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I gained 3.6 lbs when I weighed in. (Drag your cursor over the white space to see what the number is.)


And I’m soooo hungry right now. I think it’s nearly time for me to have my frozen lunch.

I suppose I shouldn’t have expected anything else; I didn’t record points, had three birthdays with cake and ice cream at work, and didn’t get to the gym because of the sore heel.

But the sore heel has started to get a lot better (not completely) and I’ve counted breakfast and mid-morning snack (cheerios with skim milk, coffee, a fat free yogurt adn a small bag of baked cheetos (uh oh, but I still have 35 out of 44 left, but I’m going to try to eschew 5-7 points a day or so).

I’m looking forward to the clean simplicity of working out. Not to any pain in my heel (left side) or knee (right side).

Maybe one day you’ll be eye candy, AngloAm

Maybe. But until then and in keeping with the general idea of fitness and athletics, here’s tennis pro Robby Ginepri, showing us why guys should never ever shave their chests. I’d make it illegal.



(Maybe some day)

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Just a Quickie

Well, I don’t have much energy for more than that. In fact, energy is lacking, motivation isn’t what it should be.

I would have worked out this evening but I have quite a bit of pain in my left foot; I really think it’s plantar fasciitis.

I would have lifted at home but on introspection, the only think I like doing at home is core work. It’s a lot of trouble shifting and hefting the weights up and down to get them in position. I think for everything else for now I’ll stick to the gym. But I won’t neglect the core.

Except I hate ‘vacuum’ (get down on all fours, exhale and let your tummy pooch out, then inhale while driving your navel to your spine and hold for 20-30 seconds). It’s not the working the abs that gets me; it’s the all fours part. My arms and shoulders aren’t used to it.

You may notice some of the pages are off and there’s a new one up there. My points are all over (= not counted so far this week). I will have to recreate them tomorrow and then I’ll get back to positing them (the old page is not gone, just invisible).

The new page shows the output of my handy dandy work out program Weightmania Pro. Plan is to put a cumulative update up every two weeks, along with an ever-expanding spreadsheet showing the individual two weeks totals. I like the software a bit, but I wish the company would (a) send me an upgrade link and (b) develop a iPhone version. They’ve promised the latter for October 2008. Yeah. I know. It keeps being delayed.

Apparently you’re desperate to know

…that while I was doing this post, I listened to “Vodka en O.J.” from the album “De la Rey” by Bok van Blerk. Well, maybe not but I’m checking out ecto’s “iTunes” link.

So this is supposed to be a quickie, AngloAm!

Don’t worry, I won’t make you go without some eye candy and we’ll continue admiring Gilmar Rodrigues, here showing us how much fun he can have in the bath with his dripping nozzle (once again, lick on the thumbnails to see Gilmar grow):

Gilmar Rodrigues 07_01
Gilmar Rodrigues 07_02 Gilmar Rodrigues 07_03 Gilmar Rodrigues 07_04
Gilmar Rodrigues 07_05
Gilmar Rodrigues 07_09
(Drip drip drip, doesn’t he look good moistened?)

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Day One and a Half of Discipline

Yesterday I was a little under, today I’m fighting the urge to go get some chocolate from the vending machine. Ohh sweet forgiving yielding loving chocolate. But I intend to hold out at least until the weekend so I’m saving points for the long stretch.

Yes! Our work week is shaping up thusly: tomorrow is our “Organization Day” – office picnic. I will bring my camera and get lots of snaps of hunky servicemen doing various kinds of sports, if you’d like. (And why wouldn’t you?)

Friday is a “DONSA” (Day Of No Scheduled Activity, used to be called a ‘training holiday’) so the Soldiers are all gone and we’ll probably be let out early (I’m coming in late from having a follow up blood letting in the morning) and Friday’s Independence Day (Observed). So things are starting to wind down…right this moment.

What’s strange is that about  now I sit and revel in the slowing down but about 30 minutes from now, which will be about 30 minutes before I’m due to leave, I’ll start to panic about all the things I’ve not done. Gasp! I must make lists! I must do this! I must do that!

