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On the Down Curve

Yes, on the down curve from the Christmas crazies. Christmas Day at my brother and sister-in-law’s house was actually pretty good. I’m terribly shy and she had her brother (and wife and two kids) and her other brother, plus her parents and mine; there were a lot of people I didn’t know. That normally spells trouble and social awkwardness – yes even at 43 I am not gracious and at ease with people I don’t pc250081know. I’m always jealous of people who are, but there you go. S-I-L’s brother ‘I’ was a lot of fun to talk to (and cute in a fur-bally goofy kind of way) and her even-younger brother ‘R’ was also okay to talk to but perhaps a bit reserved. Or stand-offish. I guess when you’re 26 it’s not much fun to be sat next to an old fat fairy, but he was pleasant enough. I’m a bit jealous of ‘I’ as he works in a field that interests me greatly – environmental way finding.

The dinner was nice, but my brother had to go to the Emergency Pediatric Center with my niece who was feeling poorly but all turned out well in the end. Here’s a picture of her with my S-I-L preparing the repast.

Boxing Day we got together at my parents house for a substitute Christmas. It was okay. This was the day when we exchanged presents.

How was your loot? I got some great movies, a really good book about one of my favourite artists, Piet Mondrian, a lovely hand-crocheted blanket and some really good gift cards, among other things. I hope that everyone I gave to was pleased. I had the most fun shopping for my niece and nephew. If you’re guessing from my lack of enthusiasm that I was not, well, enthusiastic about this Christmas, you’re right. The bright points were seeing my family, meeting my S-I-L’s family and spending not one but two parties with friends. It’s people that count, really. Although I do have to admit, C & I are shopping around for a digital photo frame! (Any suggestions?)

Back to Work

pa240007And Monday’s Weight Watcher’s weigh in. I skipped last week’s. Bad move. I gained three pounds in two weeks. Yikes. I didn’t go tonight (scared I’d make a fool of myself, etc., etc., etc., the same old BS story) but I’d better go tomorrow evening. After all, the sweat and eye candy are calling, no? Work was interesting. Our birthday boy, CH, here, is ‘in pb170063charge’ but even he couldn’t stop an operation order I wrote from being plagiarized shamelessly by another command, and sloppily too (they didn’t even change a thing, including my freaking name and contact details). I reported it and can’t wait to see what will happen next. Speaking of happenings at Fort Meade, here’s a shot from fall of when a dignitary (we think President Bush) visited the base, landing on the parade field outside my office building (and kicking everyone out of their parking lots). It might have been Dick Chaney, too, but none of the Secret Service agents seemed to get their faces blown off and we weren’t sucked into the molten heart of hell, so it probably wasn’t. Who do you think it was? It’s still the lovely, quiet “interweek” when we have little or no adult supervision (shhh don’t tell CH who thinks he’s got some power or other). The only downside is that come a week from today (Monday) management will be back with all the bright ideas they’ve cooked up at home, away from the office and reality, and we will have to gently, respectfully, kindly, explain to them how useless they are. Oh for patience. Or for infinite sick leave!

Speaking of Landings

Please watch this as you consider the daily dose of news about the ‘humanitarian situation’ in Gaza. Imagine it were your children playing at a school event when an air-raid like drill goes off and they have to run for their lives. Now imagine the world told you that your country doing anything at all to defend you and your little ones from this was an act of condemnable cruelty. That you, essentially, should put up with it, more, that you should trust the people doing this to you. Would you? Would you care one tinker’s dam what the rest of the world said when your kids were under missile attack?

Phew, We Need to Change the Mood

If only because nobody’s shelling us at the moment. What might lift our spirits is our current obsession, Mr. Chris Evans himself. Here he is in a sort of reverse of the shot from Christmas, still needing to be unwrapped, slowly (it’s too nice a job to rush):


And Not to Forget Rafael Calomeni

Who’s apparently stepped, shivering and dripping, from the pool and is towelling himself off for us…









(He is definitely ready for his close-up)

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I Wonder

I wonder if I’ll ever be interesting. I mean, I go on facebook and I look at people’s pages, and either they’re way better self-promoters than I am or I really am terribly dull and boring. I’m not ‘wild and crazy’ – I don’t post pictures of me and my friends standing, arms over shoulders, leaning slightly back, grinning like it’s high school year book time, I don’t really do anything like a lot of people do. And sometimes I think I’m the most trivial person in the world, like a vacuum has more substance and paint drying more interest than me. Or maybe I’m feeling sorry for myself because I’m not what I would be. Now, stop yawing, everyone!

