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At Least It’s Over

What a Christmas.

We met at my parents’ house for Christmas Eve.

I found out I was expected to host my aunt and uncle for some sort of ill-defined visit when they come down from Long Island next weekend. Without, I may add, consulting me much. So my aunt, who’s had a frigging stomach bypass and lost tons of weight, and her ham-fisted husband will be visiting C and me for ‘tea’ (and lectures on being heavy) on Sunday. Can I contain my excitement?

Oh, and I’d previously invited my parents over to my house for Christmas Day.

That went off well.

C & I had a much better Boxing Day.

How was your Christmas?

Weary Eyes Turn to Other News

I Think I Do

Well, I’ve not had a chance to watch any of the lovely DVDs I got for Christmas yet, but I did see “I Think I Do” which was marvellous, and “Straight-Jacket” which was quite good. I strongly recommend “I Think I Do” and will probably buy it soon. I also saw “The Last King of Scotland” which I have to say I didn’t really like.

So Nobody Guessed…

…that our new obsession is none other than Mr. Chris “Sex on Legs” Meloni of SVU and Oz fame. This might be a short obsession as unlike the multi-talented Sakis Rouvas and Carlos Ponce, or the all over the place Michael Lewis, there’s not a lot of stuff out there on the man, but what is available is very very nice indeed.

Here’s a good take on the naked babe on the bearskin rug shot…

Christopher Meloni on a bearskin rug

That ought to be enough to get you started…and if it isn’t, here’s the man interviewed by his co-star on The View (it’s a bit long – seven and a half minutes) but a good watch):

Looking at Handsome Men Sometimes Calms me Down

So here’s our mini-obsession, Rafael Branciforti, who I guess felt a bit confined in those infamous tiny tight white speedos, to check out how confined he was and how confined he now isn’t, just stroke him with your pointing thing…


The freedom seems to have overwhelmed him and caused him to take to his bed, inexplicably alone…



But again, who could be angry with such a soulful face?


(Darn those strategically placed hands and shadows!)


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It has been a while, hasn’t it? Now that work’s all finished before the Big Red And Green Day it feels like the countdown thereto has arrived, but not actually started yet, as we’re still not ready. The house needs to be cleaned and presents to be wrapped and dinner started and things but we’ll get there, I feel….80…maybe 40% confident. Well, maybe 70%.

Sweatin’ is the Oldie

Yes, I went back to the gym Thursday and Friday and it was good. I did a bit more on Thursday but came up short not due to exhaustion but due to the horrible realization that I couldn’t find my cell phone on me. That kinda stopped me from doing much more. Luckily it was turned in at the desk. Friday I did a bit more again and felt great.The best thing is that an older gentleman came over to me and congratulated me for coming back after my fall on Wednesday. That made me feel great.The only bad thing is that the gym closes too early for me to use it during the ‘interweek’ (my name for the week between Christmas and New Year). Either I shall have to leave early or this week I’ll have to pound the neighbourhood streets again.Looking forward also I’m going to bet that the gym will be packed after January 1st with everyone working on resolutions. I’ll just have to work through that, too.

Gifts Given and Received

Had a lovely time Friday evening with my friends over sushi were we finished the gift exchange begun last Saturday at K&D&J’s party. I think everyone was pleased with the things we gave them; I certainly hope so. I know I’ve been given so many thoughtful gifts from all my friends I’m quite humbled. Sometimes I take the people in my life so much for granted.

Bit of a Bump

Is how I came down when Neal visited today. I thought I’d done well on the ‘mill but apparently I’m not moving fast enough. Oh well. I’m happy with my performance. It’ll have to get better but it’ll have to do. I also have to engage in a bit of retail fraud; I need to write up my eating for the last two weeks(!); some of it’s in my weight watchers files, some in my head, and some will be pulled out of my … ear or left blank. Apparently it’s not enough that I eat less, but also less sodium and transfats.It’s not easy. I can tell you. But it’s nobody else’s fault but my own that I overeat at the drop of a hat/chocolate bar/cookie/pretzel/steak.I need to take time though tomorrow to write it all up. I’ll do my best and just like the ‘mill, that’ll have to do. I’m trying not to let the perfect be the mortal enemy of the good enough, but I’m also not trying to hide behind excuses. I’m not perfect. But I’ll have to do.

