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What My Blog is Really About

Apparently, the following are the most popular searches which have directed you all here to my blog. I guess my blog is really about Greek singers, Puerto Rican actors, and of course, nude English explorers. Also lots of people called Michael Lewis, an ex-porn star turned singer, a DILF, cute guys (no surprise there!), and the ex-porn-star-turned-singer’s ex. The bits about my personal life, views, progress, love, and the rest, well, they’re just for a selective audience, the connaisseurs of a fine AngloAm story. The pics below tell the story (all thumbnails, all embiggenable).

Sakis Rouvas Get Happy When He ShowersCarlos Ponce and his beautiful eyesAt last - Bear Grylls NudeMichael Lewis FlashbackColton Ford (on the right) and Blake HarperMike Rowe's Great Grin

For the record, I’m all in favor of all the below listed items. Even Têtu. If only I could get Sakis to acknowledge my publishing his name so much. Without me, he’d be nothing.

Search Views
sakis rouvas 28,243
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Halfway Point

Halfway point, or nearly, through the weekend and here I am staring at a blank blog post, wondering what to say that might be interesting. The odd thing is, it’s nearly always easier to think of things to put in the blog when I’m driving around or going about my day; I will start writing them down from now on.

One thing I’ve noticed is that no matter what, day after day, the most popular terms entered into search engines to get people to my site are “Sakis Rouvas,” “Carlos Ponce,” “Marco Dapper,” and “Bear Grylls Nude.” (Nude, yes, never just Bear Grylls, but always wanting to see him nude.) That last one is odd because I don’t have any pictures of handsome Mr. Grylls nude on my blog, although I’ve certainly seen him nude – with his bits pixellated out of course – on his show. What’s really odd is that if you Google “Bear Grylls Nude” and click to see images, you get a NSFW pic of Marco Dapper I posted a link to. Very strange indeed. But I do owe my public the courtesy of giving them what they want so, if you’re over 18, here is a real actual NSFW picture of Bear Grylls, Nude (from the show but they seem to have forgotten the pixellating pixie, or the director was indulging himself and us).

I’m not sure but in the picture, his gentlemanly bits look a little less pixellated in this shot…and perhaps not as cold as might otherwise be assumed…just saying, is all. Confession: to me his sexiest features are his powerful legs and his willingness to put himself in danger and discomfort for my amusement. Thank you, Bear, for eating live worms for me.

Regarding the others, well, the big thing is that Sakis Rouvas has taken to publicising his every move on Twitter, which I’m still not too fond of. (Always fond of a bit of Sakis though.)

A Song You Should Listen To

You should listen to “La Tête Haute” by Les Cowboys Fringants, a néo-trad group from Quebec. This video shows the lyrics; they’re very touching and the voice of the lead singer is so pure:

(It’s about a sick nineteen-year-old at what he knows to be his last birthday party making his mind up to die with his head on high.)

I came across it while driving Bob around; he came with a few months’ trial of XM radio, on which is a station called Air Musique which plays a very limited selection of Quebec music. That’s an advantage when you’re trying to learn the lyrics though!  I had to take a picture of the display of the radio system so I could find the music on iTunes.

A Show You Should Watch

You should watch “Better Off Ted” on ABC. It’s smart, well-written, funny and stars Ellen’s wife, Portia De Rossi. C and I both liked it.

Two Movies I Should Watch

I’ve had Australia and On the Other Hand Death out for over a month or so now and haven’t watched them at all (that’s why I can’t say whether or not you should watch them–watch this space!). This darn internet keeps dragging me away from all my usual interests ( and if I don’t start watching the movies I’ll find myself questioning why I have netflix at all. And bugger it, I’ve just found out that I can’t watch instantly because of some error with my browser. Grrr.

Boing, ’tis Spring!

Not that you’d know it from AngloAm and his dh’s activities; we spent half the day in bed, half of that cuddling and the other half sleeping, and only emerged to get dinner. Utterly unproductive! And a waste of what I believe to have been an utterly gorgeous day with perfect spring weather. After all this cold, rain and gloomy dreary weather we’ve been having lately. Tsk tsk! We had planned to get up early (!) and drive to West Virginia.

