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Quick note: I’ve updated my food and exercise to get current. This week has been a bit crazy. MTC later today!

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It’s been a crappy week so far, in that I’ve been over-eating like crazy. Since Monday, if you check my Points page, I’ve not met my daily points target once. The worst was yesterday – I had a cheese sandwich, for no real reason, a treacle pudding (which is meant to serve at least two) from a tin, with a million calories, and three hot dogs. Far too much. And having eaten into my flex points so much, this weekend will be very austere indeed if I want another successful week. And I do.

You see, it was very sobering when my counselor said that, unless I make some changes to my life, I may not see ten more years on this earth. I’d like to live past fifty-three, so that C is not a widower at fifty-two. And so that I, you know, live to see this retirement I’m encouraged to look forward to. And so that, you know, I don’t die. There are plenty of statistics about mortality and how being obese contributes to it – fat shortens your life (especially, interestingly, fat carried around the waist; it is not metabolically inert as everyone thought but contributes to systemic inflammation which reduces the body’s ability to fight the damage caused by oxidating free radicals).

I did a little research of my own and found a study mentioned on Fitness Rocks entitled “Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity, and Mortality, Impact of Cardiorespiratory Fitness” (remember I mentioned Metabolic Syndrome a few posts ago). The study was also sobering but encouraging at the same time. In short, exercise is medicine:

“CRF [cardio-respiratory fitness] is protective against premature mortality in those who are overweight and obese. Further, CRF provides a strong protective effect against both all-cause and CVD [cardio-vascular disease] mortality in healthy men and men with MetS [metabolic syndrome].”

What I get from this is that when I exercise, I save my life. Even if I don’t drop weight immediately, it’s still ‘worth it’ to try and to include exercise in my trying. Not exercising is suicide for me. Exercise is medicine and it’s cheap medicine which, when taken properly, has no unwanted side effects.

This was actually quite good to find out, since  I won’t have an ideal BMI for quite some time. I may never, although it’d be even more protective. But even on the way, attaining and increasing my cardio-respiratory fitness has a demonstrated ability keep me alive a bit longer.

And it doesn’t have to be an insane two, three or four hours at the gym doing things that only major athletes like Roman Šebrle can do. From the same study:

“The amount of physical activity required to achieve the levels of CRF that were protective in this study is 30 min of moderate intensity activity on most days of the week, which are the currently recommended physical activity levels for health.”

That tells me that inspite of my knee hurting (and it does today, it feels like it’s on fire) when I make the choice to avoid the gym, I’m making the choice to not avoid the grave. It’s factual and simple. But it’s true for everyone. You’d think everyone would be moderately active for 30 minutes most days, but they aren’t. I need to keep these facts front and center, even when I don’t want to exercise, like now, when my knee is hurting from bursitis so bad. Moderate intensity can be easily judged by the ‘talk test’ – if you can talk, but not sing, you’re exercising at moderate intensity.

I’m going to do something tonight on the treadmill, even if it’s not ‘perfect.’ I’ve not gone since Monday and that’s courting the grave.

 Wow, AngloAm, that’s quite a bit to think about…what else do you have for us?

Just this picture of aforementioned Roman Šebrle I found. In it he’s in his uniform and sporting a criminally cute moustache – I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for facial hair. He’s not posing – he’s a reservist in the Czech army – I think either a Captain or a Major. On his shoulder is the badge of the military sport club he trains with. I don’t read Czech but the award seems to be for being the best (nejlepší) Czech athlete. He’s certainly one of the handsomest!



(That reminds me – must hide C’s razor!)

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Not necessarily a bad weekend

I guess that’s not such a bad title, huh? And it sums up this weekend.

Friday (let’s start there, shall we), our chums and C and I met at crack chicken central, i.e., Sardi’s in semi-beautiful downtown Beltsville, MD. Only I didn’t have chicken, I had the shrimp which was heavenly. I was trying to ‘do well’ because earlier I’d been to a ‘hail and farewell’ at the office and there were a few snacks and maybe I had a beer. 🙂 It was strange to see my boss choke up because of one of the employees from our office who was leaving. Also, handsome first lieutenant M. P. got an award for something so that was good too. People who are arriving get a ‘coveted’ Division East coffee mug, those leaving get whatever their office bought them, any awards due them, and our best wishes.