But I’m working up the “oomph” to go work out (yesterday’s work out was dismal – I forgot my headphones so no Real Housewives or Bear Grylls (nude or otherwise) or even edifying Fitness Rocks podcast. And there was no eye candy – not a bit. (Oh, how I wish I found black guys sexy – I was the only white male there.) I only managed to knock out thirty minutes. Came home and watched TV and ate C’s delicious salad – with tuna and avocado. Mmmm good.

Tonight after the gym I have to get gasoline/petrol or I won’t make it home. I hate when this happens, as much as I hate coming home from work and gym, only to find I have to go back out again for this or that errand. Well, hate’s a strong word. Dislike.

Breathless Shirtlessness

We’re still waiting breathlessly for the next installment of Handsome Hunks of Home Improvement, so we’ll take a few more looks at Nick Beyeler, who probably (a) isn’t scoping out male eye candy (b) does a lot more than thirty minutes of cardio and (c) can’t help but look sexy at the gym. All in utter contrast to me.



(Sometimes, one is just speechless.)

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Lazy Days and Sundays Always Make Me Sigh

Yes, a lazy Sunday and rainy too, a combination which would stop the Bunny in its tracks.

A whole week of happy fun times for me to catch you up on. And as so often, not much to report. The workweek dragged on slowly, despite two different doctor’s appointments. Well, one was my counsellor. C came along with me and we talked about my food issues and how he doesn’t need to enable them. I think it was a lot for him to take in but I love him for being willing. Thursday was with my doctor for my stasis ulcer. I get there at noon on time for my appointment and was seen at 12:45. Everything’s going fine but they insisted I need to wear the compression stockings socks. Actually when I get them on right, and not too far up my leg so they squish my knees, they feel really nice.

Saturday we bought another pair, these ones “white person flesh coloured” which hopefully I can wear with sandles without looking like a dork. I am not sure about shorts, which is a big shame because I love wearing them, but my legs, even with the enormous bandage on them aren’t too cool. Also, I think that even with the flesh coloured knee high socks I’d look either like I had dead legs, a dreaded skin disease, or artificial pins. What do you think?

Friday my chums and I went to a great restaurant in Laurel for sushi, which is very good as far as weight watchers points go, I think it’s because it’s hardly processed and very low in fat and moderately high in fiber. And of course it tastes so good. I exercised some self control and only had 38 pieces, which now that I look at it seems a lot. But filling as it was it was still only 17 points. That’s three danish (remember the other week?) pastries. Which weren’t filling.

Saturday we had a big lunch at Squisito in Edgewater. I always order chicken parmigiana and never finish it and bring most home. I love it with gnocchi. Mmmm gnocchi.

Tick tick tick tick

Sixty minutes, right? Well at the gym on Thursday I was finally up to sixty minutes! Between now and 4:30 tomorrow I need to make my weight training routine according to the book and advice I’d been given from various and sundry. Wish me luck re-re-reconquoring my fear of the weight room. Yes, it’s all back again.

Tock tock tock

Clocks wind down. I’ve not, through a combination of laziness and … well … laziness, been back to the gym since.

The little swine

Are going to kill us all, or maybe not. Have you been affected by swine flu, or H1N1 as the pork industry would have us call it? We’ve not, except that it’s impossible to find hand sanitizing wipe tissues in the local drug stores. We’ve had a few cases in Maryland, but I’m certainly not that worried and after a reassuring article in the WaPo, I’m even less worried. (The idea is that there’s been lots and lots of cases of this flu in Mexico and so the death rate is about what it normally is for any normal flu that we don’t panic about. After all, every year we see 36,000 deaths from seasonal flu, although of course we do mostly get vaccinated against it. 443,000 deaths are attributable to smoking every year. I’m saying all this and I’m pretty panicky! I have been washing my hands a bit more, and for longer, but that’s about it.

Washington. Mutual?

No, it’s not a reference to the economy and the recession, which will impoverish us all, or mabye not. An interesting question, if you employ one, is whether or not your financial advisor forecast this recession. And if not, have you considered firing her?