Back story: there were a few cabins there that we’d looked at on-line, not to buy now, but to see what your money would get, and we wanted to go see them, but we couldn’t find them on line again. Some of them were near Seneca Rocks, one of our favourite locations in WV:

View Larger Map
It’s in the Monongahela National Forest but there’s a valley to the south that looks just like Switzerland and we both love it there. A cabin up there is probably on our ten-year plan as it were; with water (a brook, on a river, or a lake) and nearish to a main road. It doesn’t have to be a big fancy lodge, but it should be within three hours of DC or so, so that we could go up for most weekends.

However, we were very lazy indeed today and didn’t. Tomorrow we probably won’t – we have “things to do.” Oh, well, c’est la vie.

Goodness, is it that late already? I will take my leave by leaving you this sexy video of a sexy Marine relaxing after seven months in the Horn of Africa. I don’t think it is possible to watch this video without smiling. We’ll return to our Eastern European goodness in my next post….

(He’s just so cute and funny!)


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Less than 24 Hours!!!!

Less than 24 hours until Chuck comes back on!

To Catch Everyone Up

Last week was tiring but good. I guess I’ve conquered the re-fearing the gym because I went every evening except Friday and also on Saturday, and back to the weight room as well. 🙂 I took some pictures, somewhat surreptitiously with my cell phone camera (so sorry for the poor quality) from where I do my treadmill walking (in one of the shots you can see somebody in a black shirt on one of the treadmills I use). The pictures are of “Pointy Hair Guy” whom I’ve mentioned before (tall, lanky, oddly sexy in a “wow what does he look like naked” kind of way) and of “Happy Dave” whom I’ve also mentioned before (very inspiring, loves basketball, always grins and chats with me). I hope you like them.

I’ve made some gains in strength too – but it’s going to be tough having to go up in five pound increments each time. I may (irony of ironies) have to go between Gaffney and McGill fitness centers as McGill has these little extra plates that weigh only 2 1/2 pounds that you can slot on top of the weight stacks. Anyway, we’ll have to see how it all goes.

In Other News

Not much really. First week officially without Neal. That puts $400 into our budget each month. I’ve been internally debating taking some of that and putting it towards a treadmill or home gym for cold winter evenings or whatever, but I’m not sure. What do you think? I worry that (a) I won’t use it and (b) it’ll be too big to sit in the basement where it has to go. Most of this week it was easy to go to the gym – I was motivated. I am leaning away from getting something for the house…but who knows?

C as usual is wonderfully supportive. I find that sometimes I remember the times I’ve snapped at him or been mean/angry/nasty to him and I wish I could take them back. He’s got such a gentle fierce love and a deep-rooted chesed to him. I’ve been trying to remember that he’s everything to me but he’s also just a person, with a person’s ability to take my snapping/meanness/anger/nastiness, not a superhuman’s, and I think I’ve been less prone to becoming snappish/mean/angry/nasty.

Friday we went to Longhorn with our friends except CK who said it was becoming a ‘burden’ to come along. ??? CH did his usual stunt of telling me he would come, or dropping huge hints, and then not. Saturday we didn’t do much, today (Sunday) we had a nice afternoon in Glen Burnie, Maryland, shopping and running errands. I cooked a very acceptable roast leg of lamb, with butternut puree (because I intended to parboil the butternut, and wound up cooking it too long) and peas. I think I may have put on weight this week though; Friday was a hog fest. 😦 Tonight (overnight) I’m going to try roasting chick peas from the crock pot bloggist’s site. Wish me luck!

A Movie You Should Not Watch

Prince In Hell. Apparently living in Germany in a time of peace and prosperity is so ‘terrible’ and ‘dreary’ that people should eschew washing themselves, engage in raunchy but unerotic sexy, and take lots of heroin. And the rest of us should feel very sorry for them and find their stories, which actually are terrible and dreary, interesting. I didn’t.

A Site You Should Visit

Photoshop Disasters. “It’s funny because it’s true.”

In Eye Candy

Well, in addition to the cuties above (trust me, the photos are terrible looking, PHG and HD aren’t!) (God, I feel such a perve!) (maybe because I am!) here’s two of Adam Baldwin looking big and yummy. Ricardo Baldin’s becoming a bit boring for me, so I’ll probably pick another Brazilian Beauty for our minor obsession.

Of course, I was thinking about Sakis Rouvas the other day. I do miss his smiling willingness to get his kit off or don skin-tight leather jeans…and since it’s my blog I will post a pic to get you thinking about him too!

(Has that got you thinking, hard?)


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I Can Keep the Prizes!