Saturday C got me off my well padded and to the gym which was good because for the first time in ages I was able to do 60 minutes again. And yes, I took a friend’s suggestion and covered up the time with a towel and it did help a bit. The other thing that helped was not watching The Real Housewives on my iPhone but listening to Fitness Rocks, a fantastic podcast that you can also listen to on your Mac (or that other system that’s out there, Windoze, I think). It’s really good. I thoroughly recommend it.

Watched “In My Country” later on – it’s a bit clichéd and heavy-handed. If you want the complexities of the end of apartheid and the doings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission served up in a pretty package for you to feel good about, it’s great. Otherwise, not so much. I may try to find “Forgiveness” to see if it’s got a better take. The idea of a TRC was great, victims could tell their tales and the agents of repression (police, BOSS and the NIS, and the SADF) had to tell the truth and prove they were politically motivated and/or ating on orders to get amnesty from prosecution. However, it did mean that plenty of murderers and torturers and such are still free and going about in SA today. On the other hand, plenty of MK terrorists are too. But I think that Ubuntu may not stand up if Zuma becomes president and keeps on singing Umshini Wami.

Today was very very lazy. I left the house once, to go get us lunch from Burger King (I love their veggie burger). I did post a bunch of pictures to my facebook and to Flikr and found out that it can feed them to this here blog (see the sidebar).

That’s honestly about it, I’ve no profound thoughts except that I’m really pleased to have come in under my points for the week, and that I’m a bit nervous about weighing myself tomorrow morning as I’ve made this pledge about openness and all that. <gulp> For now, that’s all I have to get off my chest. I’m glad Roman Šebrle found something to get off his chest!

Roman Sebrle shirtless

Roman Sebrle shirtless

(No little comment today – I’m speechless)

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A Shocking Lack

A shocking lack of eye candy here at the gym and worst of all my ‘game’ was off too. I only managed 30 minutes and not very fast either. I really don’t know why – it was mental, I think, although it might be time to replace my shoes too, as my plates do hurt a bit. Although not as much as my battered knee – that’s bone on bone lately, in certain positions.

To be honest I am a little down about this; I don’t see any improvement and frankly I’m going backward slightly since Christmas. I think today it didn’t help that I got here so late nut, really, that’s more of am excuse. I’ll try to do better Friday. One thing I will do is stop this “interval” I think – I think 60 minutes even at a slow pace would be better but before I decide I’ll do a bit of checking. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Also welcome was the reappearance of Happy Dave after quite some time. Unless subconsciously it made me feel inadequate or alienated. I dunno.

Who’m I kidding – I’m really down & despondent. I hate to stop early and I’m unhappy that I felt such an overwhelming desire to and even more unhappy that I gave in to it. I’m scared that this is the beginning of the end of me on the gym and any/all hope to ever lose weight.

Did I mention that I’m really down?

No eye candy for now – more ‘un-cyborglike’ pics of Matus to come. And more inspiring ones of Roman too.


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New Pages

As promised, there are two new pages up there (see? see?) for various data I’d like to track on my journey to a longer life. They’ll change in format as time goes by as I’d really prefer to put them into a spreadsheet – which is really difficult in WordPress – anyone have any ideas? – or, for the exercises, upload the html generated by the software I use to track my working out.

Other than that, AngloAm?

Other than that not much since yesterday. Bob took another big load, of mulch, from Home Depot to the  house and then we went to my parents’ house to see the shots of the condo they’re buying in Venice, FL. Our plans are now to rent a place in SC or NC, perhaps off-ocean but with a pool. We like going in September as the kids are gone and the water’s still warm, but C doesn’t like swimming in the ocean and I can’t say it’s an unalloyed thrill, so if we can have ocean access we’d be theoretically okay. I don’t think we’re going to find anything at Pawleys Island where we normally go, so we’ll have to see about elsewhere.

