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Civic Duty

Civic duty as in Jury Duty is what I’ve got tomorrow. I can’t say I’m looking forward to being herded like a head of cattle into a huge room in the county courthouse in Upper Marlboro with the rest of the people who couldn’t figure out a legitimate reason to skive off it. However, I’ll do the due and since I can bring stuff in, I’ll probably take my Georgian stuff with me – look forward to a fun Georgian post soon (can you stand the excitement?).

Meanwhile, I dropped off the final iteration of my security clearance paperwork at the new office today so for the time being it’s all out of my hands.

Neal came by today; rescheduled from Saturday. Not much to report-I really need to pay more attention to what I take in. Tomorrow night’ll be a challenge as we’re taking my mum out to an Italian restaurant. I need courage and strength and things not to gorge myself silly. Any suggestions?

Speaking of Delicious Things to Eat

Here’s Yehuda Levi pushing an Israeli potato chip called Bamba…sorry for the poor quality…

…not that he looks like he spends a lot of time scarfing down snacks and such, does heyehuda-furry.jpg?yehuda-levi_a.jpgyehuda-torso-on-angle.jpgyehuda-black-shirt.jpg

As usual, you can click on the little pictures to make Yehuda grow for you. He’s got such an appealing combination of delicate features, attitude, and a strong physique, and one hell of a lot of talent. Doesn’t he look like he’s asking you to come hither. Come, Hither!

yehuda-fts.jpgBut now we must say good bye and put Mr. Levi in our rear view mirrors as it were (or is he putting us in his?) as we switch our new obsession to the guy whose deep dark eyes you see above you. Can you guess? Here’s a hint…what ever he’s got, it must run in the family.
(And if I didn’t have the best partner in the world I might change my name to “The System” just so that Yehuda might.)


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Return of the C and Me

C & I are back from our mini-break to New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Friday we went up to Mount Pocono, PA, via Centralia. For those who don’t know, Centralia is pretty much a ghost town now. Back in 1962, somebody thought it’d be a really great idea to clean out the town dump for a Memorial Day clean up campaign by setting fire to all the trash. Apparently this was common back then. Trouble was that one end of the dump had an opening to the anthracite coal which lies under the town, the mining of which was the town’s main economic engine.

Anthracite burns hot and long and gives off poisonous gases, like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and many sulfur compounds. As the fire raged, it slowly moved under residents’ houses, filling their basements with dangerous gas and causing them nausea, loss of consciousness and one man to collapse and require hospitalization. At one point half the houses had monitors installed to detect sudden, potentially lethal spikes in the amount of poison, or equally deadly drops in the level of oxygen. Various arms and branches of the government pointed various fingers at each other and as my dad would say futz around trying to fix things.

The ‘final solution’ was for the federal government to buy out the entire borough lock stock and gassy barrel, knock all the houses and businesses down and let the fire burn itself out, over a hundred years or so. Most took the offer and left, but a few are still there, in ever dwindling numbers, in their little narrow row houses, all alone on streets that were once filled with others but are now just empty grassy open space, a ghost town with an orderly grid of streets, but no houses, with a Centralia, PAtown hall but no town, a fire company, but no way to put out its most dangerous fire. You can read more about Centralia on an excellent site with lots of photos here and a site with more of a local residents’ focus here.  C & I scampered about the impact zone where the ground is steaming and smoking, and watched some university students doing research. The steam billowing out of the ground is really relaxing, although the sulfur smell is not so nice. Click on the pic for a view of the impact zone from halfway up the hill.

Note that there is danger in visiting Centralia so if you decide to go, be careful, stay out of low lying areas where gas could accumulate and don’t go alone. 

Saturday we meandered through the Delaware Water Gap park and recreation tree.jpgroad.jpgarea and made our way down to Lambertville, NJ/New Hope, PA, spent the night, did a bit of fruitless shopping in Lambertville, had a great brunch at the Lambertville Station, and came home via downtown Philadelphia. The pictures are from the Delaware Water Gap; it’s very pretty but I guess I get spoiled by the nearby Skyline Drive and expect multiple pull-offs and viewing areas. Philadelphia looked nice and is apparently eager to attract gay tourists; we may go back there, but no time soon-we’ve got to take advantage of spring which is coming to do a lot of work in the front and back gardens. I really like Bucks County, PA though; we always find something good to see or buy or eat there.

