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Saturday Sunshine

Well, it’s been an eventful week.

Unfortunately I haven’t exactly been to the gym much this week. Monday I don’t know why – I took the day off so I could go in the morning when it wouldn’t be so crowded, but the allure of sitting around the house was a bit too…well…alluring. Tuesday I had an appointment in the evening, Wednesday I was just plain lazy, Thursday I managed ten minutes before a hideous cramp did me in and I really didn’t work out properly until Friday, fifty minutes. But it was okay.

I also kinda overate this week, mostly on Wednesday; I had a four-piece fried chicken dinner. Yikes! 😦

iPhone G3

Hi, Phone

Friday, as you probably know already, the iPhone 3G went on sale and C went to our local AT&T store to buy two for us (white, 16 Gb). We got there at 7:30 and there already were about fifty people in line. C waited four hours, mostly in the burning sun, watching the store sell out, just to pre-order the iPhones for us. I’m very disappointed we weren’t able to get ours but I’m sure they’ll be here by and by. Something tells me that the “one or two days” forecast from the store is a bit optimistic; I’ll honestly be surprised if they are in our hands by next Friday. But one must have hope!

Hi, Friend

Friday my attempts to coax my coworker CH proved fruitful and he showed up for dinner with the group at Plato’s diner. I must say I had a good time; it’s nice to see him relaxed away from work, although I do think I tend to run at the mouth. I had a nice kotopita with a salad and a soup.

More Movies You Should See

Here’s a follow up to the previous list of movies you should see:

Catch a Fire – Set in South Africa during the apartheid years, it’s the story of how one peaceful, apolitical man’s encounter with the system radicalized him and turned him into a terrorist (or a freedom fighter, depending on your point of view.)

As Luck Would Have it – Swiss movie about a gay man who suddenly and unexpectedly finds himself a guardian of a teenage delinquent (due to a rather odd law). The movie is very real and unpretentious and the story of how the closted judge finally comes out thanks to the influence of his very authentic charge, is a surprising delight.

A Love To Hide – rather affecting French movie about a pair of male lovers in Nazi-occupied France, who take in a Jew to hide her from the Gestapo, and about revenge and family and prodigal sons. Definitely you should see this movie.

Gay Republicans – a documentary about a strange and somewhat troubling form of life.

Crossing the Line – a documentary about James Dresnok who defected from the US to North Korea during the Cold War. A defender of democracy and a good old southern boy turned loyal communist and patriotic follower of the Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and the Juche Idea. It’s fascinating to see his handsome, tall, blond-haired blue-eyed utterly Caucasian son who is totally Korean, in accent and outlook. I wonder if that’s how people from overseas feel when they see Americans of different ethnic backgrounds – they look one way but act/think/speak utterly in contradiction to what one expects. (60 Mintues showed a big chunk of the dokko.)

Who is he?

Yes, our new big obsession is indeed Who…Dr. Who. The tenth Doctor is played by oddly handsome skinny boy in a suit David Tennant. I’d seen him first in Casanova on PBS and thought he was inexplicably sexy. Now he’s playing in Doctor Who and he remains incredibly erotic looking yet not ‘classically handsome.’

Here he is in Casanova:


Here are two more shots of Mr. T., taken when he was leaving the BBC Radio 2 studios after an interview. Again, I’d never call him model materiel but definately obsession materiel. To see his lovely self closer, as always, just do the mouse thing with him.

And Who is He?

A few more shots of our mini-obsession, Ricardo Baldin, continuing to enjoy his Speedos…

(Blue seems to be his color)

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About and Out

Hello everyone, here I am again.

Friday was a fairly good day until it became not so good. I honestly thought CH was going to come to dinner with our Friday Night Club but I missed his call asking for directions and he couldn’t make it. I felt awful as I’d tried to encourage him to join us – he seems sometimes a bit lonely although…maybe not. All was going well at dinner until I got all emotional about feeling self-conscious about weight lifting which I want to start. I felt like (once again) who the hell am I to try to ‘get above my station/rôle in life’

My mood nearly instantly plummeted and I felt terribly sad – like my dreamlet was dying. 😦 I recovered once C and I had a chance to talk it out. If anyone would like to give me inspiration, I’d surely appreciate it and would return the favour.