Well, it looks like I can keep the prize for the Theme Thursday; what Dean Cain, Rupert Graves, James Marsden and Jake Gyllenhaal have in common is that all of them have played gay men; Dean Cain and Rupert Graves twice. I saw the James Marsden film the other day (The 24th Day) and I was very impressed; it’ll be on my Amazon.com wish list. I liked it because it touched on a question I tried to answer when I was looking at religion; no matter what I think is the truth, or what you think is the truth, or in many cases, what we tell ourselves is the truth, there is an actual truth, the truth, that exists independent of our knowing it or wanting it to be. Or maybe not; I believe philosophers have argued the question with more elegance and precision than I could. Either way, I don’t understand why this movie isn’t better know. Note to friends, although the two characters did share a tryst, it’s not a ‘gay’ movie so if I do buy it and suggest it as a group watch, don’t roll your eyes! 🙂 (Love you all and how well you know me.)

Bessamatic Bye-bye!

So how did I lose my old Bessamatic? Well it’s a story of shame and self-blame. I threw it away. I was moving from an apartment in Arlington to one in Alexandria in 1999, preparatory to C’s arrival from Australia. I procrastinated and procrastinated over the packing; the day before my friends were to move me I was still futzing around, watching a Friends marathon and getting little done. About 11 p.m., I bucked my ideas up and began to pack; and realized that quite a bit was to be done. In the panic at about 3 a.m., I just took everything that I thought sacrificeable couldn’t see a use for hadn’t packed, and just threw it into garbage bags and put it into the dumpster. Sadly, a vintage Voightländer Bessamatic, with a telescoping lens, in working nick, was included. Stupid stupid stupid of me. I jettisoned quite a bit during that move, including my entire vinyl collection. Thinking back on it, I just remember feeling so alone and panicky, and I am actually reproducing that feeling now, in my gut.

Luckily the last move I made, in 2001 was done with C and the help of movers. C and I do sit on our comfy seats too much, get too little done, indulge our procrastination too much, but when we’re motivated, when we pull ourselves up, we can really move mountains (or households, with the help of movers!). We packed everything ourselves, playing Bonde do Tigrão over and over again on the stereo. Even now, while I think of the one move with despair, whenever I hear “Sai do Chão! Sai do Chão! Esse e o Bonde do Tigrão!” I have a bit of pride and a really fond memory of working with my beloved partner to build our wonderful life together. I love loving him.

Sakis Rouvas Oh! No!A New Obsession

All things must pass and I’m going to have to find a new obsession; it’s going to be hard to say good bye to Sakis, although he does seem a bit resigned to it….What made Sakis such a good candidate was the wide variety of pictures and videos of him on the net, same for Michael Lewis; I’ll have to examine the candidates carefully. There may be one more Sakis spurt before the big change, but I promise you the new obsession, whoever it may be, will be worth the long wait.

(Awww…parting is such sweet, postponeable sorrow)

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Still Not Dead!

Wow, what a wonderful week it’s been. Thank you for your patience.

My mum and dad indulged me with a very good espresso machine, the Capresso Mini, and I’ve been making C and myself cappuccini and espressi with it ever since. They also got me a little four-cup drip coffee machine with a timer that I’ll take to work; now when I’ve finished C’s lovely mocha that he sends me in to work with every morning, I’ll have yet more lovely coffee waiting for me. If the fire marshal doesn’t nix it first.

My good friends K, D, and J got me some workout gear, and a lovely block of note paper imprinted with a picture off this very site of the rather dishy Michael Lewis. Apparently, it’s all designed to get my pulse racing and me all sweaty. Mr. Lewis and lifting weights have that effect!

Sakis Rouvas SittingAll the excitement must have got my head giddy because last weekend, you know, when I had all those plans, I didn’t do a darned thing. I’ve still not moved the blog to my site, and I’ve still not taken the pictures of the art work, and I’ve still not put our other site on its own domain, and I’ve still not edited the movie from our trip, and we’ve still not connected up our super duper TVs video entertainment megasystems, but we do have a four-day weekend coming up so guess what! we mustn’t sit on our well paddeds like last weekend, or like Sakis here (run your clicker on him to see him lounge large). Of course, we always leave time for socializing if the chance comes up.Via Veneto

The other thing the giddiness has done is made me decide, after reading coffeekid and coffeegeek, to buy another espresso machine, this one a Saeco Via Veneto with a pump. Apparently a pump machine is better at making rich and mellow espresso, and these machines, which are universally agreed to be good starter systems, are going on e-bay for $60 for a reconditioned model – they were $250 when new.