Speaking of Travel

Yehuda Levi On a HorseThere is/was a show in Israel called “Travel inYehuda Levi with an Apple Mexico” where our Yehuda Levi and Yael Bar Zohar, a female model, well, travel in Mexico and, well, look good together. Here’s some stills, and a video from it. Sorry to say, we’re getting ready to say goodbye to Mr. Levi (we’re already saying goodbye to Felipe, the miniobsession – normally when I pronounce that I next stumble across great stuff to share on our obsession guy, so don’t despair, Levy fans!)…

And finally this lovely warm view, sadly with the meddling woman…

Yehuda Levi with a Hat
(If only he’d get butterfingers!)

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Done and Dusted!

Phew!  Our Commander’s Annual Assurance Statement, on which I worked, and tore my hair out, for many a long day, was finally signed by our commander, scanned, and e-mailed to our higher headquarters. Yipee! No really, I’m not being sarky. Of course, I had in for signature the day before it was due out, and it was just signed today, two and a half weeks late, but that’s not my fault.  150 pages of details on how we are doing our job properly was no small job.

I simply must certify and submit my clearance paperwork today. It’s been hanging over me like a sword of Damocles, not that I’m a sexy Rocky. I’m so nervous just by the big notice that once you certify it you cannot go back and change it. Scary. But i’ll do it. I promise. A motivating phone call/e-mail from friends and family’d be nice…I can plead quite shamelessly, can’t I?

For today I intend to do a lot of filing – my desk is astrewn with paperwork – so I can use my brand new label maker/toy and not feel so bad about shelling out over $100 on it. 🙂 Maybe it will help at home too.

See you all later.

Oh, well, just coz I love you, here’s some eye candy for you, Yehuda Levi in a still from ‘Yossi and Jagger.’

Yehuda Levi in Yossi and Jagger (a still)

(Don’t really need to say much, do I?)

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It Seems So Summery, In Summary

I think it’s the sunshine and the switch in time. I’m sitting here in Starbucks where the net isn’t free yet, before going to see my counsellor. I’m wondering why I’m not doing something more productive with my time and finding very few answers. I should be reading all about ‘Getting Things Done’ and making sensible plans to do sensible things at work, rather than chatting and waffling around on the Mail and Guardian forum site.

Oh, I wish I weren’t so judgemental though. A guy just came in, very badly limping, with a cane, bantering with the Starbucks people, and from how familiar he is with them I suspect that he’s not got much else in his life. (Judgement #1.) But rather than feeling kindly disposed to him he annoyed me because, in addition to being lame, I think he must be part deaf because his voice did boom loudly. (Judgement #2.) Now, I know a lot of people are loud in restaurants and coffee shops, because I guess a lot of people are either deaf or selfish or both (judgement #3), whereas I was taught that one tries to make as little bother to others as possible (that oh so British trait of apologizing for existing) (judgement #4), but this guy’s half yelled inanities were really grating on me. I don’t want to hear everyone else’s trivial boring observations on life, any more than I’d dream of imposing mine on them.

At least he didn’t have a crappy old car but a blinged out 300 so I don’t feel so bad. If he’d allied poverty to deafness and lameness, then I’d have carte blanche to feel tremendously guilty. Now I can luxuriate in feeling annoyed and vaguely superior. Just as unrealistic but if I only think it, not about it, much more comforting.

Yehuda Levi is a Fox

Yehuda Levi for FoxYehuda Levi for FoxOr at least here he is in some stills and a video advertising for Fox, just like our old friend Michael Lewis and many other Israeli hotties do. As so often, just click on him little to make him big. Oh, if only everything could be grown or shrunk so easily. My stomach would be smaller and…

…well, let’s just enjoy the video, shall we?

…So Is Big Ol’ Felipe

Just one pic of Felipe today but that is surely enough, don’t you think?
Felipe Folgosi barely in white jeans

(Six of one, a pack of abs of the other.)

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Doing Much Better

Thank heavens.

Nearly finished all my stuff for the job – got all the information needed and my finger prints, now all I need to do is print out the signature form, sign it, and trot it over to the new organization.

Meanwhile at my current job, I’m not sure about ‘coming out’ to this one coworker. Friday G and I were called in to our boss’s office to be told that somebody had gone to the Inspector General with an informal (not written) complaint about him, and in the complaint had said that we were all as upset and feeling disrespected as the complainant was. Well, maybe, but when I chatted to this coworker afterwards, I told him that he should have really checked with us first before making that statement, and that our perspective may be different from his (he’s military, the rest of us are civilians). He then said that if the rest of us didn’t have the integrity to back him up then <trails off disapprovingly>. It’s not a matter of integrity when I don’t acquiesce in him taking disgruntlement to some more serious level, without asking me if I consent. It’s recklessness, which is a bit discouraging – a bit off putting.