My brother and his family were all okay and the kids were cute as usual. He showed a hilarious internet meme, “How is babby formed.” Apparently it was a real Yahoo! Answers question and a real answer and shows that there are at least two people who can’t spell and you have to wonder if they can think clearly as well:

Today C spread the mulch while I went to the gym. I moaned and groaned before but I’m really glad he pushed/encouraged me to go.

Not that I want him to learn about that! 🙂

Well, with this publicizing of my progress I hope that things will soon, like Mr. Š here, be looking up.


(Don’t you wonder what’s put that little smile on his chiseled features?)


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Nobody guessed

Perhaps this will be a good clue:


Still nothing? Well don’t feel bad – nobody guessed who the new obsession lad is so (drum roll) I’ll have to tell you. He’s Czech decathlete Roman Šebrle (SHEB-ruh-leh) and he’s a fantastic athlete. He has set the record for the number of points scored in the decathalon – 9,026 points and he was the first competitor to score over 9,000. He won the gold medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics. In this last Olympics, however, he only came in sixth. A panel of experts convened by the Wall Street Journal in 2008 ranked him as the world’s greatest athlete. 

The article in the WSJ says “The Czech decathlete could jump over Shaquille O’Neal. He could throw a 16-pound ball the length of a 53-foot yacht. From a running start, he could leap over a two-lane highway. Mr. Sebrle has ideal size, according to physiologists, and expertise over a range of athletic pursuits, employing the speed of an NFL back and the vertical jump of an National Basketball Association forward. Some judges questioned whether Mr. Sebrle could withstand a tackle by an NFL lineman, but none questioned his talent in the 10 track and field events that make up the decathlon. He has won Olympic gold and silver medals for the Czech Republic and is the current world champion.”

Here’s a really nice (but oddly quiet) video of this handsome and inspiring guy and his various skills:

A varied and tiring week

This past week was very varied. I started off really good on my diet, had a hogzilla day Wednesday, really good Thursday, Jr. Hogzilla Friday and so far today pretty good. As promised I will put up the auxiliary pages this weekend. I think did pretty well at the gym but by the week’s end I was really tired out quick – perhaps it was the heat that did it, and the relative lack of eye candy as a motivator. I’ve been trying a new strategy – I increase the speed  I walk bit by bit until I’m going great guns, then drop it back and then ramp it up again. I’ve been very proud of myself getting myself quite quick, but when I tried to get my 60 minutes back on Friday, zip. I crapped out at 30. Maybe it was the heat. I also need to get back to the weight-losing room; I’ve set Monday as my target to do that. Today, since I mistimed everything, I didn’t get to go so I expect I’ll need to go tomorrow just to stop my knee seizing up. If I skip too many days, I’m all right walking but manomanoman does it hurt to get off the treadmill. I can’t describe how it feels, just maybe imagine one little tendon bearing all your weight, especially as I’m getting down and my bad knee is bent. It is really hard to endure. 

To be honest with you, I’m getting a little down on this process, I don’t seem to be seeing results as fast as I’d like, sometimes, I don’t see them at all. And I know the problem. It’s not the output at all. I’m sick, though, of my knee hurting all the time, of wondering “if the house catches fire, could I run out?”, of constantly wondering if I can make it to the shop or through the shop or to the car or wherever without my knee hurting or getting puffed or whatever. I need a breakthrough, a win, to keep myself motivated.

Or I need to dig deeper and find the motivation in myself. That’s partially why Mr. Š. will be my ‘obsession’ for a while; genetics could only take him so far. Sometimes I miss having Neal (personal trainer), but other times I think – well, it was just a charade. I am finding myself wondering more and more if a treadmill here wouldn’t be a partially good idea, for weekends or ‘rebellion’ times, but I just don’t know. I mean, the world is outside my door still, our neighbourhood has paved streets and sidewalks, right? (I just like having the arms of the treadmill to lean on when my back gets tired, or just I feel like it.) Again, I’m finding reasons external to myself and solutions external to myself and nearly always, some gadget or thingamajig that seems like the key to the solution to the problem, proves to be only as good as the grit in the person using or avoiding using it.

