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27 Mar 10

So here are the comings and goings from 27 March:

Friday we were just too tired after C’s long long loooong week to go out with our friends, so we wound up at Gah Rahm for a Korean meal. I thought it would fit better into my new low-carb diet but I got tempted by the delicious side dishes (jon, ddukbogee) there. C did his best to remind me about my diet but he was also very tired. We were asleep within moments of getting in the door afterwards.

At work, Friday was a very slow slow day because it was a DONSA (Day of No Scheduled Activity). But it wasn’t so bad. I feel guilty though at how little I sometimes do at work. And then left out, a bit like I’m in a sort of fog. When you are so out of the mainstream for the tasks done in your office, you feel that way.

Also, it’s getting a bit demoralizing as it sinks even deeper that to be promoted I’ll have to find another job. And that others will be promoted ahead of me due to their series matching the branch chief job’s.

If I find another job, it may mean having to do more work than I’ve been used to. Oh, dear! I do have one big job I’m applying for but that’s all I will say on that. What I will say is that the money would have to be good to get me across the Potomac.

Nemmind. After work, waited at Starbucks for C to be off. Came home and realized that if we didn’t go out right away we’d fall asleep right as we walked in!

Bit of a disappointment that Starbucks drinks are so high in carbs. 😦

Today I was to have blood work but slept in. Again. Too much. 😦 We did get some productive things done – we picked up a new grille and we got a replacement lock. However, the replacement didn’t work.

So that was that.

Sometimes I wish I were asleep so I could just dream because sometimes a dream world is better, more bright, more real. This happens mostly in the morning!

I just don’t know what to do sometimes. Speaking of dreamy worlds – here’s McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey:


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