Walking Works Wonders

Well it does – I did 60 minutes today, including some stretches a bit faster, or steeper than before. I did take a less than minute break at each of 30, 40, 45, 50, and 55 minutes, but I’m still very proud of myself. PHG was there, looking oddly attractive as usual, and there was some other good eye candy. My knee did hurt like mad afterwards, all better now, so I’ll have to remember to take my anti-inflammatories and pain-killers before, not after, working out. I’m just glad that I could do it after four days in a row of not going – it was hard on my back at first, and my spirits flagged around fifteen minutes in but I knocked it out and that’s the main thing.

Came home (in the daylight thanks to DST starting so early) to a delicious dinner C cooked – tagliatelle with fennel, tomatos, garlic, and chick peas. Mmmm delicious. Oversnaked on peanuts though. 😦 Must do better.

C takes such good care of me though – I’m so very lucky to have him in my life. I feel sorry for you that you don’t. 🙂

All Booked

Booked our mini-break – first night in the Poconos in Pennsylvania, second just outside New Hope, also in PA. I hope it’s not too frigid. Also our delicious Sunday brunch in Lambertville, NJ.

Can’t Stop Kissing the Guys

Yehuda Levi with Ofer SchechterPoor Yehuda Levi – in this clip from the Israeli soap opera “Ha-Alufa” (The Champion) he seems to get a smack on the lips (better than upside the head) from his co-star Ofer Schechter (seen above in a still from the same series). I think it has something to do with the teasing he is giving….

(One’d be tempted to make a war just to get to make love instead!)

Can’t Forget the Others

Just so you know we’ve not forgotten our mini-obsession Felipe Folgosi, here he is in his factory, with his big hot rod, just for you….

Felipe Folgosi with his hot rod

Felipe Folgosi with his hot rod

Imagine Your Child at This School

This is my blog and I get to be biassed and I get to say what I want and not worry all the time about that intellectual “on the other hand.”

It’s not all beer and skittles and homoeroticism in Israel.

The town of Sderot inside “Israel Proper” (i.e. not on occupied land), in the southern Negev desert, has been under daily attack from ‘home made’ (but still deadly) Qassam rockets fired from the adjacent Gaza strip, for months now. Daily life for people is punctuated by constant alarms – a female voice repeats over and over again over loudspeakers “Tseva Adom” or “Color Red” to alert residents that they have about fifteen seconds to get into a shelter before the missile hits – and because they’re cheap and inaccurate, the missile could hit anywhere in town. Of course, every time the Israeli Defense Forces try to find and destroy the rocket launch pads the international community goes apesh*t and threatens all sorts of sanctions. But ask yourself this – what would the US do if rockets were falling every day on Buffalo from Niagara Falls, Ontario?

Here’s a video of a kindergarten during an attack. What would your life be like if this were an everyday occurence? Would you worry about disproportionality of response or would you want safety first for your children and yourself and your family?

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Repas a Zero

Is French for ‘go back to zero.’ That’s what being sick last weekend seems to have done to me – it’s been very hard to get into a routine.

Getting the paperwork together for the new job is proceeding apace; just one more piece of information and some fingerprints are all I need as of now. Who knows what will be requested of me in the weeks to come? I had to take a drug test, which was a new and unpleasant experience for me. Somehow your urine is yours, and having somebody else handle it in front of you is a unwanted intimacy. I really didn’t enjoy it.

I just didn’t seem to get to my workouts very much this past week – there always seemed to be something preventing me. I can’t really think of an excuse but everything just seemed so up in the air, if you know what I mean. Confusing and usettling. It’s like I’ve been absent from my life for the last few days.

Friday we had a very nice dinner with our friends at the Longhorn in Laurel but I had too much to eat – a whole rack of ribs.

Saturday I had a very nasty fright healthwise – we’ll just leave it at mentioning that I had to drink a lot of cranberry juice and things are all cleared out now.

I’m really just hoping that this coming week brings more regularity to my life. Not sure that it will but here’s hoping.

Sorry – not a lot of mancandy tonight, just one quick picture of Mr. Levi looking, unlike I have been, the picture of bright-eyed health….