More Glum News

I gained weight over the past week. Perhaps overeating and not going to the gym did it. I did go today and the missed days really showed – my back and hips hurt. 😦 I stuck it out for 50 minutes, watching Chuck on my iPhone, but the heat, the lack of much eye candy, and my general upset caused me to find a quick quick excuse to stop. I have to timed it badly – I was walking out just as CH, the guy @ work was walking in to go swimming. So no CH in speedos for me. Just as well.

I don’t know why I feel so down. Perhaps the gulf between me and exciting, interesting, sexy people seems so much wider than usual today. I keep hearing Springsteen singing “I’m just tired and bored with myself.”

Then I came home and C’d cooked dinner and I got totally into surfing meaningless sites and didn’t get to go out shopping so we’ll have to go tomorrow morning. Won’t that be fun. I need baking soda, potatoes, oranges, unsalted butter and powdered milk. (I may convince C that a Yorkshire pudding would be a great side dish, else I’ll have to wait until we next do a roast.) Perhaps I’ll do it myself and let him sleep in. I think he’s annoyed with me because of the ditched plans. Him being annoyed with me is never good for my mood. I don’t treat him right and I let him do too much and take care of too much and then I change plans too much.

Plus work was crappy sort of, or rather – Monday looks like it will be.

I’ll try to get on line some more tomorrow. I’ve had the dubious pleasure of watching some really dreadful movies that I need to warn you of. All I have to offer to counteract this doomy gloomy stuff is this pic of Chris Evans as a pop star. He’s at the beginning of his career; but he’s already hella sexy.


(How would you make that star pop?)


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Monday x 2

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my Monday.

First off, we had a very nice weekend. Friday evening the ‘gang’ went to the Longhorn steak house, where I didn’t have ribs, but did have lots of appetizers and half of a huge dessert. So that wasn’t a success. However, by Monday over the week in toto I’d lost another 2 pounds.

Saturday after Neal C & I ran a few errands, same Sunday. Pizza Saturday, C cooked a delicious dinner Sunday though. Mmmmm I do love his cooking. But then I do love him!

Saw a fantastic movie from Netflix – “Stonewall.” You should see it. We also saw “State of Mind” about mass gymnastics in North Korea. You should see that one too.

Today I got to the gym – first time since Friday, and did sixty minutes (break at 50, 55). Not much EC but just enough to keep things tolerable. (Thursday last week was like hunks parade in the gym. I didn’t know where to look. Or, rather, where not to look!)

Couldn’t find my iPod so had to ‘make do’ with Chuck and Little Britain on the iPhone. (iPhone sayz yehs, dunnit?)

So what haven’t I been doing?

Well, I’ve not written out the WW goal for my counsellor or for you, dear reader.

I’ve not gone near Georgian in ages.

I’ve not done a lot of things on my list of resolutions. I keep making lists of things to do, and not doing them. Even at work although I’m finishing up a major project – now all I have to do is become an instant Access wizard. (G-d help me!)

C may have found me a great piece of software for … well … managing my to-do lists in context with the iPhone. I hope.

Speaking of Eye Candy

Here are a few shots of our favourite nine hundred year old time lord, looking scrumtiously scruffy…just click on his scruffiness to make him expand before your very eyes.

And here’s 19-year-old(!) Ricardo Baldin again, proving that blue still is his color….

(Work hard and you can have abs like that or be lazy and stick around my blog!)

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Mah Pillz Ain’t Wurkin’

I dunno why but I’ve been a bit gloomy lately. This past weekend had so much promise; we were going to get off our well padded bottoms and “get stuff done.”

Friday night my friends and I went to a Mexican restaurant and I’m so proud of C and myself – we shared one basket of chips out of the many that were delivered. I have to say that another dieter at the table also ate very very few, and they are, in her very own words, Satan’s little helpers.

Saturday morning Neal came by, per appointment, and he wasn’t as obnoxious as usual, which is as they say a Good Thing.