It’s going to be really hard to go work out with military hardbodies; I’m very apprehensive but C’s being very encouraging. I’ve got a good couple of books on the subject and of course Neal will make up some kind of programme for me to follow. As C pointed out I was scared of walking, and I conquered that; I was scared of going to the gym, and I conquered that. But when I was just down there to make the inventory I felt so out of place in one room (with Nautilus equipment) and utterly mystified by the Hammer Strength stuff with the odd projections and plates and strange appearances. However, as I often try to remind myself, nobody came out of a box knowing how to use it; everyone had to learn and start somewhere.

Saturday dawned (I guess; I wasn’t up to see it!) and off I went to the gym to sweat my ass off in the heat, see the remarkable lack of eye candy, and only do 50 minutes of walking. Neal came by and I did some upper body work. I have graduated to 25lbs in each hand on the chest press! C mowed the lawn and did a really nice job tidying up the rampant growth that this damp spring has fostered.

When I took my post Neal shower I weighed myself and I’d lost about six pounds since Monday. I’m sure most of it is water weight and on official weigh-in day I’ll have gained about two-three of those back but still!  🙂

We went to a really delicious middle eastern restaurant in Laurel where I had a great lunch of felafel, hummus, cucumber salad and naan. From there we checked out the location of the Melting Pot in Columbia where C and I are going for dinner next week and then to the Apple Store in Columbia Mall to play with the iPhone. I really want one. I really really want one so bad. But I like having landware’s Pocket Quicken on my Treo so I really really really hope that it will be available in a Quicken format.

On the way home we decided to stop in Panera for a drink and a snack and on a whim I texted CH to invite him over.  What do you know he was driving by and pulled in and sat and chatted with us – for three hours! I was so glad that he didn’t think I was some kind of jerk for not getting back to him yesterday evening in time. On the way home through a bit of a storm we decided to grab dinner from Burger King – I had the veggie burger and C the whopper.

Now…I always think that it’s good to get as much instruction as possible in exercise so here are four – count ’em, four – videos of our old friend Michael Lewis teaching us how to move our bodies. I think one of them may be a repeat but can you ever get enough of ML’s goodness?

(Does he get you moving?)


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Some Good, Some Bad

Some good, some bad is what the last few days have been like.  Wednesday I went to the gym and did 51 minutes.  Thursday I didn’t, however, but enjoyed a casual and odd dinner with C (we grazed off salami sandwiches and snacks and things).  Friday I took the day off to go to my counsellor Alan and to have the 30,000 mile service done on our car.

Friday was a good day for intake, in that I took a heck of a lot in.  So really a bad day for intake. First, C and I had lunch at Plato’s, a local diner, which was actually good, in that I had a really nice omelette with feta cheese and vegetarian sausage. After talking about what food means to me with Alan, which was fairly inconclusive but we did go over how I don’t need to please the restauranteur by ordering a lot (sometimes I feel like I have to avoid disappointing the place or I have to get the waiter/ress to ‘like me’ by ordering a lot of food and a lot of courses).  (Especially if the waiter is cute.) Looked at that way, it’s fairly ridiculous an idea.

For lunch though I went to Gah Rham, an all you can eat Korean buffet, which I used to like but which I now see isn’t worth it – I left the table feeling bloated and sick. I do like Korean food though, and there are better diners. Perhaps it was just the big breakfast.

For dinner the Friday Night Club tried one of my suggestions – the Nautilus diner in Crofton. I thought the food was good, actually, and they certainly have a very extensive menu, which I appreciate. It was, however, very very noisy because the Arundel High School wrestling team were in and seated (when they actually sat down) near us. They were shouting between tables and generally being far too loud, but the manager did shut them up at my request. I don’t think I was the first person to ask for them to be quiet.

This of course meant that I never got to the gym but I did go after Neal on Saturday and did 53 minutes (big ups for me!).  It was lovely actually, only a few other people, very quiet. Just how I like it. I mean if you’re not going to have hotties galore, then it’s better to be just “personably empty.” Called in for Chinese delivery because we were both far to lazy to tackle the salmon with leeks which I’m making tonight. I’ve never cooked a leek before so I’m actually looking forward to it. The salmon is done with a honey and soy marinade so it should be sticky and tangy.

Got my mane shaved and sheared today.

Enough About Food!