BessamaticGiddy giddy. I also bid on a Voigtländer Bessamatic; it was the first ‘real’ camera (i.e., SLR) my dad ever got me and I lost it (more on that to come) some years ago and still miss it. I’ll do a post or a page on it soon. It is at least fifty years old, weighs a ton, is mostly mechanical, and will teach a person more about focal plane focusing than any new eletronic rig. Not that I’m a photographic Luddite, I love our digital SLR and wish I could use its advanced features more intelligently. 19 minutes to go. I have mixed opinions; I wish I’d not bid so high and that I’d waited to find one with a case and strap; and maybe even I’m slightly hoping not to get it. (Ed: I got it. Mixed emotions continue unstirred.)

Giddy giddy giddy. We also got ourselves a copy of Adobe Creative Suite 3, so I’ll be able to use Dreamweaver this weekend to start up the new site for you. Talk about giddy. It all came to a bit of a crash when C did the accounts this evening, so over a lovely fresh cappuccino we have discussed how important it is to maintain a sensible spending and indulgence level. Of course he’s right, when we looked the other day at our dining out budget and expenses I was shocked. We could buy and run a very nice luxury car on what we spend eating out. And the other benefit is that my personal trainer Neal wants me to eat out much less too. Hopefully we’ll gain more disposable while we lose our avoirdupoids. That doesn’t mean a trip to the Churrascaria for lunch (FNC, dinner?) this Friday is out, though….

Must dash for now

Stathis Papadopoulos in Omiros

Sakis Rouvas Running

As I say, just like Sakis I have to run (I promise to remain clothed though, unlike our Greek Beauty here, who will get bigger, but sadly not move his leg a bit, if you click him gently with your mouse).

I’ve spent too much time tonight spending money and making espresso and watching another gorgeous Greek, Stathis Papadopoulos (to the left here, what eyes, what a jaw line, what beautiful swarthiness) in Omiros (Hostage). I will try to muse interestingly on Thanksgiving, how I lost the Bessamatic, good coffee, and other things on the morrow. In the meantime, please, keep the comments coming. I really do appreciate them.

(Sakis would not have to run to me, how about you?)


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I’m not dead yet

Sakis Rouvas restingJust resting (like Sakis here)… still very busy at work with a conference. Please don’t desert me, my friends. Real quick just to catch you up, I’ve not forgotten to post pictures of the lovely items we bought, a bit more of Georgian, my reactions to events in Georgia (country) and some advice regarding slashing your loaf.  And while I’m on the subject, the goal is to move this blog to www.angloamssite.com this weekend or definitely positively by next weekend, so set your Sakis’s Lovely Smilebookmarks accordingly, please.  See!  Sakis is awfully happy at the prospect.  Oh, and here’s a video of another sexy Greek, Giorgos Tsalikis singing “O Teleios Antras” which means “The Perfect Man.”  Those who know me may be able to guess why I’ve put a guy stripping on this day of all days…

(Close enough to perfect when he’s up close and personal)


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It’s Good To Be Home

It sure is even after such a lovely weekend. Sunday we went to Lambertville (NJ) for a really nice brunch overlooking the sparkling and swan-bedecked Delaware River at the Inn at Lambertville Station; we got there early so we parked the car and wandered about the town. C saw a great looking glass shop (BjornGlass) and I saw a gallery with a very striking collage in the window. After brunch we walked back as the stores were by then open and after some (very short debate) we bought them both. At the glass shop we actually got to meet one of the artists so that was interesting. I’ll put up some pictures tomorrow. I also bought a really nicely done box for my desk, made from wengé, Bolivian rosewood and curly maple.

From there we drove all around southern New Jersey until we found Smithville, but everything was well closed by then, so we went off to our hotel. All I will say is that their crummy internet connections are why I didn’t post from there.

This morning, we went to Smithville, but it was a bit of a disappointment. The store which used to sell Italian glass and olive wood now sells only trinkets and baubles, the number of glue gun glory shops selling ‘crafts’ (faux-folk items hot glued up and painted in ‘colonial’ or ‘country’ colors with self-consciously and deliberately ‘countrified’ mottos or decoration on them) have multiplied like a blight, and we really couldn’t see any reason to hang about. I think this may be our last time in Smithville. We stopped for a brief walk on the beach in Ocean City (NJ) and came home, stopping just to check on my mum and dad’s house and get (yet) more Italian food. Mmmm, pesto.

Riding the highways.