Then the energy went out of the weekend for both of us. In our defense, Sunday was pretty dull around here.

Sunday we bestirred ourselves enough to go to my Mom and Dad’s house to check out their pickup truck and see if I can fit my fat ass into it. I can, so the plan is next weekend to borrow it “for real” and use it to get ‘stuff’ for the garden. We toyed with buying a second hand pick up truck but really it wouldn’t be worth the cost. Lunch at Chipotle, squabbled and came home.

Yesterday I did 60 good minutes at the gym with some fairly decent eye candy to keep me from being bored. As well, I staved off ennui by listening to the ‘Fitness Rocks’ podcast and watching a bit of Chuck. I’m up to 42 minutes non-stop, then I did three six minute stretches with less than a minute break. Watched ‘the guys’ playing basketball. I wish I could tell you why my eyes are so often drawn to ‘Pointy Haired Guy.’ He’s not my normal taste – very very very thin and tall is not a look I normally like. I could say it’s the grace with which he plays but that’s not it. Maybe it’s just curiosity; I’ve never seen a man quite that skinny who didn’t have a odd face and PHG’s got a very handsome, if not a bit long and thin (surprise surprise!), face. I wish I could bottle how I feel while I’m working out.

I ate really well Monday. Today not so much. There was cake in the breakroom with real butter cream icing and I had a huge slab of it. 😦 Rushed to the gym, and rushed in, and left my iPod headphones and water bottle in the car. As I sat there wondering if I dared run and get them, as the available treadmills were filling up fast, I decided ‘fcuk it’ and went home. Well, I tell a small lie, I actually was feeling a bit ill. See cake, above. 😦 😦

Made dinner tonight for C & me, chicken thighs sautéed with fried brussels sprouts (from what we had for Seder over a week ago; that fridge does a good job keeping vegetables) and asparagus. I also made some rhubarb compote for dessert.

So why’m I so flat? It’s not like we have a bad few days coming up – Thursday C is staying home to let the HVAC inspectors in while I take the car for a service, then we’re having lunch together and I’m getting my hair cut (which one? hee hee!). Maybe mah peelz ain’t working.

Maybe I’m discontented with myself and my self-indulgence. We are having a bit of a kerfuffle with the city over two different issue – the house next door still is not repaired from what turned out to be a fire, and there’s a divergence of views about the height of the power lines going to the house; I think they’re still low enough where a truck could snag them as trucks have in the past; our city councilman and head of public works say not. I guess what I could do is demand all parties’ home phone numbers so that when it happens next (and it will) I can ring them and make sure they’re as irritated as I will be.

Maybe it’s my great long to-do list at home and at work. Maybe it’s not eating right. Maybe it’s acting as if I’ve got no time to get to the to-do list having spent an hour and a half in front of the TV this evening.

Maybe it’s feeling that C is irritated with me and not knowing what to do about it. Maybe it’s knowing that, or thinking it, and not doing anything about it. I don’t know. I just feel existentially fed up.

I need a day off. But when I get one all I do is watch porn, or The Real Housewives of Wherever.

“I’m just tired and bored with myself” to quote some old Jersey boy. Languor is the mot du jour; here’s Silvio Nascimento doing languid far better than I ever could.

(How shall we get his energy up?)

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Tufer Tuesday!

Let’s just get right down to business, shall we?


I rang the good major and let him know – or rather left him a voice mail to avoid a phone tag situation.

I was working late and so was CH, a young captain who works in my office and as we often do after hours we fell to chatting. C rang but I didn’t want to interrupt so I let it ring through to voice mail. CH wanted to know who it was and I said “you remember, my friend, C____.”

“Oh, he wants you to come home.” (Jovially.)

Well, with my stunning and quite inimitable talent for interpretation I figured that he ‘knew.’ But I wasn’t sure so I said, “You do know C and I are partners?”

“Partners? What do you mean?” (Seemingly genuinely mystified.)

“You know. Partners.” (Significant look.)

“Oh, like that.”

He hadn’t known. Oops! He asked me if I was always ‘that way’ (I have always been this way) and allowed how he thought that ‘homosexual people’ were born that way. After all “thank God” he was born the way he was. (Not sure I know or want to know why the Deity was dragged in.) He didn’t seem too upset, but time will tell. He did mention an errand that we have to run together so I guess he’s not utterly freaked out. I hope not, he’s basically nice, and I enjoy chatting to him.