More to come; I’m making rasin bread tomorrow – or I am if I have enough butter for the recipe. I can be a little disorganized.

I should just relax

like this other representative from the former Czechoslovakian republic, this time from Slovakia (they grow ’em good in Central Europe) Matus Valent. This was the first picture I ever saw of him and doesn’t he look the epitome of sexy slumping (until you look a bit closer and realize that the pose he’s in is really unnatural and hardly relaxing at all.)


(It’s like he’s trying to tell you something….)


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Bob swallowed a big load

Yes, Bob swallowed a big load this weekend; our friends’ dining room table fit in the back quite well. I was really pleased.

But first, to catch up…C and I found some of the data my counsellor asked me to…

How many fat and old people do you know?

Probably not many, based on what we found. See, my counsellor noted that I’m utterly terrified of general anesthetic because ‘I could die.’ (We were discussing bariatric surgery.) He says, and I see his point, and am trying to follow it, that I should regard overeating with the same concern, alarm even, as I do other dangerous things. It is more lethal to me than many of the things I do on a daily basis (drive fast while texting or searching for information on the net on my iPhone) or fear greatly (having general anesthetic). Since I respect evidence and facts (it was evidence and facts that got me flying without fear, in fact, with real eagerness) he thought some research into the facts and evidence would be a good thing. So here’s today’s true facts about true risks of being overweight or obsese:

Reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association and the Annals of Internal Medicine, the studies found that obesity is of particular concern for younger adults in their 20s and 30s. The risk is greatest for obese African-American men, who stand to lose about 20 years of life, even after accounting for smoking.


I’m not African-American but twenty years is a long long time. Then there’s this:

CHICAGO — Being obese at age 20 can cut up to 20 years off a person’s life, with the biggest impact on black men, according to yet another study that underscores the long-term dangers of being overweight.

The research appears in Wednesday’s Journal of the American Medical Association and was released a day after another study that said that being fat at 40 shortens a person’s life by at least three years.The JAMA study, led by University of Alabama at Birmingham biostatistician David Allison, found that life expectancy for 20-year-olds with a body-mass index of at least 45 is 13 years lower for white men and 20 years lower for black men, compared with people of normal weight.

Body-mass index is a height-to-weight ratio; 30 and above is considered obese. A person who is 5-foot-4 and 262 pounds would have a BMI of 45 — and look like a sumo wrestler. But millions of Americans are that fat, Allison said.

The life-shortening effects were found to be lower for 20-year-old severely obese white women (eight years of life lost) and black women (five years lost).

In Tuesday’s Annals of Internal Medicine, Dutch researchers presented data on about 3,400 mostly white, middle-aged Americans. The researchers found that being overweight at 40 is likely to reduce life expectancy by at least three years — as much, they said, as smoking cigarettes. Obese, or severely overweight people, lost even more years — about six or seven.

The JAMA study was based on an analysis of nationally representative surveys of more than 14,000 Americans.

Life-shortening effects were less dramatic in people who were less obese.


Thirteen years is also a long time. That’s far too long for C to be alone in the world without me to take care of him, for him to be sad and alone and ME NOT ABLE TO DO SQUAT ABOUT IT, which is what really horrifies me. And then there’s this:

Large decreases in life expectancy were associated with overweight and obesity. Forty-year-old female nonsmokers lost 3.3 years and 40-year-old male nonsmokers lost 3.1 years of life expectancy because of overweight. Forty-year-old female nonsmokers lost 7.1 years and 40-year-old male nonsmokers lost 5.8 years because of obesity. Obese female smokers lost 7.2 years and obese male smokers lost 6.7 years of life expectancy compared with normal-weight smokers. Obese female smokers lost 13.3 years and obese male smokers lost 13.7 years compared with normal-weight nonsmokers. Body mass index at ages 30 to 49 years predicted mortality after ages 50 to 69 years, even after adjustment for body mass index at age 50 to 69 years.