Not Perfect Either

But pretty close is pretty Carlos Ponce, here in three rather good quality photos. As usual, for two of them at least, a flick or two of your finger will make him expand. Isn’t that true of most men?

CArlos Ponce with a Cute GoateeCarlos Ponce in a Green ShirtCarlos Ponce in a Blue Shirt Again

Going Going Gone!

It’s amazing with a little tug on a drawstring can do, thinks our mini-obsession Rafael Branciforti. Do you want to give him some help with his pulling? The little pics get bigger if you treat them right.

Pulling on the StringPulling a Bit MoreThey’re Off!

Gone completely

But really, who could be mad for long at a face like this?Could you be angry for long?

You may notice a new header to my blog – we’re going to say goodbye to Carlos and meet our new man. Here’s a clue to his identity – this picture of sexy masculinity made his big name in acting having cable-graphic sex scenes with another man….

I don’t see any problem with sexy masculinity having sex with another man. Do you?

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New Venue

Scraped up my courage and went to walk at the gym on Fort Meade where I work. Oh, but I was nervous – how’d I look in the midst of a bunch of fit military men? What would they think? Would they laugh? Would I be surrounded by buff naked guys? Would I not be?

It wasn’t as bad as I expected at all. Even after I set the treadmill far too fast for me, and couldn’t, panicking, figure out how to get it to stop or slow down, and wound up flying off the back end onto my back end. One jogger two ‘mills down did stop and ask me if I were okay but it was just my dignity that was wounded.

Walking on a treadmill is very different from ambling around the neighbourhood; you just keep going, with no stopping to cross roads or change the music on your iPod or anything, without actually pausing for real. I found I tired quicker so I was content to do only 30 minutes with a few pauses. After all, I’d done nothing since Thursday of last week so anything was good. Neal will just have to put up with it. Five minutes more tomorrow afternoon is my plan.

The only thing that was a pain is that the cardio room is downstairs in the basement of the fitness center and I had to sit and catch my breath before being able to climb back up. Of course, I didn’t shower there. Actually I noticed very little eye candy, what little I did I hope I wasn’t staring at, and quite a number of ordinary people.

As I said the few people I talked to were pretty nice, but I think most weren’t there to chit chat, except in the weight room (into which I glanced lusting not after the guys but the machines).

I did make use of an internet resource, the website RealJock.com. The people there were uniformly friendly and supportive also, and everyone was right.

C was also right when he told me not to worry. What floors me is that I know as certainly as I’m sitting here that even if everyone had laughed and jeered at me, he’d still love me. To love me even if nobody else can, even if I’m discarded and degraded, because he says he sees a real, a worthwhile me that I barely know, that’s what he offers. He’s always on my side. I’m incredibly, utterly, undeservedly lucky to have him in my life. He’s so extraordinarily marvellous. I only hope I make him a tenth as happy as he makes me.

Working Out or Being Studious

Carlos Ponce Reading AwayCarlos Ponce Hams it Up with Lou Ferrigno

Both seem to be Carlos Ponce’s skills. Here we see him surrounded by reading materials, looking very studious, and there he compares biceps and strength with Lou Ferrigno. Which do you prefer – intellectual or irrepressible Carlos? If it’s the newspapers you’re after you’re in luck – that one can be made bigger.

But he’s got to pay the bills too; here he is in a (making of?) Nokia commerical. Think about putting it on vibrate and ringing over and over again…

After Avoiding the Splinters

Apparently our mini-obsession Rafael Branciforti loves to lie about, which is belied by his fine physical shape. Here he is, a man on a mat on a Brazilian beach. Could you ask for anything more?

RB Standinglie1thumb.jpglie2thumb.jpg


If you click on these pictures, he’ll get bigger and that will make him and everyone else very happy.

(And he does look good when you make him fuzzily, damply happy with being enlarged, doesn’t he?)


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Catching Up At Last

C & I had a very nice weekend but didn’t get much done! 😦


Friday we went to see my counselor. I’ve been feeling very negative about my job lately. I do like the commute but I find it more and more difficult to get excited about what I do. Partially because there’s not really enough for me to do. Partially because I’m asked to take on the role of management controls coordinator, which I know little about. And partially because, well, it just doesn’t interest me. I feel sometimes like my real career is something else, something different, more attuned to my real interests and talents, but I have no idea what to do with that.