I didn’t go work out tonight. 😦

The Bubble

I have however, just come from a break in watching a lovely movie called ‘The Bubble.’ I love it so far – it’s directed by Eytan Fox (“Walk on Water” and “Yossi & Jagger”) and stars Ohad Knoller from the second and Joe Sweik from the former. I’ll let everyone know how it turns out. (You may remember Y&J had our former obsession Yehuda Levi in it – Ohad Knoller was his boyfriend (or partner!) in that film.) Here’s a trailer….

I have another new DVD to watch – David Soul Live in Concert (from 1984). Aren’t you dying of jealousy? 🙂

No Need to Die of Jealousy

I’ll share Mr. Wilson with you. Here he is in some shots from a press event for his film Alex and Emma. He actually looks a little annoyed. Perhaps he’d just learned that I was unavailable, you know, since I have one of those partners…I know I’m coming across snarky and I don’t mean to, but it is awkward to know what to call C & me, and me & he. I hope everything works out and I have an enjoyable workplace.

After a Hard Day At Work

Apparently it’s nice to shower and clean up, at least, that’s what Silvio Nascimento thinks….

(Now that he’s dripping, it’s important to rub him down, or is that the wrong way ’round?)

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It IS all about me!

Well, that’s how it’s been seeming. 🙂 Yesterday, I did 60 rather tough minutes at the gym with NO eye candy to speak of whatsoever. The first 30 were in the hot hole in the basement, and exhausted me so badly I couldn’t think about checking out the weight room like I’d wanted to. The second thirty were upstairs where it was cooler. Now I did notice one guy on an elliptical, nicely built, and he was really going fast and furious. I kept wondering – what would he be like in bed? Would he also go at it fast and furious? Would he be fun? Tiring? Demanding? The things that go through one’s mind. Towards the end I was going really fast myself but then I was listening to Relax! by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and imaging Paul Rutherford all sweaty…I think I’ve got to do some more strength training like Neal wants me to do. Luckily I have his list of exercises here…somewhere…I swear!

Friday night we went to a Mongolian barbecue place in Laurel – I had mostly vegetables. I actually really like it there, even if they close a bit early; you can put pretty much what you like in your bowl and enjoy a stir fry to your specs, as it were. I usually load up on pineapple, cabbage, carrots, and ginger. I love carrots and pineapple together.

The Adjustment

It’s been a bit of an adjustment after making my big work decision; despite my better judgment I had begun to disengage; things said had stopped bothering me because after all, I was going to be gone soon, and a member of management and all that. The reality of being ‘stuck’ at First Army hit me a bit Friday, but I’m sure I’ll find another job. Even if it means calling that career counsellor like I’d put on my back burner.  A lot of back burner things are now back on the front burner, and vice versa. (Like I was going to go suit shopping but I shan’t bother now.) One good thing has come of all this – I’d gotten ‘Getting Things Done’ out of fear of being swamped by new responsibilities and my work life at my current job is a lot more organized as a result of it. Not sure about my home life but it’ll come too, don’t you think? I also got to have fun making labels with my label maker. I’ve always loved stationery even from a kid – my favourite shop was W.H. Smith’s and I love Day Planners and Filofaxes.

The Visitation

Neal came by and we talked about my ‘intake’ as it still needs some tweaking. This past week wasn’t so bad with the exception of a Crispani at Panera. Who could possibly believe that two small slices of that thing is supposed to be a serving. It’s too darn tiny and yet it stuffs hundreds and hundreds of calories into it. Grr. Especially maddening is the realization that their delicious chicken soup is hardly any calories at all and is (as I say) delicious.

Lazily I didn’t get up in time to go to the gym this morning so I’ll have to try to work it in tomorrow as C and I are going over this evening to see our friends K and D. That visit will be another visitation which I will try to write about tomorrow. I’m going to bring over Season One of the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Neal would like us to stop ordering our groceries from peapod.com and having them delivered; but it’s so darn convenient. I agree we should eat more fresh vegetables and get them in from real stores, but that alone will be a big change. We are trying more vegetables like leeks and fennel and things. He also thinks that C isn’t supportive of my efforts but that’s utter BS as I’ve written about in the past. It’s nearly all my own fault (and a bit of food marketers). I think his ultimate goal is to have both of us work with him.

