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Feels Really Over Now

Now that all the fuss about New Year’s is over it seems the festive season of 2007 is done with. It was good for AngloAm and his C, I think. Thursday and Friday of last week were as you can imagine very slow at work. Both days I went to the gym after work and enjoyed myself (yes!). Not as much eye candy as I might hope (is there ever?!?) but that’s not really what I’m there for. The main trouble was that the gym was closing at 1700 and they wanted us off the equipment by 1630, so I had to end before I was really ready. Also, I trotted back up the stairs on Thursday night so fast after hopping off the ‘mill that I nearly passed out.

Friday night I had fun for dinner with my friends at Plato’s Diner downtown. Luckily the students are away for Christmas so places like Plato’s are available to us ‘townies.’

Saturday Neal came and received my three weeks’ worth of typed up eating. He’ll analyze them this week and I’ll get the results this coming Saturday. I can wait. Did some shoulder and lower back stuff because I’d mentioned that my hips seem to tighten up quick when I walk. He opened up a bit about his unhappy childhood and lack of closeness to his mother or father. He seems to have gained a lot of empathy from this unhappiness and loneliness and it comes out in the way he works with me. Later, C and I went to our friends’ K&D&J’s house, far too late for their annual Open House party. We stayed around after the last of their guests left and grazed on the goodies they put out. So good and so filling we didn’t have a ‘real’ dinner or watch the movie we brought. Sadly we couldn’t stay late because of having my aunt and uncle the next day.

Which put us in a quandary as to what to serve; we finally decided to follow my dad’s advice/order and only put out dry biscuits with the tea; it seemed sparse. But my aunt, who’s so skinny now after her stomach stapling, seemed pleased. Get this; they brought over a coffee cake ring from some bakery in Nesconset, NY, where they live, as a contribution – but my uncle had sliced off a piece for his breakfast. How classy. Nobody mentioned her surgery, but I bet on their way over they mentioned that I didn’t want it mentioned. Is it a sign of one’s importance, or one’s mental fragility that people make allowances for one?

Monday – work. Nothing happened but I finally got my performance appraisal support form done. Phew. Doesn’t look like much but I don’t know how much detail I’m to go into. I can always expand it.

Monday night C & I sat around for a bit but were in bed early. I don’t ‘get’ New Year’s. I mean it seems so arbitrary. However, today, after visiting Lowes in Glen Burnie (much eye candy!) to pick out a fridge for our media room, I wrote out a few resolutions on my lap top. Which is where they are still but tomorrow I’ll post them here, redacted for any loved ones’ privacy, and keep you posted on my accomplishments.

Brett ChuckermanMarco DapperSpeaking of the media room, I sat in it and watched the hillarious “Eating Out Two-Sloppy Seconds.” It’s far from family viewing unless the family is the one that Sister Sledge sang about. It stars the delectable Brett Chuckerman, here on the left, and the unfairly handsome Marco Dapper, here on the right, where he’s enlargeable. Both Brett and Marco treat us to some full frontal nudity, and if you’re over 18 and not at work or church or someplace where the sight might frighten the horses, you can click here to see Mr. Dapper in the movie where he definitely has a big part. All kidding aside, the movie is funny and clever and I think I’m going to get it and “Eating Out” for myself. Sadly I can’t really show it for my friends when the come over this Saturday night but we have the Simpson’s Movie which C got for Christmas and which we haven’t seen yet. I have to find a good vegetarian recipe – do you know of any?

It’s getting late and I need to get moving. I’ll leave you with a cleansing picture of Chris Meloni in the shower. Later on we can see some ‘NSFW’ videos and pictures of Mr. Meloni that prove that he, too, has a big part to play.

Christopher Meloni in a shower
(Clean or dirty – do you like him both ways, or would you like him any old way?)


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Activity and Relaxation


Activity and relaxation was what this weekend was all about.Saturday, C and I were up and out pretty early and got a lot of errands done. So that was busy, but satisfying. In the afternoon I went for my walk but had a very rough time; my left foot was hurting again, but what really stopped me in my tracks was an odd twisting pain below my right knee, like my leg was somehow lacking in nerve signals or circulation or something. Nothing made it feel better; not standing with my weight on it, or off it, or sitting with my knee bent or my leg straightened. It really hurt and the pain seemed to come in waves. I was very upset indeed.