I watch some people in my field and they are so excited about it; frankly I don’t see how they can be. I’m glad to know the mechanics of it, but there’s so little scope here especially that I’m frustrated and bored most of the time.

Alan (counselor) asked me to rate my job from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest). I came in at about 1.5-2. Big steaming pile of crap.

And I feel guilty of course; who knows if a changed career would be as renumerative as my current job at least at first, so I’d be asking for generalized familial sacrifice. But then I feel guilty about everything.

I was glad C was with me so we could talk it all over. Alan suggested that I talk to a career counselor to help me set, refine, and reach goals (or something like that). What do you think? The more I hang about here the more I am convinced that I need to do something.

After the appointment C & I went to a German bakery to get Stollen and Laugenbrötchen. Laugenbrötchen are ‘lye rolls’ made in exactly the same way as pretzels, they have the same dense chewy centers and the dark glossy outer surface that comes from a dip in a solution of lye. Mmmmm so good. I think in the New Year I shall try to make them. When I lived in Germany we’d get either Laugenbrötchen or Brezeln (pretzels) from kiosks on the street, sliced with butter and cheese or Schmaltz (rendered goose fat). Mmmmm Brezeln mit Schmalz.
Then we had lunch at Green Field Churrascaria. Burp. Waddle.

Then a few errands and out to dinner with friends. One of the errands was to get the photos back (finally) from the photo finisher. They don’t look bad for a forty year old camera, do they? There’s a shot of our car in the driveway, the office building I work in, the view from my desk at work, and autumn leaves in our front yard (beware, that one’s quite big when seen full size).

Car in the Driveway pershingthumb.jpg viewthumb.jpg leavesthumb.jpg


Neal came by; good session. Guess what? He gave me a referral to a career counsellor who he says helped him. I’ve decided to try working out at the gym on base; have to go tomorrow to (a) find it and (b) screw up the courage to go in and use it. Lazed about a bit after that and then went to my friends, K & D & J’s Christmas Party. We had a good time, but I felt a bit bad not having any presents to bring – one of them, just one, is yet to arrive, so we felt it best to wait until we could pass out all of them at once. Got home rather late.


Well, this really was the weak end of the weekend; we did very little and I think it irritated both of us. Somehow, lazing about feels fine until you realize you’ve suddenly left everything undone and then you feel guilty and angry. We’ve not had K&D&J over in ages, and my mum and dad are coming over soon for Christmas dinner, and my friends R & N and their three are coming in January. (More about the R & N later.) So we’re feeling a bit pressured.

A Video Funny

I don’t know if you have to be from Baltimore to understand all this but I bet it helps. I can’t embed it – sorry.


A Video Sexy

Luckily I can embed this video of Carlos Ponce singing “Mujer Con Pantalones,” and coincidentally I found this still from the video too. Isn’t he arresting? I think the song’s title is “Woman With Trousers” in inglés. Why he can’t sing about liking Hombres Sin Pantalones I don’t know. I’d hum along…

Risking it All for Us

Here’s a few parting shots of our mini-obsession Rafael Branciforti risking a few splinters for our viewing pleasure…you can click on the smaller ones for a full size view…


(Let’s get back to that ‘sin pantalones’ thing again, may we?)

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Rayed X


Not sure if it’s good or bad but my GP wants me to get the ankle x-rayed and then to see the doctor who made my orthotics. I guess on balance it’s good. Mind you he had a particularly clear case of pain as on my way from my car to my office I pitched over and fell, sprawling, on my knee, then hands and ankle. Yes, the one that’s hurting. I was hobbling about all day. Bloody painful. He (GP) also wants me to ‘cut back a bit’ on the walking; so I’m going to stop trying to increase my time every time. I guess the key thing is consistency. I’ve not been slimming down as fast as I would like so it’s time go to on even more of an intake blitz. Not easy with free time and so many yummy things over the holidays Christmas. I’ll get the X-rays done on Friday, I guess.So into all this walked Neal the personal trainer who was more understanding than I thought he’d be. We talked a bit but I’d not written up my intake logs. Then we did a lot of strength work. I did crunches with a 10lb weight, then with my arms outstretched far behind my head, and then what he calls ‘bridges’ off my exercise ball. Neal seemed very pleased with my partial squats, I apparently can get quite far down and come up with control. I was so down when he showed up and felt a lot better when he’d gone. So that was good. Of course he comes back Saturday so here’s hoping intending for a good report to give him.

