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Another Monday

Not such a bad day really. Lost four pounds since last Monday, and managed sixty continuous minutes on the treadmill. This is the first time I’ve managed to do sixty straight through after working all day so I’m quite proud of myself.

Okay, this really is shameless boasting!

Websites you should see

You may want to check out these two sites for amusing content:

  • The passive-agressive notes blog – for all those ‘amusing’ little notes that roomies or coworkers or neighbours leave for each other…
  • The fail blog – for things that just fail to be any good or which are inconsistent.  Here’s my favourite example:Pregnancy Fail

No eye candy this evening.  Sorry.  You’ll have to wait for it!


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Better than Expected

Well, today CH was better than expected. In fact he was joking and being very normal. So that’s good. I’m so glad to report it – I was worried. He did call me ‘sweetie’ but in a joshing way so I wasn’t offended. I may have to get offended if he needs to be put back in line but honestly I’d prefer banter to distant formality. He found out I’m not leaving, I gave him the details and he e-mailed back the following:

Got it! I like you [AngloAm]. It’ll be nice to have you here. Can I have your cube anyway?

So that’s all good. I’ll probably be able to finagle a lunch with him either later this week or next to pick up the gifts for the participants in the Combined Federal Campaign that we worked on together towards the end of last year. That’s two of my co-workers down. Who knows what’s next?

Good Advice

I got some good advice, or rather a word to the wise, from my friend K. She says that it may be quite natural that I’m getting less and less happy with personal trainer Neal’s tutelage. But do I have the discipline to keep at it? The knowledge and technique to design a regimen? (Not that I’m getting much of the former and little of the latter from him.) I’m really pissed that we did nothing but ‘discuss’ ‘intake’ (and his progress in getting an office space and his complaints about his other clients and his memories of family life) for one and a half hours of my time and one hundred of my dollars.

Still Not an Equal Citizen

The Maryland legislature adjourned without making my civil rights equal to other Marylanders. Because of the conservatism of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the House declined to (wade into controversy and) debate the matter. We did get the right to make medical decisions for each other (in Maryland only), and to put each other on the deeds of our real estate (in Maryland only). Something is better than nothing I guess; but I already put C on the deed and we already had medical POAs. But we had the means to provide ourselves these protections; I’m glad for those who don’t. Citizens are still not equal in Zimbabwe either – no vote count still. 😦 My friends in South Africa fear violence soon. Or an utterly beaten lack of it on the part of an utterly beaten citizenry. Can you imagine living with over 100,000% inflation? By the time you go into a store, find something to buy (and most shelves are empty), and bring it to the cash register, the price has gone up. They can only estimate inflation because there is so little available in the ‘formal’ (for cash) economy that they’re having trouble obtaining a market bashet of goods of which to check the prices. Imagine if you bought a house three years ago and what you paid for it wouldn’t buy a loaf of bread today.

Still Not a Walking One, Either

Still not been to the gym – is this the beginning of the end? I won’t let it be.

Blast From the Past

We’re going to take a break from Mssrs. Wilson and Nascimento and return to one of our Rafaels from the past, Rafael Branciforti to be exact. I found a few new pictures of him on line and couldn’t resist posting them here for your pleasure. I also found the following about him and will translate for you: Idade: 20 anos (Age: 20 years) Signo: Virgem (Sign: Virgo) Altura: 1;86 (Height: 1.86 m) Peso: 78 (Weight: 78 kg) Sapato: 43 (Shoe size: 43 – European) Nascimento: 04/09/84 (Birth: 09/04/84) Primeiro trabalho como modelo: capa de revista Heath & Fitness (First work as a model: Cover of the magazine Health & Fitness) Trabalho marcante como modelo: The Boy. (Most memorable work as a model: The Boy) Comida preferida: arroz e feijão. (Favourite food: Rice and beans) Fé: na minha avó paterna. Ela é muito religiosa. (Faith: In my paternal grandmother. She’s very religious) Hobby: surfar (Hobby: Surfing) Mania: brincar com todo mundo. Sou muito brincalhão (Loves to: Play with everyone. I’m very playful) Defeito: sou ansioso demais (Negative quality: I’m too nervous) Qualidade: respeitoso. Tenho muito respeito por mim mesmo e pela minha família e namorada. (Quality: Respectful: I have a lot of respect for myself, and for my family and girlfriend.) Momento marcante: o aniversário de 15 anos da minha irmã.. (Most memorable moment: My sister’s fifteenth birthday.) Projeto de vida: trabalhar como modelo fora do País (Life plans: To work as a model overseas) Medo : de perder alguém muito especial. (Fear: To lose somebody very special) Viagem dos sonhos: quero ir para Indonésia. (Dream vacation: I want to go to Indonesia)

(Is it me or is Rafi going to have trouble checking his e-mail ? Would you offer to press his button and turn his laptop on?)

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Stuff White People Like

Stuff White People Like is hillarious.  Check it out.


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