Saturday evening we went off to K&D’s house on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, on Kent Island. We bought with us half the makings of a dining room picnic-various lunch meats, rolls, cheeses, crackers, pickles, and sodas, and K&D provided the other half, and we enjoyed a nice dinner. While I was sitting on their sofa, the twisting pain came back, twice; I had to move to a hard seat to ride it out. Again, it came in waves. My Godson J was very charming – he’s a good kid.Apart from the pain, it was so much fun listening to old Bob Rivers twisted Christmas tunes that we wound up staying until nearly three a.m., and didn’t get home till nearly four. Which was very late.Bear Grylls

Which is why most of today I spent lazing on the sofa watching Bear Grylls in “Man Vs. Wild.” Rather a nice way to spend it as Mr. Grylls has seemingly no problem with stripping off all or most of his kit – a quality I like in a man, (and a bit of a problem with veracity), but C & I were a bit snippy with each other for a while. Click on this pic of Bear on a hot lava flow in Hawaii to see him in all his survivalist toughness, but please keep in mind he looks better in person, with his sexy upper crust accent, than he ever does in a still picture.

Grazed on bits of lunch meat and bread and potato salad and things. Got a phone call from my mum relaying an invitation from my brother to go to their house for dinner; this was the first time I’d seen it. It was very nice, very comfortable and tasteful. My sister-in-law cooked a good meal and there was a somewhat late cake for my birthday last month. We watched their Christmas tree go up and get lit, and I got to read my niece and nephew a story which I think they enjoyed — I know I did. C made me so proud helping my dad get a big table in from the garage and playing with the kids. When I see him being such a fine, marvellous, all-around worthy man, I know 100% that I’ve made the right choice in my life. As I often tell myself, I never ever dreamed I’d be as happy or as proud to be with somebody as I am with him and I have no doubts at all that we’re right for each other. I adore him. Even when we’re a bit irritated with each other, I always know that he’s the goal of my life and everything I do and I wouldn’t have it, or him, any other way. Why alter perfection?

All in all a good, semi-productive weekend, but still dreading meeting with Neal on Wednesday. But looking forward to our troubles with our super-duper DVD equipment being solved. First problem was that the DVD player was a dud. That’s been sent back; the company, One Call, was very good about it. The new one arrived this week and C hooked it up and for one brief evening was able to watch DVDs in enormous 52″ grandeur. But since that one evening, the ground-fault interrupter type plug that this is all connected to waits four seconds or so, and pops out and won’t pop back in again. The company that did the basement finishing is coming back Tuesday to see what they can do. I’m really getting browned off about this. I have my mum & dad coming over for Christmas (God Help Me!) and my good friends the Kolbs coming in January, and I really want to have K&D over to see the new equipment very soon after Christmas, and my brother and his family, and one equipment issue after another keeps popping up. Continue reading


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Notes of Violence, Regret, and Hotness

Let me catch you up, breathless as you are for more fascinating news.

Last night my dad and my brother met for our nearly-monthly family nights out – spouses/partners left home. We had a good time. I had a good talk with my brother. He had said at Thanksgiving that ever since he could hear he’d heard that I resented him for being born and for taking a bit of my mother and father’s love from him. I can’t say that I didn’t make him feel that way, although I understand why I did. I wish I hadn’t. What a burden to have.

Somehow my brother never showed that he was as bothered by it as I was, at least he never showed me. We were never close; we were five years apart in age and utterly different in interests and personality. Five years means we were only in the same school for one year, my sixth and his first grade.

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…Later That Same Evening

Not the best meal…

The restaurant sucked; the food was salty rather than nicely spiced, and the service was atrocious. But I was ‘good’ in that I had the grilled salmon rather than the beloved ribs. I was so virtuous that I decided not to walk tonight but to do a bit of research on a good host for this blog. There’s a lot to learn!

If I had walked…

I’d be all sweaty and would need a shower like Michael Lewis does. Would you like to lather him up?

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