Yehuda Levi looking the picture of health

…And the final (fifth) installment of Felipe Folgosi’s making-of video…


(Stay tuned for a video of Mr. Levi in more man-on-man snog action)

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Watch This Space

It’s been a while but I’m back. I’ve been off the last two days. Yesterday, I met with my counsellor and personal trainer. I wanted to ask the former about meeting with a possible new boss. I’m not sure about my continuing association with the latter. He’s getting on my nerves.

Whom I met today.

I was offered the job at the other organization, sight unseen, totally on the basis of my resumé, references, and reputation. It’s a supervisory position and a promotion.

Yes, I’ll need a higher level clearance but if it doesn’t come through, I don’t lose my current job. I’m pretty certain. The woman from the personnel office seems to regard returning phone calls as an unbelievably burdensome activity. I’m of course nervous about the background investigation, especially coming up with names of people in places I lived for so many years ago — who knows their neighbours?** Who stays in touch with the neighbours they hardly knew? I can tell you that for some of my residences, I knew nobody around me. I’ll have to figure something out. Some regular readers will know what I’m talking about. I may have to give the rental agent or landlord’s names. Oh, well.

** It may not be so bad; it’s just the last seven years; we moved here in 2001, so it’d only be here and the last apartment building. Where I knew nobody. Sigh.

In any event, it seems like a good place to work – they offer the compressed work schedule, don’t force employees to go on business trips except maybe to Fort Belvoir, and it’s a chance to try to be a supervisor. I’d be supervising two civilians (with one additional position vacant) and the work of one contractor. I hope I get it and that I do well. Being a supervisor seems sometimes more like being a baby sitter. I hope I can keep my cool. I know it will be more lonely at work. I can’t be anyone’s buddy. Not that I am, much.

Now of course comes the waiting time. And that squirmy feeling when somebody’s examining all sorts of details about your life and judging you.

So watch this space for future developments.

Best Wishes, J

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for my Godson. He’s a bit ill right now with a strep infection. I hope he feels much better very soon – that the antibiotics work and that he can go back to school. Apparently he gave his mum quite a scare.

You’re in my thoughts.

A New Space

Off soon to C’s DC office where they have a marvellous exercise room that I’m dying to try out. It’s a lot fancier than the sweaty gym that I normally go to! On the way I’m going to pick up a Brother PT-1880 Label Maker at Staples to help me get my desks in order. So professional I’ll look.

Something about A Man In A Uniform…

Yes, well, they can be easy on the eyes, like Yehuda Levi, here in a few shots from ‘Yossi & Jagger.’ Again, I really recommend the film.

Yehuda Levi and Ohad Knoller in Yossi and Jagger Yehuda Levi With a Small Tear Yehuda Levi and Ohad Knoller in Yossi and Jagger Yehuda Levi and Ohad Knoller in Yossi and Jagger

As so often, you can cheer him (and the rest of us) by making him grow. Look how much his commanding officers makes him gr…er…cheers him up…

Or in Underwear

Here’s part four of making-of Felipe Folgosi.

And of course, it wouldn’t be my man-mad blog without a few shots of not-very-mini mini-obsession Felipe Folgosi. It appears that he’s tired of the dark underwear and has changed to a lighter gray set. Does it really make a difference – it’s still not appropriate for a factory.Felipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing

Felipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing

Felipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing

Felipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing

Felipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing

(Do you want to to go a churrascaria and eat some Brazilian meat too?) 

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Some Odd Developments

Hmmm where to start….

Thursday I’m sitting at work and a coworker from a different office, with whom I often have to work, comes over and says “I hear you’re leaving us?”

“First I’ve heard of it,” I reply.

Here’s what I pieced together. Earlier this week, somebody called for a reference on me from an organization where I’d applied for work. My boss gave me a good one, she says, and then told J, her boss. He went to his boss to tell him (because he felt an ‘obligation’). His boss then told this coworker’s boss, who told her.

Very professional. So I asked the coworker’s boss about it and he said that he could give me his insights into how to conduct a job search without ‘ruffling feathers.’ He gossips and passes on information he can’t possibly know to be true, and then has the gall to offer to lecture me on professionalism! What a jerk. Apparently he dislikes it that people think of the organization like a revolving door – but of course, people wouldn’t if they were happy and felt valued.

Meanwhile, back at the office, suddenly! as if by coincidence! what a surprise! I’m the flavor of the month, and there’s a definite chance that the compressed work schedule will be offered. There’s ‘a memo’ with the chief of staff to reconsider it and my boss went about asking when people would like to sign up for it. I have a strong suspicion that this is all bovine excrement.

