the taps on Christmas stuff seem to be a bit tighter closed – it’s not all ‘so new’ this year.

Monday I didn’t do much but we did go to lunch – with a horrible waitress.

Tuesday there was some tension at work over one of the analysts.

Tuesday night I want to my counsellor who fired me! Yes, he fired me. I’m really pissed – he’s a bit of a turd frankly for how he did it. He manipulated the conversation to say (a) you are fat (b) you are not doing anything about it, therefore (c I am done with you. Frankly he can go fuck himself.

However, Wednesday I walked for x minutes. It felt good, kinda, and bad, kinda. Thursday C was out so I didn’t – pure laziness. Friday neither. Saturday morning, x + 10 minutes and that felt better. I’m planning on doing x + 15 minutes tomorrow.

Friday boss was a bit … well, we had a ‘training moment’ about how many people I cc: on my e-mails. Much ado about nothing but it pissed me off good and proper. I don’t think my “sin” was as severe as it seemed at the time, but once Greg got into the swing of things he wouldn’t stop. I dunno. Work has been…disconcerting. Not as smooth and easy as usual. Bumpy and things. And soon we’ll start on my security investigation which has me minorly stressed.

Today we had Ethiopian food for the first time. It was … interesting. Intriguing. Basically you get some vegetables and some stewed stuff, and it’s all piled on these huge pieces of injera bread which is flat and spongy and odd but good. And no utensils. You use the injera to pick up bits of the food. The injera is very very filling.

Must remember to buy some low-carb bread at Mom’s tomorrow. Actually tomorrow should be a long and busy and tiring day. I hope I can fully take part after my exercise.

See you soon! Visit my tumbler!

And for today’s hot guy, since I’m watching SouthLAnd, here’s the sexy and talented Benjamin McKenzie. Too beautiful to live!

Dial 911, Make a Cop Come!

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