You may think it would be unfair to, but would you hire David Lereah? He wrote a book on how to get rich in the dot com revolution, just before the dot com bust, and how to make money in the real estate boom that would never end, just before it did. (To be fair, he was touting the real estate boom while he was president of the National Association of Realtors.)

Would you rehire Phil Gramm or any other deregulator who would again exempt huge sectors of Wall Street from any oversight, any safeguards, any adult supervision, just because of either ideological conviction, naiveté, or corruption? (Michael Steele’d like you to.)

The American Enterprise Institute still keeps Kevin Hasset on as the Director of Economic Policy Studies, nogal, even though he co-wrote the book all of Bush’s plans were based on, “Dow 36,000.” (That was why privatizing Social Security was such a good idea. And ol’ Kev still prattles on about how it’s all the Democrats’ fault (the crypto-racist blaming of the mess on African-American mortgagees no longer sells, I guess). I guess there is some reason to have faith in the free market. His book’s best price on Amazon is one cent.

Why do these guys still have jobs and so many other people don’t?

No, not partisan bickering

But a request for a recommendation on where to go when we visit Washington State next month. We’re flying in to Seattle and driving to Spokane to see an old Army buddy of mine, and out from Spokane. We’d like to see one volcano, preferably Mount St. Helens, and I’d love to see Leavenworth, a fake Alpine village. Any other recommendations? I don’t want to overly burden my old buddy so I’m trying only to stay one or two nights there, but on the other hand, I wouldn’t say no to driving as far east from Spokane as Montana (across the Idaho panhandle). I’m still a bit flabberghasted by all this – how it was arranged so quick when I refound the guy on Facebook. He runs a comic book chain in Spokane. You should visit his stores and buy comic books from him.

Time to Say Goodbye

Annoyingly sang Sara Brightman, but she had a point. It’s time to say goodbye to Roman Šebrle and hello to our new obsession (his eyes are above). Now who is he? Well, here’s a clue: He’s very flexible, from an inflexible country, and can speak four languages…..

All this means we must say good bye to Mr. Šebrle, shown here with some of his footgear. Did he inspire you?


More changes?

Yes, we’re also saying au revoir to our mini obsession Matus Valent, who I have to say, is a great guy at least on Facebook. We turn our eyes now south, to Brazil (well, it’s always Brazil, isn’t it) and a nearly too pretty model called Gilmar Rodrigues, which I’m told in English means Gilmar Rodrigues. Have a look and see what you think:

grtool1 grtool3

grtool4 grtool2

(Pretty or not, he looks like he could be handy with a tool)
(Pretty or not, he seems to handle his wood well)
I couldn’t decide.

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Not Such a Success

No, my weight loss ‘efforts’ were not successful this past week. I gained 2.2 lbs, or a kilogram. I have no delusions as to why – I stopped recording my points on Wednesday and overate the entire week. And it’s not because of lack of support from friends or C; I don’t blame them.

But it’s a new week and a new chance and I really ought to leverage what I’ve learned over the past few weeks. First off, I can’t go without recording my points. Second, I can’t go without exercising three days in a row. Third, it’s no good getting discouraged if discouragement leads to mentally saying ‘eff it.’

So I was at the gym

See, you may have noticed that I’m no longer talking about weight lifting. At (not for) Christmas a Soldier at work gave me a book, no doubt well meaningly, but it really threw me for a loop. I’d been fine with going every day for sixty minutes, but this book suggested that (a) there was gain to be made in shorter walking at a faster pace and (b) that there was a better way to arrange my lifting. That really confused me and made me all confused. I’ve had “Set Up Weight Program” on my Things for weeks now. But this weekend I’m going to do it. My plan is to lift Mondays, Wednesdays and on the weekend. Those nights I’ll do the twenty minutes walking. The other days I’ll do sixty minutes. I’ll go with this and see how it feels. I do know that most people say that if you’ve only got time to do one or the other, do your cardio.

Pain in the leg

I found out I’ve got a stasis ulcer on my leg (caution: some of the images in the link are distressing). It hurts a bit when it’s not dressed. But the worse outcomes are that I’ve got to have C dress it all the time, with something called Algicell, I have to go to the doctor’s office  once a week for the forseeable future to have it ‘scraped’ (they do use lidocaine!), and I have to wear compression stockings socks. It rather sucks and it makes me more and more dependent on C as I can’t put the dressing on myself and it’s hard to use the socks. All this has me more and more despondent and unhappy.