Conclusions: Obesity and overweight in adulthood are associated with large decreases in life expectancy and increases in early mortality. These decreases are similar to those seen with smoking. Obesity in adulthood is a powerful predictor of death at older ages. Because of the increasing prevalence of obesity, more efficient prevention and treatment should become high priorities in public health.


A loss of 5.8 years is also bad, and this was the lowest penalty associated with obesity I’ve found. In fact the only site I’ve found so far to contradict these data is the clearly biassed “Center for Consumer Freedom” which is funded by the food industry (not that they’re keen on telling people the names of the companies that support their silly denialist crap. I won’t give the link to their ‘data’ as I don’t want to drive traffic to their site.

So what has all these data done for me

As usual the week started off dismally, got better, and ended on a bad note. I made a great roast chicken tonight from Chef Keller of the French Laundry’s recipe, and it was really good, but for lunch we had burgers and milkshakes. Yesterday I made a glutton of myself at our good friends (once Bob disgorged his load) house, but at least I did some intense walking. (I’m alternating sixty minute days with shorter but faster walks; Saturday I got the fastest I’ve done so far, albeit only for one minute. I’m following the advice given in Body For Life. So that was okay, I guess. Comme ci, comme ça, as it were. I expect to have ‘held steady’ this week, but starting tomorrow (it’s always tomorrow, eh, Annie?) I will do better. Partially because I’m going to add two new pages along the top (up there) to log my intake (Weight Watchers points) and output (exercise, cardio and strength) and results (change in weight – still too vain to list actual weight but change is okay).

Other stuff

I did have a good vibe yesterday; I’d ordered some work trousers, some jeans, and some training trousers, and have to send them all back as they are too loose. That’s what comes of using my last order as a basis for it. That made up for buying two shirts I could have sworn would fit which were too short.

We went to mum and dad’s house to check on it while they’re in Florida. I’m a little peeved that despite some very very very unsubtle hints, they’ve not made any offer to C and I to use the Florida condo they’re buying for our summer vacation. We’re looking at either Utah to see the extraordinary scenery or the Carolinas (since not Florida) but if we do a beach vacation I would really like to get a house with a pool as C and I both like swimming in pools as well as the ocean…C actually prefers it I think. There’s tons of condos with pools, and we do go after season (after the kiddies are back in school) but I wonder how many people we’d have to share the community pool with. We’re both very shy, not that anyone’s ever been horrible to us. But if I took off my shirt people may go blind or I’d be arrested for bringing the human body into disrepute.

I baked two loaves of wheaty artisan bread today; but they didn’t rise much, so I’m hoping that their density will be matched by a good flavour. Or that the birds will like them.

A note:

K: I overreacted yesterday evening. The kids were enjoyable at the end of the evening. Perhaps it was the subject matter at dinner. And the ‘pea picker.'(Those who need to know will know what I mean.)

A farewell

Yes, this is our last day with sexy Chris Evans, as I’m going to obsess on more inspirational guys for a while. Can you guess who it is, above? (A hint: His country was once much nearer to our mini-obsession Matus Valent’s country, but some soft fabric intervened.) Do you think Chris will get over it? I hope so; here are some pictures to keep him gentle on your mind as you wrack it for the identity of the newbie…as always, click on the thumbnails to make him grow before your very eyes…



And here’s Matus, in Motion

I wonder if this will help to jog your memory about where our new obsession may be from and who he may be…

(Does it jog anything besides your memory?)


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A project

My counsellor wants me to research the morbidity of people my weight and height. If you think about it, there aren’t too many old fat people around are there? He told me to consider having to tell C that he’d better get some outside interests because in ten years I could be dead. 

Here’s the first thing I found from the Framingham Heart Study (I think that’s the name):  

On average, adults who were obese at age 40 lived 6 to 7 years less than their normal-weight counterparts. Adults who were overweight and didn’t smoke at age 40 lived about 3 years less than adults who were normal weight and didn’t smoke. Adults who were obese and did smoke at age 40 lived 13 to 14 years less than those who were normal weight and didn’t smoke.