What do you, gentle reader, think of all this?

The irony is that this other organization has never called me, not even for an interview, nor am I sure I’d take the job – there is some TDY (business travel) possibly involved, and I don’t know if I can get the upgrade to my clearance with C being a foreign national. And before I jumped I’d have to be 100% certain on it. Taking a job that “doesn’t fit” is a horrible horrible mistake.

I used to wonder if I’d made that mistake at this current place, but what keeps me going is the lovely lovely short commute (I leave home at 7:19 and get there at 7:50, comfortably before I’m due at 8:00), having Fort Meade’s amenities like the gym, and not having to travel. So any place I go would have to be sufficiently marvellous to make up for losing any of that. I used to commute straight through the heart of DC every day and I do not want to go back to that without a substantial increase in pay. Substantial. At least that’s how I feel right now, who knows what the future can bring.

So even though some days I think J is a tyrant, and that nobody cares about me, and that I wish I had the compressed work schedule, that feeling is only for half of the eight hours a day I’m at work. The other 20 hours of the day I’m glad as heck I don’t have the commute I once had.


54 minutes Thursday, 55 Friday. I have to admit that sometimes what motivates me to go to the gym is the prospect of seeing fit guys. <blush> Does that make me a pervert? Okay, seeing fit guys and sort of being if not one of the fit gym guys, being one of the gym guys. It makes me happy. 🙂 It’s a new side of myself.

Neal came by today for our appointment and it was good; he seems very pleased with my squatting and shoulder strength. I found some of the stuff more of a challenge – especially the dumbbell presses – the dumbbells kept wobbling until I stabilized them.

Must remember to download The Economist to my iPod before long so I can listen on the treadmill.

Yum Yum Good

A not really terribly bad ice storm kept us from dining with friends Friday night but we wound up venturing out as we hadn’t defrosted anything. We went to the Longhorn restaurant in Laurel which is my favourite place for ribs. Big ups to me – I had the salmon. I made up for that today by having an enormous lunch at Pomogrille in Bowie – a big plate of cappellini with pesto and a chicken breast. I think in future we’ll go back but avoid the appetizer and salad. Definitely the salad. And I didn’t really need the chicken breast. I think that I might suggest it as a place for the Friday Night Club.

We went to Borders after and got two cookbooks – Nigella (Lawson)’s Express and Lyida (Bastanich)’s Italy. Bit expensive really. I hope they turn out useful. I do like Nigella’s recipes. Roast lamb tomorrow night and if the squash in the cellar (our pantry) is still good I’ll roast it with the lamb. Peas or broccoli with it.

Yum Yum Good (2)

Mmmm yummy is Yehuda Levi. Here he is in some shots from a modelling gig where the idea seems to have been to make the models look like they were on giant iPod screens…the clothes all seem to have lots of belts and wrap aroundy and things.

Yehuda Levi on your iPod Yehuda Levi on your iPodYehuda Levi on your iPodYehuda Levi on your iPod

And yes, he is also a singer of note; here he is in a live performance with Ninet Tayeb, a Mizrachi pop diva. The two have been ‘going out’ and are Israel’s biggest pop stars at the moment, it seems. The clip has been helpfully provided with subtitles so you can sound it out.

I just found the English version of “Bo,” (it means “Come”) the theme song of Yossi & Jagger by Ivri Lider. 🙂 It’s so sweet and sad, the movie’s story. I always blub like a baby when I hear it and think of the movie. I remember a day or two after I saw it, I was sitting on Metro listing to the Hebrew version and I started tearing up in front of everyone.<blush again> I really recommend the movie to anyone. I actually have enjoyed all of Eytan Fox, the director’s, movies. Don’t watch this clip if you’re an anti-gay twit (the only kind of anti-gay person there is)…

Yum Yum Good (3)

Time for our mini-obsession with handsome Felipe Folgosi, this time we’ll take a break from his Terra photo shoot and see some that look like they’re from an interview with a Brazilian radio station – from the logo it looks like Jovem Pan “A Melhor Rádio do Brasil” apparently. I looked and looked and found close ups where he doesn’t look so annoyed (or nervous – being in your undies in a factory might make anyone nervous). The bigger one is not clickable, the smaller ones are.

Felipe Folgosi on JP fm

Felipe Folgosi on JP fm Felipe Folgosi on JP fm Felipe Folgosi on JP fm Felipe Folgosi on JP fm f101515.jpg Felipe Folgosi on JP fm Felipe Folgosi on JP fm

And here is part three of the making-of video, for your viewing delectation.