Okay, so hearing about other people’s dreams

…can be boring but you might find this interesting, from last night.

I’m with Mary Tyler Moore (Richards) but we’re in New York where Mary (now) works. First I’m walking with them to the subway which is in a huge wide plaza. A plane is flying in to the airport and as we watch it wobbles a bit and flies into a bunch of skyscrapers. Everyone says ‘how awful’ and goes on to work. The plane crash has caused our office to flood so we have to work ass-deep in water with cars and filing cabinets floating by. However, nobody suggests we stop.

Suddenly I’m with Rhoda’s brother and his friends and we’re walking to a mobster’s house. His pet weasel attacks me and I try to fight it off. I fight it off so well that it gets hurt and we decide we’d better flee to avoid revenge. We get into an enormous car and drive off very fast though the city. As we drive along I see people being car jacked in an odd fashion; muggers walk up their car brandishing guns but don’t seem very threatening; the drivers could drive off but don’t; instead they argue and sort of try to distract the muggers. I ‘know’ (the way you know things in dreams) that this is perfectly normal here. We pull into a block ‘knowing’ that the mobster is behind us but here, you can get fake licence plates for your car. See, the enormous car is the mobster’s and we’ve stolen it from him! We get fake plates and drive away but pull into a parking lot and steal a Suzuki Tracker instead. Piling in, we drive up a long hill suddenly in the city of Falkenberg(?), Alabama and stop at a house to hide out in.

The house is an artists’ colony of sorts and we are welcomed in by gentle spirit type people who do glassblowing but haven’t quite worked out that they could sell their decorations and make lots of money. In any event they are more interested in hugging and sleeping in their one huge bed at night. The gentle spirit people and I all go to a park for a picnic (the mobster and Rhoda’s brother/friends being forgotten) and talk about how there isn’t much to do in Falkenberg(?) except go to the beach. The park is on a very steep hill and I’m taking pictures of everyone and the gentle people are carrying on, when a group of military academy students appear at the bottom of the hill, see us, and start jeering. Well, I figure since I work for the military I can relate to them too, and so I go down and sort of tell them off for being rude. I remember saying that I appreciated their military sacrifice but they weren’t the only tough people in the world, that these gentle spirit people were also tough for living according to their own convictions and that if they would just speak to one another they’d probably find they would have a great deal in common. Magically (for such is the way in dreams!) they agreed to stop being rude and a tentative friendship was established. I caught one of the gentle spirit men looking at me with admiration and lust; luckily for me he wasn’t a walking wookie. I don’t remember much – my ‘sex’ dreams never have actual sex in them, unfortunately, just some about-to-happen situations.

Admiration and Lust

Somehow seem to describe feelings arising from this set of photos of our marvellous Luke, don’t you think? (

Do you like WordPress’s new ‘gallery’ feature? I hop you do because it’s a lot easier for me to use. You can click on any thumbnail to embiggen it.

Lust and Admiration

Is something you may feel from this video, the ‘making-of’ video from our farmer boy Silvio. He seems one to make the process look so natural and easy. (Looks like you can no longer embed the video player – I’ll try to find a work-around.)


(Oh, to be a production assistant charged with body make-up issues)


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Clarity At Last

Well, I’ve come to clarity. I was told, in the most definitive way, that (a) I could not hold off on coming over to the new job for the final clearance (b) the final clearance wasn’t guaranteed, and (c) if I didn’t get it, I’d be ‘removed,’ a euphemism for ‘fired.’ No attempt to find me another job in the government, bye-bye 23 year career, on my ass at 42 with a firing on my resume. In this economy. So not worth it.

Even though I’m 99% certain I’d get the upgrade, that’s not enough with a mortgage.

Even though it would have been a raise, the extra money wouldn’t make up for six, twelve, or eighteen months of uncertainty and worry.

So I’ve turned it down. Yes, the possible boss was ever so handsome and nice, and I wouldn’t have minded at all being under him :). Yes, it would have stretched my wings a bit. Yes, it would have gotten me out from where I am. But I’ve learned I’m very risk-averse, and that’s just how I’m built. There’s little point wishing it were otherwise, and more payoff in accepting it. C says he does. And I believe him.