I’ll post more as I find them. Oh, and I’m thinking, my next man-obsession may be more inspirational…


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Somewhat displeased with myself

I’m somewhat displeased with myself.

Today I weighed myself. I’d lost 0.4 lbs after two weeks’ doing pretty much what I damned well pleased. Including some exercise. Not a whole lot but some.

So I entered this into Weight Watchers’ site, and had the ‘brilliant’ idea to go back to yesterday and enter all my intake for that day. See, today’s Tuesday and Monday is the day my WW week starts. So I did. I entered the sensible breakfast, generous lunch, FOUR CADBURY CREME EGGS, and pizza.

I ate all my points for the day, and all my ‘bonus’ points for the week. 😦

To top things off, today as I was heating my lunch, I ‘just happened’ to notice some cake left in the office fridge. And ‘just happened’ to eat four slices of it. I imagine that takes care of the next two weeks’ points as well. 😦 😦

So I’d better hit the treadmill, right?

Well, I didn’t go Friday, or Saturday or Sunday or Monday. I’m not making any excuses but I hate to go when I feel I need to be available to C to take him out and about on errands. After working out the last thing I want to do is hit the stores. I wish sometimes he could go by himself. Or that I would feel peppier after exhausting myself. 😦 😦 😦

Tonight I’m at my counsellor so no gym, and tomorrow I have an appointment so same thing. 😦 😦 😦 😦

So I’m disgusted with myself and frustrated with myself, and aware that something has to change. I just don’t know what or how. My counsellor suggested I stop BS’ing myself and that I stop feeling sorry for myself. No whining that it’s mummy’s fault or that daddy’s to blame.

That doesn’t help when you’re living with the aftermath, when your stomach’s full of sugar and flour and disappointment, and feeling bloated. And your back hurts from holding it up.

And you’ve failed yourself.

Any advice, anyone?

Perhaps I should read my way out of this mess, I wonder if Mr. Valent’s book has any worthwhile suggestions?


(Even he’d give up on me and why not, when I give up on myself? At least C won’t, thank God)

(Hey, this is supposed to be a funny little ending piece. I’m not up for it, today. Sue me.)


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“Who the Heck are You?”

…said WP when I logged in today. I know, it’s been a long time, and I don’t really have a good reason why. Sorry.  It’s not like I have nothing to say. I never have nothing to say.

Merry Christmas

If I don’t speak/e-mail to you before tomorrow. Yes, that’s “Merry Christmas” and not the culturally correct “Happy Holidays.” I never liked that phrase, or how trees are renamed “Holiday Trees.” At my work they even rewrote Christmas Carols into “Holiday Songs” with some deft global search and replace. I gather it’s supposed to be more inclusive but trying to please everyone it winds up pleasing nobody. People who celebrate Christmas feel there is some kind of ‘war’ on them (which is exaggerated but the point stands), and people who don’t aren’t under any delusion about whose holiday is being celebrated, why there’s suddenly a tree in the office foyer or why trays of green and red goodies appear in office break rooms. I mean I don’t know what Muslims celebrate, or much about Kwanzaa, but I do know that Hannukah is a relatively minor holiday, not the “Jewish Christmas” (what a phrase!) which is elevated out of all proportion to its real significance, just to keep up with the neighbours.

Surely though it’s more correct, more thoughtful to find out what the person celebrates and wish them well on that particular holiday’s account? What are your thoughts?

Speaking of ChristmasChris Evans with Clutter, and Unwrapping Nice Things…

How about helping Chris Evans with a little unwrapping – he’s been nice enough to help you get started!

We’re nearly ready chez nous; all we have to do is wrap the presents tonight. I hope C likes what I got him; I never seem to pick good gifts, in comparison to what he (and others) give me. We’ve not put up a tree this year, same as last year.  I do like trees but we have some issues with what we have as far as trees go.

