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Upsan Downs

Well, it’s been my share of both since we last met up, you the great Internet and me. Mostly down.

Friday (shall we start there?)

Friday was a strange day. It started off quite normal actually, even though I was a little bummed that we wouldn’t be meeting up with our friends for dinner. However. Halfway or so through the day I got this horrible feeling of sadness and … well … self-pity wash over me. My poor facebook and M&G Forum friend J.d.H. was the person on whom I fixated this feeling – he’s young, brainy, and really handsome, and I decided that he was “better” than me somehow. So I “defriended’ him on facebook and sat around feeling very gloomy with myself. I’m sure I was an utter pain to all around me. I did perk up when we went to my mum and dad’s house for our niece R’s birthday celebration.

But the main thing

But the main thing that bothered me was my horrible heel pain. See (yippee) my nasty stasis ulcer has all healed but now I have a more painful thing – what feels like plantar fasciitis in my left foot. What it means is that I can’t go four or five steps without shooting pains in my foot and the resultant change in my gait means my back and hip hurts on that side as well.

So Saturday I went to the gym, full of optimism and managed a measly, a pathetic, a shameful 15 minutes before I succumbed to pain. Then that evening we were scheduled to go to our friends over on Kent Island, to swim in their pool and to have one of their great dinners and hang out. But I bailed at the last minute because I frankly didn’t feel up to it; I was uncomfortable at the idea of being in such pain and thereby being a pain. Of course, I bailed after they’d set aside dinner for us all so I felt awful and the way I bailed made my friend think I was upset with her so I felt worse, and finally, near tears, called her up very late to make sure she knew I felt dreadful and that I hoped we’d be invited back. I fully understand it won’t be next weekend; she’s got a family barbecue and C & I want to get away for a drive.

That evening, I decided to watch the second disk of The Grafters and broke our expen$ive DVD player. I fell against it while the disk drawer was open and now it won’t switch DVDs or release them and so last night I felt lower than a ball of worm excrement.


Today C and I have been very lazy but I needed the prolonged hugging. Tomorrow I will go to the doc’s about the fasciitis, and I need to do a few errands on the way back from the docs (a new lock for the gym, assuming I’m allowed back, gel inserts for my shoes). I expect I’ll be referred to a podiatrist again and I expect I’ll have to get a very painful cortisone jab into my heel and then get measured for orthotics. 😦

But I’m keeping my chin up

I’m hoping that tomorrow will be a better day and that Dr. A. will be able to tell me what’s wrong, what to do, and how he can stop the pain.

Listening to L’Aquila E Il Condor from the album “Stilelibero” by Eros Ramazzotti. And considering today’s Handsome Hunk of Home Improvement, Marc Bartolomeo. Italian, handsome, self-effacing, charming, and skilled with his hands, he’s an electrician and carpenter and model, he was on “In a Fix” (I repeat – that show was like soft-core porn for me) and now ‘Save My Bath” on HGTV. Mmmm he’s got lovely classic looks and he’s quite funny.

The first set of shots are kinda arty from his own website (click on the thumbnails to make Mr. B bigger):

02 04 05 06 09 12 14 15 20 35

Then there are the others on the web…like this NSFW one, infamous among Bartolomeo’s fans. 🙂 Or like this actually quite sweet one:

(Lucky bottle!)

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