(If he were on your radio, would you twiddle the knob to make him come in better?) 

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Let it Snow!

Well, do we have a choice?

It’s indeed snowing right now, just a little bit, and I’m waiting for C to ring from Fort Totten metro station so I can head down to our local one and pick him up. We were chucked out from work at 3:30 today because of the weather and I’ve been watching TV and surfing since (and therefore not exercising).

<An hour or so elapses>

My bread is not bad; we used it under the chicken which we cooked in the crock pot with spaghetti sauce and peas.


I would have been back sooner but I was trapped by ‘Project Runway.’ What is it about these Bravo reality shows that just gets me hooked when I detested ‘Survivor?’ I tried to ‘get into’ ‘Make Me A Supermodel’ but I never could, which is odd considering I’m building myself a reputation for being a silly superficial looks-and-hunks-obsessed typicoguy. Some of the models are cute and all but I just don’t get why one pouty pose is ‘fierce’ while another is ‘ich don’t think so.’

But I loved ‘Top Chef’ and ‘Runway’ mainly because the people are actually doing something, and IRami Kashou think I like Runway more because I don’t have to imagine what the clothing looks like the way I have to imagine what the food tasted like on ‘Top Chef.’ Rami Kashou, one of the designers on the show, doesn’t cut down on the appeal of it, either. He’s a Christian Arab Israeli from Jerusalem, where apparently there are many cultures. (Some will know what I mean, although actually there are and as a Christian Arab in a Jewish country he’s been a minority within a minority.)

Odd because there’s way more likelihood that I’d try something from TC than R; although I prefer Nigella Lawson‘s recipes over all that finicky stuff anyway, especially from her new show Nigella Express. She did a quick steak with mashed garlicky oil infused cannellini beans for a ten minute supper that I could die for, she ‘cheated’ and made instant chocolate mousse by melting chocolate and mini-marshmallows together, and she cooked scallops with chorizo in about four minutes.

Travails at Mon Travail

Do you think I should come out to my cubicle neighbour at work the super-liberal G? I think I will eventually. I feel I should – I’d like to relax at work more. Today started frazzled but ended well – apparently the hiring official from one of the jobs I applied for called my boss who gave me a good reference. I just hope that the rather high level clearance I may require in it doesn’t get hung up because of C not being a US citizen. There’s really no contest – he wins every time. There is also a deployablity clause for extended TDY to places like, well, you know. I guess I’d better not count my chickens before the eggs are even laid though, huh?

I also got an odd phone call from a head hunter from my monster.com resumé from a company called Kforce. I’ll return it but…I’m leery. I don’t want to wind up paying anything out of pocket and I’d like to hold out for a good commute and language.

What Is It With These Israelis?

Michael Lewis Flashback

First there was Michael Lewis (click to see the flash back pic and probably his religion), and now we have our new obsession – Israeli actor, model, singer, and all around fun guy Yehuda Levi. He played Yehuda Levi looking blue eyed and lovelyopposite Ohad Knoller in ‘Yossi and Jagger,’ a film about being young and in the modern Israeli Army. Oh, and his part happened to be gay. And his commanding officer’s boyfriend. And I love the film. And the theme song (‘Bo,’ sung by Ivri Lider).

Here’s the full version of the picture from the title bar forYehuda Levi and Ohad Knoller in Yossi and Jagger you, showing Mr. Levi looking blue-eyed and lovely. And of course one from the publicity for ‘Yossi and Jagger.’ In addition to acting in a few good movies and singing and dressing up in (too many ) clothes, he has done Yehuda Levi as a kippa’d soldiera lot of Israeli soap operas.

Finally a really really cute one of Mr. Levi playing a more conventional Jewish soldier. He does look good in or getting out of a uniform, doesn’t he? You can click on the two smaller pictures to see them a bit bigger, the way we like them.

And the Other New Obsession.

Our mini-obsession with Felipe Folgosi continues as does his obsession with not wearing proper clothing for a factory setting. I had said that he seemed to enjoy his work but he doesn’t seem to quite relax. There is a fault of a lot of the Paparazzo shoots; they don’t do close ups and they don’t do many shots. But these are quite nice, aren’t they?

Felipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing
Felipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing

And I’ve not forgotten; here’s part two of the making-of video of this multi-talented gentleman…

(I think the cameraman’s just indulging himself – showing skill at not shaking the lens)


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