See, we could either put one up in the living room – we have two for the purpose, but even the narrow one we bought takes up so much room and is awkward. Or we could put one up in the den but that’s no good either. To explain, quite some time ago, we had our basement finished and made a den, a bathroom, an office and a huge pantry/laundry room. We put a lovely enormous wide screen HD LCD TV down there, 52 inches, wireless home theater system and all, and a wet bar/sort of kitchenette (sink, fridge, microwave, cabinets), a leather sofa and lounge chair, and coffee tables and stuff. C was very creative; he hit on the idea of using kitchen cabinets as a long sideboard to have the TV on, with lots of storage underneath. They’re wood grained so they don’t look kitchen-y, if you know what I mean.

Since then we’ve hardly used the room. I’ve watched one (precisely one) movie down there. In front of the TV there are boxes of … well … crap that we need to stop kidding ourselves we’ll “go through” one day and just chuck. I mean if they’ve sat a year or more, it’s a good sign that what’s in them is not needed, don’t you think?

All this means that when we do watch movies we watch them on the non-HD TV upstairs. Why’s that significant? Well, because a 32 inch HD LCD TV has been sitting in the junk room spare bedroom for over a year, waiting for us to get our thumbs out of various regions and ‘redo’ the living room, including getting rid of the current TV and wall unit, ripping up the dingy carpet and having the lovely hardwood floors we found underneath restored to their honey glowing oak glory, and getting a new wall-unit to accomodate the lovely new TV and home theater for upstairs. I can tell you that our clutter looks a bit like Chris Evans’s here…but he decorates clutter much much better.

We are not your typical home decorating queens are we? Oh well. Perhaps I adhere to the Quentin Crisp theory of keeping house. But seriously, so much lovely equipment going unused gets to me. Until I get home and don’t feel like working, or am home and feel much the same way. Watch this space for some relevant resolutions.

All that means that the downstairs den is not a good place for a tree either.

A Heavy Issue

Not been to the gym in ages. Overeating a bit. Okay, a lot. 😦  I’m sure I’ve gained again. I also know the reason – too many calories in, not enough out. I do have one excuse – I was going back to the gym, all was well and sweaty and then I got really sick last week. I mean sleep in bed all day bemoan my fate sick. That kept me away for a few days, and then this week has been so busy…well Monday I was lazy, last night I had an appointment with my consellor and this arvo I’ll be busy (wrapping).

My counsellor and I discovered that my eating may be partially due to a fantasy that eating something special (i.e., anything) will make me ‘special’ and cause me to transcend my current life to one where everything is marvellous and fantastic and all my problems are solved. I think that’s a big part of it. I always felt ‘different’ (lots of people do) and I think if I had to be different I wanted to be special – without the work of developing skills in athletics or much study (the former because I am lazy physically, the latter because studying and class work was always too easy…in a way, I’m lazy there too).sk

I need to make time either Friday or Saturday to get back, especially as during the interweek the gym closes early some days and it will be difficult to get in after work.

It’s really stupid because I have a seasons of the “Real Housewives of Orange County” on my iPod to watch while walking. I love that show. Even with the departure of sexy Shane Keough, I still love it. I don’t think I could live there, though, they seem too driven and superficial in public. In private I don’t know, but in public, the fear of growing old (and dying) or seeming to have less than others have or less than you had last year I would think would be unsettling to see up close.

I should probably use eye-candy like ole Shane over there and Chris Evans and all as inspiration. I mean they didn’t come out of a box that way, did they?

I think that’s all for now. I will try to post a bit later on today after I’ve gone through acres of wrapping paper to badly, skill-lessly wrap pressies. I’ll be back to talk about our AngloAm family Christmas arrangements, I ‘spect…meanwhile while you wait, breathless and in suspense, why not check out the Worldmapper site? It shows ‘distorted’ maps of the countries of the world, re-sizing each country according to the subject of interest. For example, here is a map where countries’ sizes correspond to the number of people living on a purchasing power of less than one dollar a day…you can quite clearly see where the reservoirs of misery are.


(I don’t have a cute quip – I am lucky enough to have lived in one of the nearly invisible countries all my life.)

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