And he’s the only person, along with myself, that I have to please in this world.

To all my nice commenters

Thank you. More eye candy to come. 🙂


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Easter’s Here

Friday Night Club

Met at a sushi restaurant for lots of raw fish. I love sushi – it is low in calories and makes you feel like you’re having a real treat. Our friend CK wasn’t able to be there but we had a good time. Of course, I had to blurt out “don’t let the evening end” half way through but those dinner meetings have been the big thing for me to look forward to in the week since 1989 or something like that.

Moving Along

Well, we had a lovely Easter, which is good because Saturday was on the crummy side. First off I walked for fifty minutes before Neal the Personal Trainer guy. I wanted to do longer because (a) I felt I could and (b) there was some high quality eye candy on an elliptical cattycorner from me. Short, handsome, friendly. Very inspiring as was “Chuck” on my iPod. Neal kinda pissed me off though by sort of implying strongly that C is controlling and preventing me from eating better. Of course, idiot me relayed that to C because I’m an idiot, and he got rather upset as anyone might. Of course, I felt a bit put between this one and that one, but my total loyalty is really to C. Also Neal is wrong; I ‘get by’ C’s support through a cunningly intelligent strategy of whining, cajoling, and outright begging. However, he’s quite able to stand up to me when he needs to. I just hope that I’m not too overbearing all the time.

But the tension didn’t make for a good day, despite finding some pappardelle at Three Brothers Italian Market, along with some delicious panettone for easter.

However, it wasn’t all grim and we’d all made up by the end of the day and our dinner of salmon fillets on a bed of leeks.

I bought a file stand to go with my new efforts to be productive in accordance with the principle of Getting Things Done and 43 Folders and all.

Even Further Along

So today we went to mum and dad’s early for Easter lunch and we really did enjoy ourselves. Delicious ham and quiche and corn casserole and crab casserole and cup cakes and of course my insanely cute nephew and niece. My niece especially seems to be progressing by leaps and bounds; she’s bright and charming and very very verbal. And she eats cupcakes like mad – okay so they were mini ones but she shoved the entire cupcake into her mouth, chewed, had a sip of water and then wanted another!

On the way home we went to drop of some water at my office and then we drove by a building where I have to go for ‘psychological standard testing’ tomorrow on Fort Meade. I’d applied for this job in addition to the one I’m upgrading my clearance for. I don’t have it but I have to go through a six hour screening process to see if I can. Bit much, but AFAIK I don’t need an upgraded clearance and it’s not supervisory.

On the other hand, I don’t know if I will ever be able to progress much further without going supervisory. And something inside me, perhaps only because I thought it inevitable, had sort of gotten psyched about being supervisory. But the clearance was still making me nuts.

Speaking of Going Crazy

Luke Wilson can make me crazy in these pictures from a photoshoot from Italian Vogue. Is that a hint of a hairy chest one sees? Check it out by clicking on High Fashion Luke.

Luke from Vogue Luke from Vogue Luke from Vogue Luke from Vogue Luke from Vogue Luke from Vogue Luke from VogueWell, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. I think in some he looks like he’s sucking on a lemon but perhaps that just the half-turned up eyebrows thing. What do you think?

Speaking of All Wet…

Okay, we weren’t but let’s – as spring continues to slowly slide in here in the northern hemispher, it’s descending to autumn in the southern, where Brazil and Silvio Nascimento are. Here, our lad looks oddly cold in a tropical pool…

Silvio Nascimento in a pool
Silvio Nascimento in a pool
Silvio Nascimento in a pool
Silvio Nascimento in a pool
(Would you be his towel-boy or -girl?)

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Watch This Space

It’s been a while but I’m back. I’ve been off the last two days. Yesterday, I met with my counsellor and personal trainer. I wanted to ask the former about meeting with a possible new boss. I’m not sure about my continuing association with the latter. He’s getting on my nerves.

Whom I met today.

I was offered the job at the other organization, sight unseen, totally on the basis of my resumé, references, and reputation. It’s a supervisory position and a promotion.

