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Feels Really Over Now

Now that all the fuss about New Year’s is over it seems the festive season of 2007 is done with. It was good for AngloAm and his C, I think. Thursday and Friday of last week were as you can imagine very slow at work. Both days I went to the gym after work and enjoyed myself (yes!). Not as much eye candy as I might hope (is there ever?!?) but that’s not really what I’m there for. The main trouble was that the gym was closing at 1700 and they wanted us off the equipment by 1630, so I had to end before I was really ready. Also, I trotted back up the stairs on Thursday night so fast after hopping off the ‘mill that I nearly passed out.

Friday night I had fun for dinner with my friends at Plato’s Diner downtown. Luckily the students are away for Christmas so places like Plato’s are available to us ‘townies.’

Saturday Neal came and received my three weeks’ worth of typed up eating. He’ll analyze them this week and I’ll get the results this coming Saturday. I can wait. Did some shoulder and lower back stuff because I’d mentioned that my hips seem to tighten up quick when I walk. He opened up a bit about his unhappy childhood and lack of closeness to his mother or father. He seems to have gained a lot of empathy from this unhappiness and loneliness and it comes out in the way he works with me. Later, C and I went to our friends’ K&D&J’s house, far too late for their annual Open House party. We stayed around after the last of their guests left and grazed on the goodies they put out. So good and so filling we didn’t have a ‘real’ dinner or watch the movie we brought. Sadly we couldn’t stay late because of having my aunt and uncle the next day.

Which put us in a quandary as to what to serve; we finally decided to follow my dad’s advice/order and only put out dry biscuits with the tea; it seemed sparse. But my aunt, who’s so skinny now after her stomach stapling, seemed pleased. Get this; they brought over a coffee cake ring from some bakery in Nesconset, NY, where they live, as a contribution – but my uncle had sliced off a piece for his breakfast. How classy. Nobody mentioned her surgery, but I bet on their way over they mentioned that I didn’t want it mentioned. Is it a sign of one’s importance, or one’s mental fragility that people make allowances for one?

Monday – work. Nothing happened but I finally got my performance appraisal support form done. Phew. Doesn’t look like much but I don’t know how much detail I’m to go into. I can always expand it.

Monday night C & I sat around for a bit but were in bed early. I don’t ‘get’ New Year’s. I mean it seems so arbitrary. However, today, after visiting Lowes in Glen Burnie (much eye candy!) to pick out a fridge for our media room, I wrote out a few resolutions on my lap top. Which is where they are still but tomorrow I’ll post them here, redacted for any loved ones’ privacy, and keep you posted on my accomplishments.

Brett ChuckermanMarco DapperSpeaking of the media room, I sat in it and watched the hillarious “Eating Out Two-Sloppy Seconds.” It’s far from family viewing unless the family is the one that Sister Sledge sang about. It stars the delectable Brett Chuckerman, here on the left, and the unfairly handsome Marco Dapper, here on the right, where he’s enlargeable. Both Brett and Marco treat us to some full frontal nudity, and if you’re over 18 and not at work or church or someplace where the sight might frighten the horses, you can click here to see Mr. Dapper in the movie where he definitely has a big part. All kidding aside, the movie is funny and clever and I think I’m going to get it and “Eating Out” for myself. Sadly I can’t really show it for my friends when the come over this Saturday night but we have the Simpson’s Movie which C got for Christmas and which we haven’t seen yet. I have to find a good vegetarian recipe – do you know of any?

It’s getting late and I need to get moving. I’ll leave you with a cleansing picture of Chris Meloni in the shower. Later on we can see some ‘NSFW’ videos and pictures of Mr. Meloni that prove that he, too, has a big part to play.

Christopher Meloni in a shower
(Clean or dirty – do you like him both ways, or would you like him any old way?)


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