In a few (seven) minutes I’ll have to break contact and join in a teleconference which is training for tomorrow’s Equality Maryland Lobby Day. We’re trying to meet with our legislators in Maryland to convince them to support civil marriage equality for all Marylanders. There is a small chance it will pass. I just hope that I will be able to take an hour and a half off work to attend it. If you are a Marylander, please contact your legislator and tell him or her that you support civil marriage equality. I’m lucky that my local three Assemblypersons do but our Senator doesn’t seem to so he’s the one I’ll have to work on.  (Five minutes now.)

I’m actually quite nervous about a lot of things — from where do I park (Annapolis is very crowded) to what am I supposed to say. I want to do a good job (and not be late). I’ll post notes about the training after dinner.


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I Bust My Ball!


Neal my personal trainer came by and had me bouncing on my exercise ball between sets of reps…and in the middle of me bouncing up and down (which is actually more effort than you’d think) the damned ‘anti burst’ thing popped and dumped me ignominiously on my butt on the ground. I wasn’t hurt beyond a scrape on my arm, but my dignity was a bit injured. C came running down stairs full of concern and the worry and fear in his voice made me forget my pain in a rush of love for him. Whenever we act together, we do wonders.

I’d only done a bit of walking but Neal wants me to do more today. If only I could control my eating, I’d melt.

Edit:  I wound up not walking any more today.  MDB, no? 

Plate me up at Plato’s

Like last night, the ‘Friday Night Club’ met at Plato’s Diner in College Park. Of course I had to have Kotopita (chicken in a greasy yummy pastry holder) and some monstrosity called “Southern Pecan Pie Cheesecake.” C and I “shared” it but it was too cloyingly sweet for him, so I ate the lion’s share.

However, the meal was secondary to the company. My little (over five foot five!) godson J was there with K and D, his mum and dad. I think J’s about the coolest kid I ever met. But I was utterly floored when he said he thought of me like a brother. I was so honoured and flattered and pleased and proud and glad to be his goddad. It made my evening. I never think I’m all that good, relaxed, or relevant around kids. But J will often say the kindest, warmest things about me or his mum or other people – so that you can tell that he’s a good person being brought up by good people.

Leopard…with Spots

Our shipment of Leopard, Apple’s new OS, has been sent out from Amazon. I can’t wait to get my hands on it but apparently it’s far from perfect. C (a.k.a. my IT manager) says a lot of our software will have to be upgraded. 😦 We seem to be spending money quite quickly of late, and yet I get a cold fear if we decide to cut back – it’s hard for me to see any fine gradiation between ‘cut back’ and ‘starve in box on highway.’ And of course C says everything’s fine – we needn’t worry. But I always worry.

Anyway, here’s a review of Leopard from somebody who could not be from anywhere but Nyu Zilend. Now that I’ve gotten my fears of updating off my chest, I have to say I really want to start using it.

Is it Hard and Wet Work?

It may be hard work for our Mr. Rouvas to do a video shoot, but he seems to be having fun here, doesn’t he?

Actually he seems to really enjoy being wet. Would you help towel him off, or jump in with him??

Sakis Rouvas Get Happy When He’s Wet!Sakis Rouvas Get Happy When He Showers


(There’s those Speedos again–and those beautiful sights of Greece!)

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Well, it’s Friday which can mean only one thing – out to dinner with friends. We’ve been meeting and dining together since 1986 or something. With devastating originality we call ourselves the Friday Night Club and start e-mailing about Thursday or so with suggestions as to where to meet and dine. Tonight we’re going to a Mongolian Barbecue nearby. We’ll be C and I, my best friend from highschool K and her husband D, and their son/my Godson J, and CK who used to work with D. KW is at Gaylaxicon (some sort of science fiction convention) so won’t be along. I really look forward to meeting up with my chums; it starts the weekend off nicely.

Before we can go out, C & I have to go over our grocery order from Peapod.com.  It’s a grocery delivery service; we started using it when the DC snipers were scaring the wits out of me.  We got used to it and kept it up; if you’re in a major metropolitan area, you may want to check it out yourself.  We use it for most things and My Organic Market for others.

Having your groceries delivered is lazy, I know.  If you’re not lazy, you can work out and get a body like Michael Lewis’s.  (Maybe.)  He’s an Israeli model.

Michael Lewis


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