Yes, I’ll need a higher level clearance but if it doesn’t come through, I don’t lose my current job. I’m pretty certain. The woman from the personnel office seems to regard returning phone calls as an unbelievably burdensome activity. I’m of course nervous about the background investigation, especially coming up with names of people in places I lived for so many years ago — who knows their neighbours?** Who stays in touch with the neighbours they hardly knew? I can tell you that for some of my residences, I knew nobody around me. I’ll have to figure something out. Some regular readers will know what I’m talking about. I may have to give the rental agent or landlord’s names. Oh, well.

** It may not be so bad; it’s just the last seven years; we moved here in 2001, so it’d only be here and the last apartment building. Where I knew nobody. Sigh.

In any event, it seems like a good place to work – they offer the compressed work schedule, don’t force employees to go on business trips except maybe to Fort Belvoir, and it’s a chance to try to be a supervisor. I’d be supervising two civilians (with one additional position vacant) and the work of one contractor. I hope I get it and that I do well. Being a supervisor seems sometimes more like being a baby sitter. I hope I can keep my cool. I know it will be more lonely at work. I can’t be anyone’s buddy. Not that I am, much.

Now of course comes the waiting time. And that squirmy feeling when somebody’s examining all sorts of details about your life and judging you.

So watch this space for future developments.

Best Wishes, J

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for my Godson. He’s a bit ill right now with a strep infection. I hope he feels much better very soon – that the antibiotics work and that he can go back to school. Apparently he gave his mum quite a scare.

You’re in my thoughts.

A New Space

Off soon to C’s DC office where they have a marvellous exercise room that I’m dying to try out. It’s a lot fancier than the sweaty gym that I normally go to! On the way I’m going to pick up a Brother PT-1880 Label Maker at Staples to help me get my desks in order. So professional I’ll look.

Something about A Man In A Uniform…

Yes, well, they can be easy on the eyes, like Yehuda Levi, here in a few shots from ‘Yossi & Jagger.’ Again, I really recommend the film.

Yehuda Levi and Ohad Knoller in Yossi and Jagger Yehuda Levi With a Small Tear Yehuda Levi and Ohad Knoller in Yossi and Jagger Yehuda Levi and Ohad Knoller in Yossi and Jagger

As so often, you can cheer him (and the rest of us) by making him grow. Look how much his commanding officers makes him gr…er…cheers him up…

Or in Underwear

Here’s part four of making-of Felipe Folgosi.

And of course, it wouldn’t be my man-mad blog without a few shots of not-very-mini mini-obsession Felipe Folgosi. It appears that he’s tired of the dark underwear and has changed to a lighter gray set. Does it really make a difference – it’s still not appropriate for a factory.Felipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing

Felipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing

Felipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing

Felipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing

Felipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing

(Do you want to to go a churrascaria and eat some Brazilian meat too?) 

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Some Odd Developments

Hmmm where to start….

Thursday I’m sitting at work and a coworker from a different office, with whom I often have to work, comes over and says “I hear you’re leaving us?”

“First I’ve heard of it,” I reply.

Here’s what I pieced together. Earlier this week, somebody called for a reference on me from an organization where I’d applied for work. My boss gave me a good one, she says, and then told J, her boss. He went to his boss to tell him (because he felt an ‘obligation’). His boss then told this coworker’s boss, who told her.

Very professional. So I asked the coworker’s boss about it and he said that he could give me his insights into how to conduct a job search without ‘ruffling feathers.’ He gossips and passes on information he can’t possibly know to be true, and then has the gall to offer to lecture me on professionalism! What a jerk. Apparently he dislikes it that people think of the organization like a revolving door – but of course, people wouldn’t if they were happy and felt valued.

Meanwhile, back at the office, suddenly! as if by coincidence! what a surprise! I’m the flavor of the month, and there’s a definite chance that the compressed work schedule will be offered. There’s ‘a memo’ with the chief of staff to reconsider it and my boss went about asking when people would like to sign up for it. I have a strong suspicion that this is all bovine excrement.

What do you, gentle reader, think of all this?

The irony is that this other organization has never called me, not even for an interview, nor am I sure I’d take the job – there is some TDY (business travel) possibly involved, and I don’t know if I can get the upgrade to my clearance with C being a foreign national. And before I jumped I’d have to be 100% certain on it. Taking a job that “doesn’t fit” is a horrible horrible mistake.