Preparations Unfinished

Oh, crap! There’s only two weekends before Christmas. Crap crap crap! Everyone’s going to be getting their cards late. Maybe I can write them out at Ikea tomorrow – we’re going after work to look for things to put our DVDs in. Crap crap crap! I have to get some Christmas shopping done! I have to make a grocery order for Christmas. Oder Stollen and get panforte. We’ve got Christmas cake so that’s okay. And the rumtopf’s been utterly forgotten. Crap crap crap!

A Photo Unfinished

I dropped off the test pictures from the Voightlander on Wednesday, 5 December at the CVS in Beltsville. They were supposed to be back on Monday, 10 December. Guess what? Not back. They’re doing a tracer on them. I’m annoyed because I really wanted to be able to give the vendor some feedback. And of course to share them with you, my adoring public. (Although I notice that my most hit posts are those with the names of porn stars in them…not my other stuff….) I hope they’re back soon because the camera is old and has no built in flash so I can only take pics during daylight hours. I’ll tell you though, once you go digital, all this palaver with running back and forth to the developer is for the birds.Oh, what really has me worried is that they’ve got photos from somebody with the same last name who’s not picked them up. One wonders.

Now That’s Good Coffee

No, really, I think I’m getting better with the Via Veneto. The idea I think is that you put the end of the tube thing into your milk, which is drawn up and then aerated with the steam and then dropped back into the container all foamy. I think though that it’s better to do the foaming first, and then the espresso into two little cups as the coffee cools down quite a bit while the milk’s foaming, while the milk won’t cool quite as quick under its little foam blanket. Made some with caffeine when we got home from our respective works, and will make one more before retiring for the night.

Java and the Blue Boy

Carlos Ponce in a Blue ShirtCarlos Ponce in a Blue MoodWell, okay, it’s a bit of a stretch but there’s a blue vibe in today’s Carlos Ponce pictures, two conventional shots (but no less appealing for it) and one of him getting ready for a comforting massage. Would you like to oil him up and give him a long, slow rub? Click on the little ones to see him enlarge. I couldn’t bring myself to shrink him on the table, that grin looks too good full size.

Carlos Ponce Ready for Rubbing

And for our video delight, here’s Carlos singing “Decir Adios” which translates to “Saying Goodbye.” Not quite yet but I’m hard at work on our next obsession due soon. I am having fun doing Carlos though as there are so many videos.


Continue reading

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Dreaded Metatarsal?

I don’t think it’s the dreaded metatarsal but my ankle is hurting like mad now. I could only do about 12 minutes before my legs began shaking and I had to stop. I feel rotten. I have an appointment with my GP on Wednesday to see about it. There are some other things falling or rotting off me I need to see him about. I’m glad my appointment’s just before lunch.

Still can’t figure out this inner tube thing on the coffee machine; it seems to suck the milk up which is kinda not what I’d expect; it then spits milk out. I’m going to have to ask around and try to figure out what to do. I think the Capresso is farAdam Baldwin as Casey on Chuck superior for steaming milk. Oh, well.

On the other hand, glad to report that the plug issue with the enormous TV is working and the DVD player thingy is now even as I type this making odd pulsing sounds while C walks a microphone around the media room so it can calibrate itself. Very high tech.

Boo! No Chuck tonight. How’m I to get my action-comedy fix? Or my Adam Baldwin fix? Watched a bit of “La Vie En Rose” – the story of Edith Piaf. Such lovely lovely music. So passionate.

Work is blah

Isn’t it? I just sat there staring at all I had to do wondering how I could get away with not doing it. Right at the end of the day, Chad comes ambling over and wants to talk – about Monika Lewinski, Bill Clinton, and blow jobs, of all things. I didn’t know where to look. I feel sorry for him though; his plan to attract a lady is to get a cigar, go to a singles bar, and play Billy Boy to some unsuspecting girl’s Monica. I said “I give it a million to one you’ll not meet anyone.” He said “well, it only takes one.” Strange; he seems lonely but if he’d just cross to my side of the street, as it were, a military triathlete Iron Man? He’d never have to be alone of a weekend night. Just call him Trixie. Straight women have very self-defeating standards. Perhaps it’s that pregnancy thing.

