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What My Blog is Really About

Apparently, the following are the most popular searches which have directed you all here to my blog. I guess my blog is really about Greek singers, Puerto Rican actors, and of course, nude English explorers. Also lots of people called Michael Lewis, an ex-porn star turned singer, a DILF, cute guys (no surprise there!), and the ex-porn-star-turned-singer’s ex. The bits about my personal life, views, progress, love, and the rest, well, they’re just for a selective audience, the connaisseurs of a fine AngloAm story. The pics below tell the story (all thumbnails, all embiggenable).

Sakis Rouvas Get Happy When He ShowersCarlos Ponce and his beautiful eyesAt last - Bear Grylls NudeMichael Lewis FlashbackColton Ford (on the right) and Blake HarperMike Rowe's Great Grin

For the record, I’m all in favor of all the below listed items. Even Têtu. If only I could get Sakis to acknowledge my publishing his name so much. Without me, he’d be nothing.

Search Views
sakis rouvas 28,243
carlos ponce 18,218
bear grylls nude 9,525
michael lewis 9,136
colton ford 9,094
mike rowe 8,331
saki rouva 5,921
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blake harper 5,366
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Day One and a Half of Discipline

Yesterday I was a little under, today I’m fighting the urge to go get some chocolate from the vending machine. Ohh sweet forgiving yielding loving chocolate. But I intend to hold out at least until the weekend so I’m saving points for the long stretch.

Yes! Our work week is shaping up thusly: tomorrow is our “Organization Day” – office picnic. I will bring my camera and get lots of snaps of hunky servicemen doing various kinds of sports, if you’d like. (And why wouldn’t you?)

Friday is a “DONSA” (Day Of No Scheduled Activity, used to be called a ‘training holiday’) so the Soldiers are all gone and we’ll probably be let out early (I’m coming in late from having a follow up blood letting in the morning) and Friday’s Independence Day (Observed). So things are starting to wind down…right this moment.

What’s strange is that about  now I sit and revel in the slowing down but about 30 minutes from now, which will be about 30 minutes before I’m due to leave, I’ll start to panic about all the things I’ve not done. Gasp! I must make lists! I must do this! I must do that!

But I’m working up the “oomph” to go work out (yesterday’s work out was dismal – I forgot my headphones so no Real Housewives or Bear Grylls (nude or otherwise) or even edifying Fitness Rocks podcast. And there was no eye candy – not a bit. (Oh, how I wish I found black guys sexy – I was the only white male there.) I only managed to knock out thirty minutes. Came home and watched TV and ate C’s delicious salad – with tuna and avocado. Mmmm good.

Tonight after the gym I have to get gasoline/petrol or I won’t make it home. I hate when this happens, as much as I hate coming home from work and gym, only to find I have to go back out again for this or that errand. Well, hate’s a strong word. Dislike.

Breathless Shirtlessness

We’re still waiting breathlessly for the next installment of Handsome Hunks of Home Improvement, so we’ll take a few more looks at Nick Beyeler, who probably (a) isn’t scoping out male eye candy (b) does a lot more than thirty minutes of cardio and (c) can’t help but look sexy at the gym. All in utter contrast to me.



(Sometimes, one is just speechless.)

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Halfway Point

Halfway point, or nearly, through the weekend and here I am staring at a blank blog post, wondering what to say that might be interesting. The odd thing is, it’s nearly always easier to think of things to put in the blog when I’m driving around or going about my day; I will start writing them down from now on.

One thing I’ve noticed is that no matter what, day after day, the most popular terms entered into search engines to get people to my site are “Sakis Rouvas,” “Carlos Ponce,” “Marco Dapper,” and “Bear Grylls Nude.” (Nude, yes, never just Bear Grylls, but always wanting to see him nude.) That last one is odd because I don’t have any pictures of handsome Mr. Grylls nude on my blog, although I’ve certainly seen him nude – with his bits pixellated out of course – on his show. What’s really odd is that if you Google “Bear Grylls Nude” and click to see images, you get a NSFW pic of Marco Dapper I posted a link to. Very strange indeed. But I do owe my public the courtesy of giving them what they want so, if you’re over 18, here is a real actual NSFW picture of Bear Grylls, Nude (from the show but they seem to have forgotten the pixellating pixie, or the director was indulging himself and us).

I’m not sure but in the picture, his gentlemanly bits look a little less pixellated in this shot…and perhaps not as cold as might otherwise be assumed…just saying, is all. Confession: to me his sexiest features are his powerful legs and his willingness to put himself in danger and discomfort for my amusement. Thank you, Bear, for eating live worms for me.

Regarding the others, well, the big thing is that Sakis Rouvas has taken to publicising his every move on Twitter, which I’m still not too fond of. (Always fond of a bit of Sakis though.)

A Song You Should Listen To

You should listen to “La Tête Haute” by Les Cowboys Fringants, a néo-trad group from Quebec. This video shows the lyrics; they’re very touching and the voice of the lead singer is so pure:

(It’s about a sick nineteen-year-old at what he knows to be his last birthday party making his mind up to die with his head on high.)

I came across it while driving Bob around; he came with a few months’ trial of XM radio, on which is a station called Air Musique which plays a very limited selection of Quebec music. That’s an advantage when you’re trying to learn the lyrics though!  I had to take a picture of the display of the radio system so I could find the music on iTunes.

A Show You Should Watch

You should watch “Better Off Ted” on ABC. It’s smart, well-written, funny and stars Ellen’s wife, Portia De Rossi. C and I both liked it.

Two Movies I Should Watch

I’ve had Australia and On the Other Hand Death out for over a month or so now and haven’t watched them at all (that’s why I can’t say whether or not you should watch them–watch this space!). This darn internet keeps dragging me away from all my usual interests ( and if I don’t start watching the movies I’ll find myself questioning why I have netflix at all. And bugger it, I’ve just found out that I can’t watch instantly because of some error with my browser. Grrr.

Boing, ’tis Spring!

Not that you’d know it from AngloAm and his dh’s activities; we spent half the day in bed, half of that cuddling and the other half sleeping, and only emerged to get dinner. Utterly unproductive! And a waste of what I believe to have been an utterly gorgeous day with perfect spring weather. After all this cold, rain and gloomy dreary weather we’ve been having lately. Tsk tsk! We had planned to get up early (!) and drive to West Virginia.

Back story: there were a few cabins there that we’d looked at on-line, not to buy now, but to see what your money would get, and we wanted to go see them, but we couldn’t find them on line again. Some of them were near Seneca Rocks, one of our favourite locations in WV:

View Larger Map
It’s in the Monongahela National Forest but there’s a valley to the south that looks just like Switzerland and we both love it there. A cabin up there is probably on our ten-year plan as it were; with water (a brook, on a river, or a lake) and nearish to a main road. It doesn’t have to be a big fancy lodge, but it should be within three hours of DC or so, so that we could go up for most weekends.

However, we were very lazy indeed today and didn’t. Tomorrow we probably won’t – we have “things to do.” Oh, well, c’est la vie.

Goodness, is it that late already? I will take my leave by leaving you this sexy video of a sexy Marine relaxing after seven months in the Horn of Africa. I don’t think it is possible to watch this video without smiling. We’ll return to our Eastern European goodness in my next post….

(He’s just so cute and funny!)


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