About AngloAm

I’m an AngloAmerican government worker living with my partner in the DC area.  I was born in the mid-sixties in London, and I grew up (if I ever really did) in Yorkshire, Maryland, and West Berlin (when it was still West Berlin and not just Berlin).   My partner and I have a website where you can see information about our travels and comings and goings.

I love languages.  I speak German very well, Italian a bit, Portuguese and Afrikaans a bit less (well, a lot less), I can haltingly read Russian and Hebrew, I can piece together Danish, French, Dutch, and I’m trying to teach myself Georgian.

36 responses to “About AngloAm

  1. Alison Gasparini

    What a great blog, Anglo! Very interesting, and those hunks! 🙂

    Keep going, and update me when you post new stuff.

  2. Elle

    AngloAm should have added to his profile that he would love to travel to South Africa so that he can see for himself the country he takes great interest in and the people from there that he has made ‘friends’ with on the internet.

    Last, but certainly not least, he and his partner could get married in South Africa as that country recently passed a law that permits unions between partners of the same sex.

  3. Alison Gasparini

    I agree, Elle. However, what happens when they go back to the States, where their marriage will nto be recognised? So sad.

    However, they could always come live here!

  4. Blog is looking great Anglo. Can see you have spent a lot of time on it since my last visit. More balanced now between fluff and substance. You could still add some half naked women for your hetero and lesbian visitors though 🙂

  5. Gavin Maxwell

    Anglo you DO need to add a bit more info about yourself in the profile, there is little hint of your personality, the delightfully witty bits of occasionally biting sarcasm that we know so well from the forum.

    Your opinions and sharp insights from a different perspective are what make you stand out, and your blog is not really representative of that, from what I have read. Perhaps you wish it to be more neutral, perhaps you see it as more personal and therefore treat it with kid gloves?

    Come on, throw in a few opinions, it won’t hurt 😉

  6. hay! nice to know you…

    you have a cool blog and love to read your mind 😉

  7. Alejandro

    hey AngloAm…great blog!
    i´m a photography student and i also love rafael branciforti. do you know where can i contact him? i would really really appreciate if you had any idea of how to get in touch with him… thanks a lot!

  8. angloam

    Hi, Alejandro and thanks! I really appreciate it. All I can suggest is that you go through the Terra site (http://buscador.terra.com.br/default.aspx?ca=s&source=Search&query=The+Boy shows you all the localized versions of the site) and try there. My other half is a big fan of Rafael Branciforti as well. 🙂

    Trouble is although he wanted to be a model, I’ve not seen anything else from him on line or even that his career ever really went anywhere. Good luck and keep me informed. How do you like Felipe Folgosi?

  9. otherboygirl

    hey! i like your blog, too. I live in d.c. now… we should be friends.

  10. otherboygirl

    oh yeah. i’m thatboy.wordpress.com

  11. angloam

    Hi, otherboygirl – cool! 🙂 I like your blog too. And I really really appreciate your comments. 🙂 Thanks!

  12. Paul

    Amazing. I just watched a DVD of “From the Edge of the City,” and fell hopelessly in love with Sasha. So I Googled him, and in the process came across you and this lovely site. You and your partner sound like people I’d like to know. SO, I will now turn to your blog on a regular basis, and keep the hunks. BTW, who’s eyes are on your masthead?

  13. angloam

    Hi, Paul. The eyes on my masthead change with the celebrity ‘obsession’ – right now they’re Luke Wilson’s eyes. Glad you like the blog and do visit. I really appreciate your comments and yes, my C is just perfect for me.

  14. ifoundme

    Hi! you have a great blog and i love languages too. 🙂

  15. Jakes

    Hallo uit warm Upington in Suid Afrika.
    Baie nice blog!

  16. angloam

    Dankie, meneer, en welkom!

  17. angloam

    Thanks, ifoundme!

  18. Straight South African

    Homosexuality is abnormal.

  19. angloam

    Statistically, you’re correct. Being very intelligent or a good athelete, or harping on other people’s private lives are also abnormal. I’m sure you have some sort of point or agenda, beyond merely wasting both our time. I will not allow insults on my blog so phrase your posts carefully. I am not obligated to provide anyone other than myself a forum.

  20. angloam

    If you put up a comment but I can’t contact you via e-mail because your e-mail address bounces, you’ll not be able to post again. I suggest, Straight South African, that you start your own blog if you want to preach. As I say I’m not required to host insults.

  21. tim

    I look at your blog for the articles, honest! Very incisive and thoughtful. (OK, OK, I am a sucker for Blake Harper). Keep up the good work; look forward to reading you regularly.

  22. angloam

    Thank you, Tim. I really appreciate your comments and your reading my blog. I may put some more stuff about Mr. Harper. I think lots of the visitors would be suckers for him. 🙂 If I were single and he wanted, I would be too!

  23. TNGuy

    Saw your comment on the Netflix blog and got a real laugh out of it after all the ranting about Netflix’s service issues this week (by the way would like to see some of your recommendations if you have a Netflix profile) Nice blog too.


  24. Thanks, TNGuy and I’ll make a profile in a few moments!

  25. Enjoying your blog a lot! I love D.C. and wish I could go more often than every couple of decades. I admire your fluency with languages. I only speak English and some Spanish. BTW, is that you or Adam Baldwin on your header?

  26. Thanks, Beka and DC is certainly an interesting place to visit (and to live in) but we don’t have the lovely weather you do.

    Yes, my newest ‘obsession’ is Adam Baldwin. I’m a big fan of the show ‘Chuck.’

  27. I like your blog a lot..!
    Ed: Thanks – I like yours too!

  28. Hi love your pics of Carlos Ponce,saw them on your Picasa web albums. Would you be willing to grant permission for me to place them on my blog – blue shirt and white shirt.

    Kindly let me know as soon as possible.

  29. mpwilson

    Hey there.. I just linked to your site on my blog.. hope that’s ok with you. If not, let me know.

    Blog ya later! 😉


  30. I guess we share the love of languages and of Mr. Levi (just found out about him). How are Israeli men so gorgeous… I must go there some time.
    My languages for the time being: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Greek, German, Dutch and …some Japanese, some Swedish and no Hebrew (but just wait).
    All the best from Spain,

    • Thank you for visiting my blog, Maria!

      Yes, Yehuda Levi is really sexy, isn’t he? Israeli men are gorgeous but so are Spansh men. How was Greek to learn? I’m afraid I have no Spanish beyond what I pick up around Washington.

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