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Strom Clods

Hot and humid and stormy. Everything is wet. Terrible storms in the afternoon. Not a “derecho” but pretty windy.

Spent most of the day down at Fort Belvoir at the Total Army Analysis, Signal Corps panel. I felt so out of place and uninformed and stupid. But it wasn’t so bad. I got a lot of surfing done. And left kinda early. (Shame!) Back tomorrow for the Military Intelligence panel.

Driving down I hadn’t heard from C so I panicked a bit. I really can’t begin to imagine being separated from him. 😦

Too much to eat at an AYCE Indian. 😦 I’d been doing so well up to then last week and up to today.

Just so sick of being sweaty and hot. And I just feel grubby. 😦 And I’m trying to decide if I should watch pr0n anymore. It seems unethical.

Huh. Chris Evans said to stop listening to your brain noise; it’s not who you are, it’s just the noise your brain makes and chances are it doesn’t have anything helpful to tell you. Huh.

This is a fantastic interview – yes it’s the part two from his interview in the “Becoming” series, but I found it the more valuable. You can watch part 1 if you’d like.

He’s so gorgeous. And he’s been depressed, just like me. “The thing you’re most scared of is exactly what you should do.” Like Romney visiting us 47% victims. 🙂


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27 Mar 10

So here are the comings and goings from 27 March:

Friday we were just too tired after C’s long long loooong week to go out with our friends, so we wound up at Gah Rahm for a Korean meal. I thought it would fit better into my new low-carb diet but I got tempted by the delicious side dishes (jon, ddukbogee) there. C did his best to remind me about my diet but he was also very tired. We were asleep within moments of getting in the door afterwards.

At work, Friday was a very slow slow day because it was a DONSA (Day of No Scheduled Activity). But it wasn’t so bad. I feel guilty though at how little I sometimes do at work. And then left out, a bit like I’m in a sort of fog. When you are so out of the mainstream for the tasks done in your office, you feel that way.

Also, it’s getting a bit demoralizing as it sinks even deeper that to be promoted I’ll have to find another job. And that others will be promoted ahead of me due to their series matching the branch chief job’s.

If I find another job, it may mean having to do more work than I’ve been used to. Oh, dear! I do have one big job I’m applying for but that’s all I will say on that. What I will say is that the money would have to be good to get me across the Potomac.

Nemmind. After work, waited at Starbucks for C to be off. Came home and realized that if we didn’t go out right away we’d fall asleep right as we walked in!

Bit of a disappointment that Starbucks drinks are so high in carbs. 😦

Today I was to have blood work but slept in. Again. Too much. 😦 We did get some productive things done – we picked up a new grille and we got a replacement lock. However, the replacement didn’t work.

So that was that.

Sometimes I wish I were asleep so I could just dream because sometimes a dream world is better, more bright, more real. This happens mostly in the morning!

I just don’t know what to do sometimes. Speaking of dreamy worlds – here’s McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey:


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18 Mar 10

Yippee: Walked 30 minutes! Yippee my fountain pen works! G says CH is a tool. 🙂 I agree!

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17 Mar 10

A quick update from Wednesday, 17 March.


Went to get blood work done, on appointment, left lab slip @ home. So we got up and got there early and all and just after signing in, I realized — no lab slip. Grrr!!!!

Took C to Plato’s for brekkies.

Home (lovely day) and then to work. Work unremarkable. C an asshole about people needing large cars and how they shouldn’t and all. You know, people like me. Fuck him.

Home after work and grazed for dinner (too damned much, mustn’t do that again). Rewatched OC housewives reunion, NY last eppy (Labour Day belaboured).

Futzed around but finally found my lovely (well semi-lovely) waterman pen C bought me. Will try to use it @ work/home. But then again, there are non-fountain ones that are very very good and want to get a box of them.

C home late, but I went straight down here. But now I’m tired and stuff.

Didn’t exercise, again. 😦 Ate too early. Must not do that tomorrow night.

Other than that, not much. Feeling fat. Our new scale won’t be here until Tuesday at the earliest.

Slade Smiley was on the OC reunion. I think he’s very dishy. Here he is showing a new use of a friendly neighbourhood sock.


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16 Mar 10

Well, ups and downs.

Work was okay but I found out that we won’t be going to Fort Gillem after all. So we lost the cost of the two tickets C had bought. I felt awful and worried.

After work, off to see Alan. All bright and bubbly and honestly I do enjoy this low carb ‘diet.’

Off to Tyson’s to get some Levenger stuff (soooo self-indulgent). Must find a cheap punch. E-Bay?