Not too cool

I think C’s mad at me. I don’t go to bed on time, I don’t wake up on time, and I don’t do anything around the house. This darned internet! My darned lack of strength. Aimlessness seems to be the theme in my life right now. If don’t get something to do at work, I’m going to go bonkers soon. I don’t seem to accomplish anything here or there or anywhere and being lazy is getting to be habit forming.

Movies you should watch

AustraliaI’ve (finally) gotten around to watching the two Netflix aussie beautiesmovies I’ve had out for around a month. One was okay, one was good. Click on the miniature posters to see the imdb page on them. “Australia” was okay but even I spotted the anomalies and anachronisms; C noticed that geography had been stood on its head. However, the story, while predictable, is a nice way to while away some time (nearly three hours!), and if you can ignore the preachiness, you are treated to Hugh Jackman looking yummilicious as he so easily does. Good was “On the Other Hand, ontheotherhanddeath1Death” which is one of the Donald Strachey series of save-memovies starring Chad Allen who is gorgeous and a great actor and everything. I don’t know why they’ve not released “Ice Blues” which was made as part of the same series but since I loved the book I hope they do soon. Now as a bonus I found “Save Me” with Chad Allen, Robert Gant (oh, what a handsome man!) and Judith Light on Netflix Instant and watched it and it is also good. Really, affectingly good. I highly recommend it, especially if you don’t expect a formulaic “the religious are bad, the gays are good” treatment (the poster is misleading and overdramatizes things but I think Chad was Catholic, hence the crucifix). The religious people in the movie are treated with dignity and respect for the good they do, while acknowledging the bad, and the gay people aren’t always heroic, and I think that is what makes the movie worth your time.

So based on all that above, here’s a lovely (but not very high quality) shot from Save Me of Chad and Robert, looking so wholesome you just wanna eat ’em up. Wish me luck on my continuing quest to be thin and hit me up on Facebook if you want.


(Now who wouldn’t want to be the creamy center in that sandwich?)


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We Got Rocks

Yes, today C and I went to various garden centers and got rocks – that is some big boulders to accent our front garden. It’s part of C’s wonderful plan to get rid of most of our front lawn and replace it with ‘proper’ landscaping and gardening. No, Bob couldn’t take our rocks; they’re being delivered, and then C and I will crowbar and shove and coax them into place. Lucky me, but I guess it’s all good. Other than that we really haven’t done much today, but it’s okay. We didn’t do much yesterday either. Which is a shame because the house is a mess and seems to be staying that way, and such. But the power to change our routines is inside me (apparently) and he (also apparently).

Yesterday I did a bit more – I went to the gym. I had a good time – I’m building back up to 60 minutes slowly; I did 55. There wasn’t much eye candy, but that’s okay. I walked listening to Click and Clack and their show Car Talk. Their cartoon was pretty sucky, but their radio show is cool and I get it on podcast. Afterwards, we didn’t do much – I actually took a marathon nap – and got a pizza (too lazy to cook). I’m very proud of myself – I ate only half of my pizza where I normally would eat the whole damned thing. 🙂 I managed not to gorge myself because I was reading My Stroke of Insight (a book by a brain scientist who survived a stroke and examined that experience from the inside out with a scientific precision). I really recommend it and I recommend doing what I did – being very unwilling to get pizza grease all over it! It helped!

This work week seemed to go by so fast in hindsight although it was quite draggy at the time. I am now involved in a project to consolidate our training support brigades from nine to six or seven, and from nine installations to three. It’s my role to help determine our proposed organizational structures based on DA norms and the commanders’ and trainers’ assessment of how many, what grade, and what skills they need, within our total allocated resources. It sounds more exciting than it is. 🙂 But it beats being bored.

Eatingwise I didn’t do so well, so tomorrow is looking a bit uncertain and I’m not sure what it will be like this last weigh in.