This is Not Blah

But it is the only video I’ve found with this week’s mini-obsession, surfer dude Rafael Branciforti. It’s the ‘making of’ video (aka camera man indulging himself) from his ‘The Boy’ photoshoot. I hope you enjoy it. More photos to come, to make up for the flubbed links from yesterday. But it’s a bit late and I’ve got a messy kitchen to clean up.

Oh, I’ve a soft spot for my readers; here’s one more, of Mr. B enjoying his reflection in a glass door. We can enjoy his reflection, too…does he have a soft spot for us?

Rafael Branciforti in a doorway

(Being shy’s such a waste of time, he seems to be saying.)


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Activity and Relaxation


Activity and relaxation was what this weekend was all about.Saturday, C and I were up and out pretty early and got a lot of errands done. So that was busy, but satisfying. In the afternoon I went for my walk but had a very rough time; my left foot was hurting again, but what really stopped me in my tracks was an odd twisting pain below my right knee, like my leg was somehow lacking in nerve signals or circulation or something. Nothing made it feel better; not standing with my weight on it, or off it, or sitting with my knee bent or my leg straightened. It really hurt and the pain seemed to come in waves. I was very upset indeed.

Saturday evening we went off to K&D’s house on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, on Kent Island. We bought with us half the makings of a dining room picnic-various lunch meats, rolls, cheeses, crackers, pickles, and sodas, and K&D provided the other half, and we enjoyed a nice dinner. While I was sitting on their sofa, the twisting pain came back, twice; I had to move to a hard seat to ride it out. Again, it came in waves. My Godson J was very charming – he’s a good kid.Apart from the pain, it was so much fun listening to old Bob Rivers twisted Christmas tunes that we wound up staying until nearly three a.m., and didn’t get home till nearly four. Which was very late.Bear Grylls

Which is why most of today I spent lazing on the sofa watching Bear Grylls in “Man Vs. Wild.” Rather a nice way to spend it as Mr. Grylls has seemingly no problem with stripping off all or most of his kit – a quality I like in a man, (and a bit of a problem with veracity), but C & I were a bit snippy with each other for a while. Click on this pic of Bear on a hot lava flow in Hawaii to see him in all his survivalist toughness, but please keep in mind he looks better in person, with his sexy upper crust accent, than he ever does in a still picture.

Grazed on bits of lunch meat and bread and potato salad and things. Got a phone call from my mum relaying an invitation from my brother to go to their house for dinner; this was the first time I’d seen it. It was very nice, very comfortable and tasteful. My sister-in-law cooked a good meal and there was a somewhat late cake for my birthday last month. We watched their Christmas tree go up and get lit, and I got to read my niece and nephew a story which I think they enjoyed — I know I did. C made me so proud helping my dad get a big table in from the garage and playing with the kids. When I see him being such a fine, marvellous, all-around worthy man, I know 100% that I’ve made the right choice in my life. As I often tell myself, I never ever dreamed I’d be as happy or as proud to be with somebody as I am with him and I have no doubts at all that we’re right for each other. I adore him. Even when we’re a bit irritated with each other, I always know that he’s the goal of my life and everything I do and I wouldn’t have it, or him, any other way. Why alter perfection?

All in all a good, semi-productive weekend, but still dreading meeting with Neal on Wednesday. But looking forward to our troubles with our super-duper DVD equipment being solved. First problem was that the DVD player was a dud. That’s been sent back; the company, One Call, was very good about it. The new one arrived this week and C hooked it up and for one brief evening was able to watch DVDs in enormous 52″ grandeur. But since that one evening, the ground-fault interrupter type plug that this is all connected to waits four seconds or so, and pops out and won’t pop back in again. The company that did the basement finishing is coming back Tuesday to see what they can do. I’m really getting browned off about this. I have my mum & dad coming over for Christmas (God Help Me!) and my good friends the Kolbs coming in January, and I really want to have K&D over to see the new equipment very soon after Christmas, and my brother and his family, and one equipment issue after another keeps popping up. Continue reading


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