Humiliation at Coastal Flats where they walked me to a booth I was too big for. Mood down.

Dinner at Plato’s (third place we tried – CF, Red Lobster in SS but no parking) was delicious but v. filling – lobster bisque, chef’s salad, hot waiter (looked like a young Ryan Reynolds).

Here’s Ryan Reynolds. Not bad.

More to catch up on but it’s already late. Where do evenings go????

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15 Mar 10

More notes, now from 15 Mar 10:

Lessee, what happened?

Well, the dinner last night went okay but a bit overcooked. Had some left overs for lunch. Cold and rainy in the morning but otherwise okay. Work was okay – took a bit of a dive when CH came in and was all bouncy about his move to HI. 😦

Other than that work was mostly about me sitting around trying to amuse myself. Tomorrow (always tomorrow) I need to get serious and start prepping for the trip. If we go. Otherwise, all was good. Met C after work. Still not put the circa notebook together and I must do that tomorrow too or I won’t know how to spend the $40 gift card. One more reason to waste less time at work. There are so many.

I don’t know why, I get so stressed. Or lazy. Lazy probably is more accurate.

What else, oh, well, I lost negative weight (gained it) but we think the scale’s gone wonky so we’ll leave it at that for now. In fact we ordered another one. 😦

Costco after work for lovely low (and medium) fat meats and cheeses (and protein shakes). Mmmm salami. On the other hand every night I feel fat. After Costco, lamb curry at Maiwand and a cappuccino at Starbucks. Home and straight on line, futzing around and then naughty sites on line.

Now I’m falling asleep watching scooby on YouTube talk about cardio. I need to verify that there really needs to be 2 hours after eating before working out, or I’ll never get to work out. I need need (want, maybe) to do 30 minutes a day.

C’s horny. Hmmmmm 🙂

I’m not. I’m too tired. 😦

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12 March 10

Kinda a dreary day and kinda dreary news. It rained and was dull the whole day. At work:

Found out that the trip to Atlanta may be ‘moved to the right.’ Which means that C will have to wriggle out of his ticket to come with me or I’ll have to go alone. I am kinda pissed but frankly saw it coming. Depending on how easy it is to change the darn thing, I may verzicht on this one and ‘do’ the one that Eddie Duke said would be better in April. I just hate the turbulence. And asking C to change plans. I know I fantasize about visiting strip clubs and hiring an escort but really I know I won’t. Maybe the strip club!

Then I had to listen to CH burble about how he’s going to be PCS’d to Hawaii. What I keep thinking is – why doesn’t he like me? His loss though, right?

Then I had to go to our Chaplain Assistant and all-around-Good-Guy’s promotion party. He cut such a fine figure up there, so handsome and admirable. He’s also going and I wish he weren’t too. 😦 First pic is of the unit chaplain introducing him and his family, second is of him greeting his fellow soldiers, and the third is from last year’s picnic. What he said is true – he does work out (partially) to keep himself attractive for his wife. And it works!




Sigh, another good one gone. And NO CAKE AT ALL!!!

‘Course I’ve not managed to get around to entering my intake either.

Looked up a bit later – my Levenger notebooks arrived, and we’re all off to Mama Roma’s and C agreed to go with me to the Levenger store in Tyson’s Tuesday. He’s so great like that.

But as usual sooo sleepy!

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11 Mar 10

Sorry for being away so long.

The blog is going to be a little different from now on – I’m not going to do huge obsessions on people and it’ll revert to more being about my life and thoughts and stuff.

Here are my notes from the 11th of March. I’m playing catch up.

Work was fine – except I didn’t do anything. Well, I did manage to update my travel arrangements with Lyndon for Atlanta – the car is now to be picked up and dropped off at College Park. Other than that, and dropping off to sleep for a while I mostly just read Gawker or Twitter and fucked around. Was noch? Nichts. By the afternoon the office very hot. Home straight after – C at work in DC. Either he has a cold or his allergies are really bad this year. I wish I could do something but he eschews aid (gets angry when I offer to take him to the doc for example).

Had a three-egg omelet for dinner which was nice, and some salami and pepperoni and cheese sticks. Not too awful. Washed my new polos and swapped out the dishes, another load is already in the sink. Watched “Psych” (love it, and James Roday is mega hot) and “Southland” (love it too and Ben Mackenzie’s cute as they come). Didn’t catch the second part of RHOOC reunion but it’s being dvr’d.

Hoping that I can get a decent set of office things before going on a business trip. Atlanta. Must start on that tomorrow, tout de suite!