My routine will be all off next week as I’m in a class in DC the first two days learning all(!) about “Position Management” at the USDA Graduate School. I’ll probably take Metro down as I live very near Greenbelt Station and the training center is near L’Enfant Plaza Station.

What Else, AngloAm?

Well there was a very interesting article in the Economist about how drastically consumers are pulling back from spending and wondering whether this will be a long-term shift in behaviour. I would imagine that at the very least the longer the recession drags on and the deeper it bites, it may very well. People have gotten so far in hock and if they can’t pay their bills they are in such shock that I think there will indeed be some big changes in how people spend and save. I don’t think that keeping up with the Jones’s stuff will be as important as keeping up with the Jones’s stability.

There was an article in the NY Times that made me angry though. Apparently for well-heeled New Yorkers, who were used to buying houses with little regard for the local schools because they were always going to send their pampered progeny to private, are now either rushing to good local schools, selling their multi-million dollar apartments at losses to move to good school zones, or cheating to get the little kiddies places in the few seats each school opens to non-zone pupils.

All very well and good, except (a) where were these ‘concerned parents’ when the schools were being gutted in the last ten years or so? Probably sending little Johnny to private school while voting for vouchers and cuts to the public ones. After all, it’s not like they had to worry about what the neighbourhood scum would have to death with, right? (b) Cheating to get your kid a good education? This is what one of the parents said:

  • “I will certainly consider some alternative way to game the system by gaining a different address,” said the man, who asked to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. “This is my child, who is a really smart kid, and he’s not going to my crummy zoned school. That’s just not going to happen.”

Charming isn’t it? It’s good enough for the rest of the little monsters but not his ‘really smart kid’ (to listen to them, most parents think that their offspring are above average in intelligence which may say more about the paucity of statistics numeracy than anything else). And I guess ‘gaming’ means ‘cheating’ or ‘lying.’ What’s the chances that this person traded in derivatives on Wall Street?

(c) It’s fascinating how these nouveau pauvre parents take their underlings’ work for granted. One woman said, of moving into an established area:

  • “I think there would be more established parent-teacher and community groups, and if the city has budget problems and there are cutbacks among teachers, the more established schools with strong networks among parent and alumni groups will be able to weather the storm better.”

What’d she do to build up these parent and alumni groups? Oh, I may be writing class warfare but I have to imagine until very recently she was being driven by a car service to Fifth Avenue without noticing the groups picketing or demonstrating or marching for the schools.

(d) You have to wonder how concerned about the public infrastructure they will be once they get back on Wall Street and can afford to take their heirs out of the hoi polloi and back to where their skills can be ‘nurtured’ and they can learn to be investment bankers. After all, only rich kids are ‘really smart,’ right?

I think this is happening all over – people (like me I admit) who didn’t give a flying f*ck about the libraries now can’t afford trips to Borders and are encountering the fall-out of their previous love of low taxes. They cared not a whit about local rec centers while the country club and the exclusive gym were so much better, now they have to sweat in the very facilities whose inadequacy they helped cause. So much of what’s available to the great unwashed is, well, unwashed. It certainly lacks maple paneling, soft towels, cappuccino and juice bars and the like. I just hope, rather than expect, that this readjustment will engender a rethink of our community amenities and the funding of them. D’you think it will? Or will the return of good times see the (re)moneyed class leave in a rush from the peasants’ amusements and learning shacks?

A Movie You Should Watch, A Cause You Should Supportpib

You really should watch Paris is Burning. It’s about ball culture in New York, but it’s more about the downtrodden and the kicked out and the left on the street creating a beautiful and involving and meaningful world for themselves. The specifics in this movie are drag queens and their ‘families’ being fabulous and fierce (and sometimes shade), but every marginalized people makes safe spaces, safe languages, safe ways. The really amazing thing is that the ‘mothers’ of these drag houses often have to be young gay kids’ parents, because the kids have been chucked out on the streets. You may think this is really peculiar but I am so glad that there are these things in existence. And I’m glad that C and I contribute to a cause you should support, the Point Foundation, which supports, mentors, and gives hope to young LGBT scholars, and I’m so proud of C that he was the one who sought this foundation out.