Roadgeekwise, we got to see the odd situation of the I-95 discontinuity north of Trenton. Basically, I-95 enters New Jersey and begins a loop around Trenton, but suddently, at the US-1 interchange, it ‘ends’ and becomes I-295. To continue north on I-95, you have to take I-295 south to I-95 over to the New Jersey Turnpike, which suddenly stops being designated (from the south) TO I-95 to just plain I-95. Find more about this odd disconnect here and here. The second site shows all the history of the canceled Somerset Freeway and the opposition from the New Jersey Turnpike authority.

What’s left?

Sakis Rouvas Showing a wide pose

Sakis Kicking high and wide

Well, what’s left for me is a nice (!) long walk to start making up for all the food I gorged on this weekend, and to start (reenergize) my losing weight and getting fit. I have some nice new sweatpants to wear in the cold. When I’m done I think I’ll watch one of the movies Netflix sent. I shall use these pictures of our man Sakis as inspiration; he seems to be able to get into odd poses, and look how wide and high he can throw his legs. Can you think of any use to which you would have him put that skill? If you need a closer, longer, more lingering look, you know what to do.

And here he is singing about spinning around or something, in a song called Ola Giro Sou Girizoun.

(Do his wide stances spin you around, too?)




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What Did Delaware?

A New Jersey, of course, which is were C and I am, on a minibreak. We’re staying in New Jersey, but we’re visiting New Hope, Pennsylvania, to look around the little town and see if we can find beautiful things for our home.

New Hope seems nice but very crowded; there seems to be a lot of galleries and gift shops, and not a lot of parking places. We’ll try again tomorrow. Why do people in upscale Colonial towns always act as if adequate parking for the visitors they love to attract is an item of utter superfluousness? Surely there must be a way to preserve the charm and build in convenience?

Here is a map of New Hope…

Still, we had a lovely lovely lovely dinner at The Raven Inn. The pic here shows the dining room in the day; tonight the outside area was hung with cascading Christmas lights for a very elegant touch. I had a delicious creamRaven Dining Room of watercress soup followed by grilled tuna steaks in a Thai sauce with cellophane noodles, and a delicious toll house pie afterwards, and got mildly tipsy on a quite strong Irish coffee. C had a caesar salad with great long anchovies on, lobster ravioli in cream of crab sauce, and crème brulée.

Things didn’t go well at first; we were sat next to some rather nasty old queens, and of course I didn’t make a good impression by bumping my fat ‘cuddly’ (Ok, C?) self into one of them. They sat around afterwards letting little acid drops fall from their little acid hearts and barely touching their food. (You look more sophisticated if you just pick at your beef tournedos, and nobody needs to know if you scarf down a couple of hot dogs in a 7-11 parking lot on the way home.) However, they left soon and it was so relaxing and lovely. Our waiter Brian was very obliging and attentive (and yes, cute, as was the other waiter Derrick), and as I say it was so nice that I genuinely didn’t want to leave; we intend to come back.

Tomorrow it’s off to Smithville were we will do a little more shopping.

Brr, Baby, it’s Cold Outside

So cold you need to wear a coat, maybe a nice warm jacket like the one’s Sakis is modelling for us…he doesn’t have to be nude to be hot, does he?

Sakis Leather 2

Sakis Leather 1Sakis at a Fence You can click these two smaller ones to make him bigger for yourself and check out his handsome face and cute butt; I won’t tell! Heck, I’d do it myself. And of course, we couldn’t go without seeing him move about for us, this time in a video for a song called “Ego Travao Zori” (no idea what it means – can anyone help me?)…check out the lucky ladies who get to work with his clothes. I do have to think that they’re going in the wrong direction with this delicious dudes duds. (Gosh that’s painful!)

(Talk about a job being too good to rush…)

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Sakis’s Hard Life

It’s hard being a sexy handsome talented singing Greek athletic star. I guess. I wouldn’t know about being sexy or handsome, except to my partner I am sexy and handsome, which is all the adoration I need and more than I ever thought I’d find. (Who’m I to contradict him? 🙂 ) Here’s Sakis looking patient as some lucky person gets to smear white stuff all over him so he can crawl about the ceiling, apparently for an album cover. I find it borderline disturbing, but at the end we get to see him wet and I’d let him drip all over my carpet any time he wanted to – wouldn’t you?