Just feeling a little tired, and stuffs. Didn’t exercise. Here’s today’s numbers: 1227 calories, 77 g fat, 17 g carbs. I need to cut down on fat! It’s not my fault, guv, it’s the pepperoni. Need to get in some turkey or such over the weekend. Didn’t walk. Does washing the clothes and dishes count?

So no obsession but I will say that the above picture is shy little Levi Johnson. I will put up a pic of him now, and one of James Roday and Ben McKenzie.

Levi Johnson:


It doesn’t get any racier than this. 😦 James Roday:


Not any racier than that either. Half his appeal is his persona on the show. And Ben Mackenzie. He’s actually a good actor which is convenient for the show since they hardly ever give him any lines.


Uniform, a man in love

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Returns, Absences, and Changes

Well, as you can see the ‘weight loss’ page is back. Mainly shamefacedly because I wanted to publicize my losing this week. 🙂

In other developments, I’ve not got plantar fasciitis but a simple bursitis behind my heel. The doctor gave me an injection of cortisone and it will supposedly clear right up. Well, I hope so. At least I do feel some improvement already. He wants me to ice it every evening and lay off the walking until it is resolved (all cleared up, I guess).

Went to Panera in Laurel for lunch and ran into my mum and dad and it was really nice. I had a fairly sensible lunch too. Since I can’t walk I have to be extra careful about intake.

The other thing the doctor told me was that I am very very slightly anemic and he wants me to take a Vitamin B-12 supplement. My red blood cell count is 3.97 million/microliter, and it should be higher than 4.20. My hematocrit (the proportion of blood volume that is occupied by red blood cells) is 38.0%; should be 38.5% or higher. My MCH (mean corpuscular hemoglobin) is 33.6 picograms/cell; should be no more than 33.0 pg/cell. I am however, not iron-deficient, and he doesn’t seem to think any further intervention beyond 500 micrograms of B-12 is needed.

Other than that a good day, nothing much to report from work. I’m not sure but I’m guessing I didn’t get the job I interviewed for last week, but that’s okay. I know I did the best I knew how. On to researching other options, eh? I mean I’m so vital I was out until 12:30 and nobody even knew I wasn’t there (I called into my boss but she was out too). If I wasn’t so honest I could save a bit of leave time and say to disregard my phone message and that I had been there all along but that would be wrong.

n505055131_453043_7285Tonight I was facebooking with my facebook friend Reynaldo Gouws from South Africa. He has some  strong opinions on the place and all of them are based on facts. (He’s also a real gym bunny, click and see him grow, and a DJ, and an industrial psychologist.) He’s complaining that youtube where he posts his videos is restricting him and has cut way back on the views he gets. Please, if you have time, go and see his channel on youtube and discover his opinions. Even if you don’t like them you will have to admit that he backs them up and holds them sincerely.

Would anyone like the names of the other youtubers I subscribe to?

I’m going to try to get to bed early tonight. I’ll probably have nobody photographing me, unlike Mr. Rodrigues does (oh, and I’m tired of old Nick so I’ve changed the masthead a bit).

Gilmar Rodrigues 09_01g

Gilmar Rodrigues 09_03g Gilmar Rodrigues 09_04g Gilmar Rodrigues 09_05g

Gilmar Rodrigues 09_06g Gilmar Rodrigues 09_07g Gilmar Rodrigues 09_08g

Gilmar Rodrigues 09_02g

(Yes, those eyes are green)

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Wish Me Luck

Well, everyone, wish me luck please – I’m off tomorrow (Tuesday) very early in the morning for an interview for a job (yes, I know what I wrote yesterday but in the interim I have to go onwards and upwards, no?). It’s with a defense agency that has to do with telling the defense story worldwide, it’s a promotion and it’s in Alexandria, VA. But! It’s set to move to Fort Meade, MD, in a year or so. So if I get it it would mean back on the long commute for a while but in the long run it’d be better for us.

I’d like it, but I’m ambivalent. I mean, I’m content (not happy) where I am. But I’d like to be offered it, if you know what I mean. Oh, and the clearance problem doesn’t apply!

I’ll let everyone know how it went tomorrow. This evening I’m going over my resume and the job description and seeing…that is verifying that I qualify. I mean I have to on some basic level because I’ve passed the HR screening.

Meanwhile, in honor of the joint services global nature of the job, here’s a picture of a rather handsome guy in an RAF uniform. Neat combination of innocence and knowing, don’t you think?

RAF Hunk

(Smoking is bad for you; he should put his mouth to better uses. Can you think of any?)

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