(Don’t worry, I’m not going to become a drag queen but they are part of our culture. They remind me of  perennial pansies, the hardiest of blooms.)

All these articles and cultural musings. I feel as pensive as Roman Šebrle here:


Perhaps he was thinking back to this encounter (since we’re talking about drag queens, etc.)…


(Even straight guys would have to admit Roman’s the sexier one in this picture!)


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Quick note: I’ve updated my food and exercise to get current. This week has been a bit crazy. MTC later today!

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Not Quite as Wobbly

It’s been a wobbly few days. I’d been feeling a but queasy for a while on Monday but by Tuesday I was fairly bad off with a stomach ‘flu. I think I’m over it now, or at least, the remedy I took has shut my system down entirely. TMI? Sorry. 🙂

Anyway, that meant that Tuesday I was unable to go work out, and then Wednesday C & I ran some errands, and had a dinner at Squisito in Edgewater. I got their chicken Parmegiana, which is enormous – three breasts of chicken over delicious gnocchi. I honestly could eat only one and took the other two home. Today because I didn’t monitor my water levels, I got a cramp at about minute 30, and stopped. It was a good decision to do so, because the cramp stayed quite some time.

At least there was some good eye candy at the gym, especially this young man who apparently went to one of the same high schools I did. (Click on any to see the full, somewhat fuzzy, view.)

wildcat2wildcat21 wildcat3

So what else has AngloAm been up to? I’ve been fiddling about on Facebook quite a bit, and I found some old friends from high school in the early eighties. Perhaps more on that to come…In any event, high school was over twenty years ago. Which feels strange to say. I’m forty-three for God’s sake. That also feels really odd.

I did find on YouTube this rather cool South African advert. Do you think we could be this frank in this country?

Frankly I seriously doubt it.

To close for today (as I said, I will be posting more on my old HS friends), here is a lovely, yet ironic, shot of Roman Šebrle throwing a javelin. I say lovely for obvious reasons, but I say ironic because his career was nearly ended when he was in South Africa and a praticing South African javelin thrower accidentally threw a spear into his shoulder. (I guess it was accidental, the thrower was a female so not a competitor, but you never know – look at Zola Budd! Or better yet, look at Roman.)


(Such thrusting grace….)


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I Could See it Coming

Despite my lets face it not very best efforts, I gained 0.2 of a pound this week. I should have seen this coming; I overate nearly every day. I got bursitis which meant no walking most of the week, until the doc gave me a cortisone jab and cleared it all up. I’m surprised it was only 0.2. This week will go better, if I have to grit my teeth (and keep them clamped closed!).

In other news, and it’s been a while, Friday my chums and I went to go to a Mongolian BBQ but when they got there, the advance party saw a mouse running around the inside of the restaurant. Although they valiantly offered to go in if we insisted on it, it was easy to tell that they didn’t really want to. I didn’t either. I mean, it’s one thing to know the hypothetical truth that there are always mice and roaches in restaurants, and another thing to be prevented from disacknowledging that knowledge.  Blekh. So we went to Don Pablo’s and hurrah C found a meal he could eat. Apparently I was brusque with the waitress though; I seem to be being brusque more often which is odd as I’m not feeling irritated more often. I should work on my charm or at least nonbrusquicity.

Previously I ran to the doctor’s to get a cortisone jab for my bursitis. I am so glad he figured out what was causing really quite severe knee pain in me and was able to clear it right up. I do hope that the underlying inflammation will go away before the shot wears off. I know that cortisone has side effects, and some quite serious over a lifetime of use but it really is amazing how fast and thoroughly it works. I was advised to ice my knee after exercising, and to find good stretching exercises to do before; I found these:


Saturday we did very little, although C did buy some trellises or whatever they’re called for us to train our climbing plants on. I do like our passion flowers – yes, you can grow them in the chilly or humid Mid-Atlantic. They’re tiny but they look so tropical. I hope they get nice and abundant this year – I even want to try nibbling on their fruit. Thenwe went to our good friends’ for dinner and had a great time, although I ate more than I should have and I stayed longer than I should have.