Now I know I promised a new feature today but for alliteration’s sake I’m going to put it off until tomorrow when we’ll start ‘Theme Thursdays of Handsomeness!” (cue the impressive music and crowds cheering). I know some people think I come across as a twelve year old giddy girl, but, frankly, I don’t give a damn. It’s quite liberating to babble about this or that cutie, don’t forget, for years I had to keep quiet about who I found attractive. As a gay man, in many cases I still do. So I enjoy this giddiness, and I hope you do too. I’ll sure need to take refuge in it over the next few days as my work schedule becomes a nightmare as we try to deal with a major conference I’m supposed to take part in, help arrange, and give a presentation at.Sakis sitting waiting

Phew! I think that calls for more eye candy…here’s one of Sakis waiting patiently for you to be free of your work’s dull cares. Wouldn’t you love to come home to that? Give him a click to set him free of his little box. And finally, for really gushy girly sighing, here’s a giant one of his gawgous green eyes…to drown in. (Despite the odd expression – perhaps he’s thinking of a way to make you happy.) I think I’ll have to go have a snog with my man!

Sakis’s Green Eyes

(What part of his body shall we pay attention to next?)

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Screeving Fun

Yup, I started in on the present screeve of first conjugation verbs. It seems that for this conjugation, mostly transitive verbs, you build them as follows, in the present and future tense:

  1. Start with a ‘preverb‘ (PVb) but only in the future tense. Preverbs add directionality to a verb.
  2. Then put in a person marker.
  3. Then in some cases a pre-radical vowel (PV, I’ve also heard these called ‘versioners’).
  4. Then the root.
  5. Then in some cases a present/future stem formant (P/FSF) syllable.
  6. Then a suffix which can show the plurality of a 1p or 2p, subject, or either 3ps or 3pp subject.

Let’s see how this works, with a root like -targmn- (translate)…Let’s say “I will translate it.”

  1. This verb takes the preverb ‘gada-’ meaning across (I guess you translate something from one language across to another).
  2. Then the first person singular marker which is ‘-v-….Ø.’
  3. This verb takes no pre-radical vowel (phew!)
  4. Then the root (-targmn-)
  5. This verb takes the P/FSF ‘-i-‘
  6. The marker for a third person object is Ø (nothing).

So “I will translate it” becomes “Gadavtargmni.”Now to show a present tense, you just drop the preverb. You guessed it – “I translate it” is “vtargmni!”These are the verbs I learnt:

  • ts’er – write (vts’er = I write it)
  • xed-av – see (vxedav = I see it) (x in this case sounds like a Scot saying loch)
  • targmn-i – translate (vtargmni = I translate it)
  • sv-am – drink (vsvam = I drink it)
  • k’l-av – kill (vk’lav = I kill it) (k’ is k with an extra puff of air)
  • a-k’et-eb = make. Who can tell me what “I make it” might be? (Hint: the ‘a-’ is the preradical vowel)
  • i-ts’q-eb = begin (vits’qeb = I begin it). (ts’ is ts with an extra puff of air)

The person markers for the subjects are:

  • I = -v-…Ø
  • We = -v-…t
  • You = Ø…Ø
  • You all = Ø…t

You’ve noticed that ‘-t’ is the marker of plurality for the 1p and 2p.For the third person (he, she, it, and then), the pattern is a suffix which varies by screeve.Given that, could you guess that ‘you all write it’ would be ‘ts’ert’ and that ‘we see it’ is ‘vxedavt?’ How would you say ‘you all translate it?’ Answers for these two questions tomorrow and a prize for anyone who guesses before I post the solution! More to come on those important preverbs, which, with the pre-radical vowel, are the main source of confusion with this conjugation.

Phew! We Need Some Eye Candy Quick!

As promised, here is the Great Greek One singing ‘To Koritsi Tis Disco’ – the song from yesterday, in his real tongue.

Sakis Rouvas with his big poleSakis Rouvas Happier When he ShowersAs I mentioned the other day, Mr. Rouvas was a pole vaulter…and yes, here he is with his big stick, and here’s another of him enjoying a shower after (presumably) some sort of exertion. Would you like to be the wind in his hair like in the picture? A mere click and he’ll grow, just for you and my other fans. Meanwhile, the morrow will bring either a new feature, or the making of video for ‘Disco Girl’ or both. What would you like from Mr. Rouvas (queue forms behind me…)? (Just kidding, my precious partner C! You know I’m kidding, right? :))

(I believe pole valuters have to be very flexible and limber. Don’t you hope Sakis is flexible? And limber?)

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