I used to wonder if I’d made that mistake at this current place, but what keeps me going is the lovely lovely short commute (I leave home at 7:19 and get there at 7:50, comfortably before I’m due at 8:00), having Fort Meade’s amenities like the gym, and not having to travel. So any place I go would have to be sufficiently marvellous to make up for losing any of that. I used to commute straight through the heart of DC every day and I do not want to go back to that without a substantial increase in pay. Substantial. At least that’s how I feel right now, who knows what the future can bring.

So even though some days I think J is a tyrant, and that nobody cares about me, and that I wish I had the compressed work schedule, that feeling is only for half of the eight hours a day I’m at work. The other 20 hours of the day I’m glad as heck I don’t have the commute I once had.


54 minutes Thursday, 55 Friday. I have to admit that sometimes what motivates me to go to the gym is the prospect of seeing fit guys. <blush> Does that make me a pervert? Okay, seeing fit guys and sort of being if not one of the fit gym guys, being one of the gym guys. It makes me happy. 🙂 It’s a new side of myself.

Neal came by today for our appointment and it was good; he seems very pleased with my squatting and shoulder strength. I found some of the stuff more of a challenge – especially the dumbbell presses – the dumbbells kept wobbling until I stabilized them.

Must remember to download The Economist to my iPod before long so I can listen on the treadmill.

Yum Yum Good

A not really terribly bad ice storm kept us from dining with friends Friday night but we wound up venturing out as we hadn’t defrosted anything. We went to the Longhorn restaurant in Laurel which is my favourite place for ribs. Big ups to me – I had the salmon. I made up for that today by having an enormous lunch at Pomogrille in Bowie – a big plate of cappellini with pesto and a chicken breast. I think in future we’ll go back but avoid the appetizer and salad. Definitely the salad. And I didn’t really need the chicken breast. I think that I might suggest it as a place for the Friday Night Club.

We went to Borders after and got two cookbooks – Nigella (Lawson)’s Express and Lyida (Bastanich)’s Italy. Bit expensive really. I hope they turn out useful. I do like Nigella’s recipes. Roast lamb tomorrow night and if the squash in the cellar (our pantry) is still good I’ll roast it with the lamb. Peas or broccoli with it.

Yum Yum Good (2)

Mmmm yummy is Yehuda Levi. Here he is in some shots from a modelling gig where the idea seems to have been to make the models look like they were on giant iPod screens…the clothes all seem to have lots of belts and wrap aroundy and things.

Yehuda Levi on your iPod Yehuda Levi on your iPodYehuda Levi on your iPodYehuda Levi on your iPod

And yes, he is also a singer of note; here he is in a live performance with Ninet Tayeb, a Mizrachi pop diva. The two have been ‘going out’ and are Israel’s biggest pop stars at the moment, it seems. The clip has been helpfully provided with subtitles so you can sound it out.

I just found the English version of “Bo,” (it means “Come”) the theme song of Yossi & Jagger by Ivri Lider. 🙂 It’s so sweet and sad, the movie’s story. I always blub like a baby when I hear it and think of the movie. I remember a day or two after I saw it, I was sitting on Metro listing to the Hebrew version and I started tearing up in front of everyone.<blush again> I really recommend the movie to anyone. I actually have enjoyed all of Eytan Fox, the director’s, movies. Don’t watch this clip if you’re an anti-gay twit (the only kind of anti-gay person there is)…

Yum Yum Good (3)

Time for our mini-obsession with handsome Felipe Folgosi, this time we’ll take a break from his Terra photo shoot and see some that look like they’re from an interview with a Brazilian radio station – from the logo it looks like Jovem Pan “A Melhor Rádio do Brasil” apparently. I looked and looked and found close ups where he doesn’t look so annoyed (or nervous – being in your undies in a factory might make anyone nervous). The bigger one is not clickable, the smaller ones are.

Felipe Folgosi on JP fm

Felipe Folgosi on JP fm Felipe Folgosi on JP fm Felipe Folgosi on JP fm Felipe Folgosi on JP fm f101515.jpg Felipe Folgosi on JP fm Felipe Folgosi on JP fm

And here is part three of the making-of video, for your viewing delectation.

(If he were on your radio, would you twiddle the knob to make him come in better?) 

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