Sunday I finally went back to the gym (whoo hoo!), didn’t quite make 60 minutes and had no entertaining eye candy to watch. I did have Chuck on my iPod, despite my resolve to listen to Fitness Rocks. Oh, well; I have 4 episodes of Chuck on my DVDR and I need to watch them. I also have two movies from netflix that I need to watch. Darn that internet porn for taking so much of my time! C also put the new rubbers on Bob, rubber protective floor mats that is. He seems happy about them. These are the third set of rubber floormats we’ve bought for various cars (the Passat, the Avalon and now the Pilot) but only the first we’ve actually installed. At least I stayed below points that day. So that’s something to celebrate, like Roman Šebrle here:


Czech Roman Celebrating

(I’d rather see him coming than my weight gain…)


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It’s been a crappy week so far, in that I’ve been over-eating like crazy. Since Monday, if you check my Points page, I’ve not met my daily points target once. The worst was yesterday – I had a cheese sandwich, for no real reason, a treacle pudding (which is meant to serve at least two) from a tin, with a million calories, and three hot dogs. Far too much. And having eaten into my flex points so much, this weekend will be very austere indeed if I want another successful week. And I do.

You see, it was very sobering when my counselor said that, unless I make some changes to my life, I may not see ten more years on this earth. I’d like to live past fifty-three, so that C is not a widower at fifty-two. And so that I, you know, live to see this retirement I’m encouraged to look forward to. And so that, you know, I don’t die. There are plenty of statistics about mortality and how being obese contributes to it – fat shortens your life (especially, interestingly, fat carried around the waist; it is not metabolically inert as everyone thought but contributes to systemic inflammation which reduces the body’s ability to fight the damage caused by oxidating free radicals).

I did a little research of my own and found a study mentioned on Fitness Rocks entitled “Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity, and Mortality, Impact of Cardiorespiratory Fitness” (remember I mentioned Metabolic Syndrome a few posts ago). The study was also sobering but encouraging at the same time. In short, exercise is medicine:

“CRF [cardio-respiratory fitness] is protective against premature mortality in those who are overweight and obese. Further, CRF provides a strong protective effect against both all-cause and CVD [cardio-vascular disease] mortality in healthy men and men with MetS [metabolic syndrome].”

What I get from this is that when I exercise, I save my life. Even if I don’t drop weight immediately, it’s still ‘worth it’ to try and to include exercise in my trying. Not exercising is suicide for me. Exercise is medicine and it’s cheap medicine which, when taken properly, has no unwanted side effects.

This was actually quite good to find out, since  I won’t have an ideal BMI for quite some time. I may never, although it’d be even more protective. But even on the way, attaining and increasing my cardio-respiratory fitness has a demonstrated ability keep me alive a bit longer.

And it doesn’t have to be an insane two, three or four hours at the gym doing things that only major athletes like Roman Šebrle can do. From the same study:

“The amount of physical activity required to achieve the levels of CRF that were protective in this study is 30 min of moderate intensity activity on most days of the week, which are the currently recommended physical activity levels for health.”

That tells me that inspite of my knee hurting (and it does today, it feels like it’s on fire) when I make the choice to avoid the gym, I’m making the choice to not avoid the grave. It’s factual and simple. But it’s true for everyone. You’d think everyone would be moderately active for 30 minutes most days, but they aren’t. I need to keep these facts front and center, even when I don’t want to exercise, like now, when my knee is hurting from bursitis so bad. Moderate intensity can be easily judged by the ‘talk test’ – if you can talk, but not sing, you’re exercising at moderate intensity.

I’m going to do something tonight on the treadmill, even if it’s not ‘perfect.’ I’ve not gone since Monday and that’s courting the grave.

 Wow, AngloAm, that’s quite a bit to think about…what else do you have for us?

Just this picture of aforementioned Roman Šebrle I found. In it he’s in his uniform and sporting a criminally cute moustache – I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for facial hair. He’s not posing – he’s a reservist in the Czech army – I think either a Captain or a Major. On his shoulder is the badge of the military sport club he trains with. I don’t read Czech but the award seems to be for being the best (nejlepší) Czech athlete. He’s certainly one of the handsomest!



(That reminds me – must hide C’s razor!)

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